How To Take Care Of Olokun

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How To Take Care Of Olokun – In this series, Lagniappe presents a different work from the collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art each week, along with a curatorial commentary.

It is the symbol of beauty and gives people all the good things in life, including wealth, health and other material things.

How To Take Care Of Olokun

How To Take Care Of Olokun

The visual culture at the Olokun shrine is characterized by a variety of artifacts, including vessels used to collect religious objects. The Akh’Olokun (olokun pot) is important in the worship of Olokun. These are containers used for crushed river leaves dipped in clean water, which are used in the aqueba (ritual bath) to purify the faithful or the ohen (priests).

Yoruba Mythology: The Orishas Of The Yoruba Religion.

They are used during the purification bath to represent the purification of worshipers or ohen rituals that have been affected by invisible spiritual forces directed by the enemy or by unconscious transgressions. These pots are the only acceptable vessels for this purpose.

This pot contains the head of a python, a rooster and possibly a ram. These are all symbolic ritual animals. The python is a messenger of Olokun, just like the chicken. The ram is a sacrificial animal used in rituals during the annual purification rituals in towns and villages in Benin.

Although stored at the New Orleans Museum of Art, this pot can be found in the permanent African gallery after the museum’s move is completed next year. Olokun, you are here and among the unknown, unknown and unreachable. You are a world within a world. As a force of nature manifested in seas, rivers, underwater volcanoes, rivers and lakes. Without water, the world as we know it would not exist. Olokun, you represent and care for the undersea civilization, which sustains and enriches us all by promoting the production of food and other materials. You made a home for all those who died at the hands of evil when they crossed the Atlantic Ocean against their will for greed.

To understand the nature of Olokun, we must look at the nature of the seabed, a dark, invisible abode. The deep sea floor is a seemingly hostile environment, but life thrives there. In fact, scientists believe that there is more life in the abyss of the Earth’s oceans than in all the rainforests combined.

Olokun Yemaya Orishas Olokun Blessed Necklace Ifa Yoruba

She is the goddess of the unknown – darkness – the realm of dreams and the unconscious. Like his world, Olokun is a keeper of secrets.

Whatever falls to the bottom of the sea remains untouched forever and should not be seen by anyone except him and his children in the water. Olokun is said to hold the secrets of the past, present and future. He knows everything and guards this knowledge carefully. Olokun holds the key to the mystery of what happened to their ancestors on their journey across the Atlantic. Many failed to do so and entered the kingdom of Olokuna. Olokun knows everything, he is the guardian of wisdom and divination.

Olokun is the goddess of death: her domain is the grave of the earth, and the cold and dark nature is the perfect environment for the temporary revival of souls. Olokun is also the goddess of rebirth and renewal: at the bottom of the deep sea, new life sprouts each time from its dark belly, contributing to the vast and accessible ecosystem. adapt. Olokun is associated with great wealth, she is the goddess of wealth and fortune. Women pray to him for having children, as well as for health and worldly wealth.

How To Take Care Of Olokun

Olokun is depicted as a beautiful black mermaid. One of the animals that represent Olokun is the mud fish… The goddess Olokun is also associated with the red coral, a beautiful colony of small animals like red jewels that are united by the bones of his dead ancestors. As coral reefs grow, they create reefs that clean the water, provide shelter for other marine life, and encourage the growth of underwater animal habitats.

Stunning Bronze Painted Polystone Orisha Olokun Owner Of The Deep Sea Statue 6944197142430

***In the New World: Especially among the Lukumi people of Cuba, Olokun and Yemaya are seen as different forms of the same goddess. Yemonja  on the surface of the sea is exposed to the sun’s rays and the attraction of the Moon. She is the life-giving and nurturing aspect of the goddess, while Olokun is the mysterious, dark and unknown face of the goddess in the abyss.

When we talk about the primal Water of life, we are talking about the water in the form of natural consciousness that flows and nurtures, that hatches and nurtures, and the importance of maternal care, which is related to the protection of children.

Omi Orun – Water of the Ancestors: The idea of ​​heavenly water seems symbolic to us, but it holds the ring of truth, because the most common element found throughout the universe is the element hydrogen. Science agrees that the combination of land and water created the womb of all living things on earth as a result of the union of these elements.

Olokun was given the title and name of the combined words  OloOkun – Lord of the Sea Ode Aye – Earth. It is also a representation of water and birth and in fact is a large part of the consciousness of the human soul and makes up our body. Throughout time, and in most ancient Eastern religions, the dominant female deity assumed the title of ruler of the great seas of the earth. When Olokun is angry, he causes the sea to be agitated and the waves toss on the shore; and it drowns people, upsets ships or boats and causes shipwrecks.

Herramienta De Santeria Olokun In Stainless Steel

The God of the Sea Olokun – Lord of all the treasures under the sea, the greatest bead maker, the most powerful god, his clothes are the waves of the sea, he is the most beautiful god to behold. Her long braided hair flows with the turbulent waves, her black skin glistening like a precious pearl under the relentless motion of the sea.

Olokun heard of the plan to build a human settlement on Earth and became angry. He was completely ready to reject the request to use the land for a human project, especially since he had already used the site for the bead factory. She made beads in all colors and shapes, but her favorite was indigo, the tubular Segi beads, so dark they glowed that they seemed to catch the light inside the luxurious interior. His love for making beads made him move his center to the depths of the sea, something that people did not like at that time. But after he had tamed and tamed the vast ocean, after he had salted it and filled it with precious stones, when he had turned the vast empty space into his home, they began to plot their place behind him. . and turns it into a public house for people to spend the night. He found the human project completely unacceptable if it was spent on the work of the beading studio.

The gods did not approve of removing their sanctuary and filling it with foreigners. He sat meditating in the midst of the many beads. She calmly took the most colorful and beautiful beads ever and slowly rubbed the warm gems against her dark brown skin. He was not going to give up his job, he was determined. He fought for every cup in the vast ocean of the earth. It was clear to Olokunova that they chose the land because they designed it in such an artistic way that no one could take their eyes off it. But they also thought that he did not have the strength to fight. He will only surrender if he is defeated by the power of others.

How To Take Care Of Olokun

Olokun & The Chameleon … His secret contact in the sky informs him that he will send the Chameleon. He thought that it was a sign of their contempt for him that they could not send lower colleagues on missions. He knows that every action is a sign of others. He is said to be ugly, slow and disgusting, and the chameleon will convey the message well. He was told that he was looking in the mirror when he saw the Chameleon riding the Snail like a horse. Right before his eyes he saw the chameleon climbing from behind the Snail. To his surprise, the chameleon’s skin glistened in the bright light around him. He was surprised that Olokun wanted to touch him but he quickly stopped his attitude.

Prepared Olokun Stability 7 Day Ritual Candle Deep Healing

He went to his room and started

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