How To Steal From A Car

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How To Steal From A Car – Vehicle thefts from Kia and Hyundai have nearly tripled this summer. You can trace this trend back to a TikTok video showing how self-proclaimed “Kia Boys” can easily steal certain Kia and Hyundai models. Even though TikTok has removed the original video, police forces and the automaker are still struggling to contain this crime wave.

The term Kia Boys was first used to describe a pair of masked teenagers who starred in a TikTok video showing how certain Kia cars could be stolen. The term Kia Boys expanded as other TikTok users discovered how many years old Kia and Hyundai cars were vulnerable to this “hack” that made it easier to steal. On TikTok, it now refers to anyone who steals more than one Kia or Hyundai car for fun rides or other purposes.

How To Steal From A Car

How To Steal From A Car

The first explainer video appears to have been shot in Milwaukee. For months, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was definitely the capital of Kia and Hyundai theft.

Thieves Able To Steal Cars With Key Fobs And Keyless Start

It turns out that TikTok users responded to a “challenge” to steal a Kia even if they couldn’t drive. According to the Wall Street Journal, many Milwaukee residents have reported that their Kia and Hyundai cars have even been stolen from outside their homes.

The Kia burglary trend has spread to many other cities in the US. In August 2021, 58 Chicago residents reported that a Kia or Hyundai was stolen. By August 2022, this number had increased to 601. st. Louis reported that Kias and Hyundai accounted for 48% of all stolen vehicles this year.

Officials report that Kias are at risk for some models produced from 2011 to 2021. Hyundais only include certain vehicles from 2016 to 2021.

The thieves discovered that they could remove the car’s ignition key and power it with a USB charging cable instead of the key. But to do so, they need to find a traditional, steel-keyed car – no push-to-start system. In addition, cars with a “chip” switch must prevent the engine from starting if the advanced switch is not nearby.

When Is This Going To Stop? Tiktok’s Latest ‘kia Challenge’ Encourages Users To Steal Cars

That’s why Kia Boys advised potential thieves to track down an entry-level Kia. This means “LX” hardware on various models.

Kia claims to have fixed the “Kia Boys” vulnerability, possibly by adding a chip key and immobilizer to every car. However, Kia owners reported that the 2022 models were still stolen.

The automaker reminded the WSJ that “no car can be made theft-proof.” However, responding to a TikTok trend, thieves are looking for an easy-to-steal car. We certainly hope that the Kia/Hyundai company will make their next generation of cars safe enough to block the “Kia Boys”.

How To Steal From A Car

Then read about when a manual transmission prevented a car theft, or watch Fox News’ investigation of the Kia Boys in the video below: the car.

Car Hacks To Avoid High Tech Car Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a nonprofit in the insurance industry, published a post about the “mysterious device” on their blog Wednesday.

It appears to be the same device discovered in 2013 that gave thieves access to cars and baffled law enforcement and security experts who are trying to understand how it works. After seeing recent reports of thieves getting into cars and driving away, the NICB restarted the investigation.

This time the fuse group seized one of the devices and were able to test it themselves. In the post, they said they purchased a “Relay Attack” unit from a foreign company through a third-party security expert. It works on vehicles with keyless remote control and push button ignition, such as the Prius.

The NICB then sought to break into various types of cars, including new and used models, SUVs, minivans and pickups. NICB managed to open 19 of the 35 cars tested and drive away on 18. The device was able to restart 12 of the 18 cars they had been in after turning them off and on.

False Sense Of Security, Or How To Steal A Car With Your Computer

These findings are quite frightening to vehicle owners. “The scary thing is that there are no warnings or explanations to the owner. The owner or the police don’t really know what’s going on unless someone records the crime on security camera,” said NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle.

The Relay Attack unit is apparently just one of many types of devices for sale that claims to use the technology to get into cars and start ignition.

As of now, there is no viable solution or prevention method to keep these devices out of the hands of thieves, so drivers need to be vigilant and careful with their remotes and remote controls. But with emerging automotive technology, the same features that make a car vulnerable can make it easier to track down, even after theft. There is still hope.

How To Steal From A Car

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How To Make It Really Easy For An Amateur To Steal Your Car

Spoiler: One is better for a central home hub, and the other is better in a bedroom or office.

By signing up for the newsletter, you agree to receive electronic communications, sometimes from advertisements or sponsored content. The number of car thefts is decreasing in developed countries of Europe. This is made possible by modern methods of protecting vehicles on the one hand, and by the welfare of citizens on the other. At the legislative level, there is serious liability for such crimes. However, this does not mean that illegal seizure of cars is not completely absent.

Attackers use different methods of theft, depending on the make and year of manufacture of the car. Consider them separately.

Every car owner should take care of the security of the property because thieves do not use obvious methods of hijacking, including the most common.

Car Thief Stealing Car Keys Stock Illustration 591969812

Most often this applies to fairly expensive car brands: BMW, Audi, VW, etc. To access the hall using special equipment. It can consist of a homemade microcircuit or belong to a professional expensive “lotion”. The signal of the key fob when closing the door is cut off. The presence of an alarm in this case only simplifies car theft.

To protect yourself from such theft, it is necessary to use additional devices that will not allow an attacker to start the car. One of these actions is a concealed rocker switch that turns off the fuel to the engine or the electricity to the key controls.

To catch him quickly, it is enough to pull the driver out of the car. Various options are used: from pretty girls asking for directions or fixing a car on the side of the road, to plastic bottles tucked under the wing. The main goal is to get someone out of the car without choking. At the right time, the thief just sits in the hall and leaves.

How To Steal From A Car

To prevent theft of a car, always take the ignition keys with you and lock the vehicle.

How To Hot Wire An Old Car (and Steal A Modern One)

It has become quite popular lately, because expensive cars are “stuffed” with electronics responsible for important mechanisms. Technical progress aims to make the life of car owners easier, but there are cases that suggest the opposite. By connecting to the diagnostic connector, you can force the vehicle to follow the necessary commands.

Some new and used cars are equipped with keyless access, which simplifies their use. While one of the attackers is close to the owner with the key, while the second is near the vehicle, the crooks are working on a proven plan. The special hardware reads the code and the machine turns on.

There are several ways to protect against this method of hijacking: install an additional alarm system, use mechanical derailleurs, pedals.

There are many ways to confiscate someone else’s car, so you have to be careful and follow the safety rules. Regardless of the vehicle brand and the documents presented, pre-purchase checks should be made.

Keyless Entry Cars Are Easier To Steal That We Thought, Report Shows

The easiest way to be sure of legal purity is to check the car with the VIN code. As a result of the work of our experts, a complete report is provided showing the basic information about the vehicle: actual mileage, theft fact, accident attendance, repair history, legal status and other real data. This service enjoys good popularity despite improved security systems. According to data from the National Bureau of Insurance Crimes (NICB) to the US, the average daily car thefts from early June to August were higher than the annual average from 2011 to 2017. TODAY.

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