How To Store Car Seats

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Parents use child seats more than car seats. Babies are often carried in these seats, ride in baby carriers, sit in shopping carts, and sleep in them at home and on the go.

How To Store Car Seats

How To Store Car Seats

A 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that nearly 10,000 children in the United States are injured in their car seats each year, NOT in accidents, but by using the seats outside of the car.

Dear Mama, Please Don’t Put Your Car Seat In The Shopping Cart Seat

One in 10 of these children is seriously injured and spends at least one night in the hospital.

Of the injuries, 85% are related to falls – 65% of babies fell from car seats, 15% from high floors (the most common floors are shopping carts, tables and desks).

This video shows a lucky baby… most babies aren’t lucky enough to be caught by a store employee falling out of their chair and onto the top of a shopping cart. This child would not have gotten into this pickle if the parent had 1. worn the child seatbelt AND 2. not put the child in the car seat. Place the shopping cart in the car seat – don’t put it in the car.

As for Safe-Dock’s SafeStrap… while this is better than having the car seat sit on top of a regular shopping cart, as it provides a way to attach the car seat to the car, it still leaves the possibility of a serious head injury. as the parent is required to do 2 things… which are not always done – which is the parent must buckle the child into the car seat and buckle the child into the car seat.

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Parikh S, Wilson L. Risk of outboard car seat use in the United States, 2003-2007 Pediatrics. 2010;126:352-357. If you find yourself frequently apologizing to your passengers for “hot expenses” in your car, you’re in the right place. These dollar store car hacks are so cheap and easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner.

If you break down on the side of the road, that engine oil won’t do you any good while it’s sitting at home in the garage. To be safe, keep a few small bottles of the essentials in your shower box (Figure 1). And to keep the bag from tipping over in transit, attach a small piece of durable duct tape to the trunk wall (Figure 2).

This one is great for all of us busy people. Keep some in the bathroom at home for take-out and some in the car for quick meals. It’s so much cleaner than balancing anything on your lap!

How To Store Car Seats

Make the most of your car’s upright position by mounting carabiners like a bag. They are perfect for carrying your luggage, gym bag, groceries, and more! Update Version 2 Pack Car Backseat Organizer Foldable Car Seat Back Protectors With Touch Screen Tablet Holder Tissue Box Car Storage Organizer With 8 Storage Pockets Earphone/charging Hole For Car Travel :

Plastic bags are good for packing wet clothes, muddy whips and various garbage. Also welcome at the farmers market! Store a few in an empty box for easy use.

Cosmetic bags with multiple zippered compartments make for quick packing in the car. Mine folds flat and easily fits in a bag behind the passenger seat.

The bottom of the ice tray is perfect for organizing small items like coins, lip gloss, and garage door openers on your console. Additionally, these molds come in different shapes and sizes to fit any console.

This is the easiest. Just add a small garbage bag to your cereal container and you have a portable, closed garbage can on the go. To prevent leakage, attach a strong hook-and-loop cable to the ground.

Seat Protector For Pets

Is baby trouble taking over your car? Clean up with a hanging toiletry organizer that becomes an entertainment center. When you arrive at your destination, leave it in the car or fold it into a portable play pack that your kids can take with them for hours of fun.

Hayley from Gray House Harbor came up with this ingenious idea to keep the kids busy during the long drive. Bath suction cups are a great way to keep water, snacks, toys and other small items within easy reach of children. Hayley’s note: “A colored pencil on the eye is probably not a good idea in case of an accident. Maybe a pencil alternative?”

Children’s successful mornings don’t happen overnight. Follow these parenting tips to stop the chaos and get out and about quickly.

How To Store Car Seats

Experts tell it all – including storage solutions that work IRL and how to get Instagram-worthy storage that works in real life. Linkstyle Car Purse Holder, Leather Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder Between Car Seats With Car Hooks, Barrier Of Backseat Pet Kids, Car Storage Organizer Universal For Vehicles Truck Suv

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