How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

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How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust – I have done a regular hip removal and it is much more adherent than the Akra system.

I removed the silver caps and cut the remains of the corner tube. Then use a rotary carbide file with a right angle air cutter to cut the welded portion of the inner tube from the outer housing. When I broke the inner tube, I had to pry with a screwdriver to get the inner tube. He then took a knife with a long blade to cut the inner thread attached to the tube itself and push it out easily. The last step is to open the door slightly. Finally, I put on the silver caps and removed them with a unibit to 1 1/4″.

How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

That sounds good. That’s better. It’s not loud, but it’s loud. I think it’s like the Akra boxes without the baffles. This is only a temporary arrangement until I find a company I like. I wouldn’t spend $600 on an S&S scope.

Mm New Universal Motorcycle Round Exhaust Pipe Baffle Muffler Insert Baffle

There is a decat pipe in there now and I want to see what it looks like and hear how it sounds

ScottishMasterTech says: Akra separators are best kept quiet. It doesn’t remind me of a sewing machine, but it’s nice to stay under the radar.

I agree with @Max Kool that it is perfect in terms of the decibel/tone ratio with the baffles out, and the Cat on.

I ordered a wash pipe, for a breath test.. that’s what I saw and I’m worried because it’s getting louder.

Baffle Removal W/o Dremel? No Need For Upvotes

Just finished mine on Akropovic …screwed two holes at 8 o’clock ….missing the 4mm set screw and removed ….. mufflers removed …. ..easy peasy

ScottishMasterTech said: Yes, the biggest noise reduction on the FTR is the Cat. There is a decat tube out there now and I’d like to see what it looks like and hear how it sounds. … Loud! Very high. I run into one of the baffles to keep some of the recoil down!

Personally, I’ve had the biggest nightmares of having a lethargic boyfriend…the idea is better than the reality.

How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

Where I live, oversized fenders and underplates are often used by the “armored, sleeveless, wild biker, sport bike crowd”.

Baffle Removal For Better Sound?

I haven’t heard the bassani, but I made a video to compare before and after removing the baffle…. tell me the sound is not good and not too much.

This is an old thread, you may not get a reply and it may revive an old thread. Consider creating a new thread. I have a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. I have been watching videos on the internet on how to remove the box in the box to get a new sound from the bike. I was wondering if anyone here has done it? And how do you like the sound after you wash it?

I hope someone comes to help soon. For me I went the other way, my cobras were loud 2-1. I reduced the bore to 1 7/8″ and now the sound is good, deep vibration but not crazy and no more body rattle after a long day of driving.

Physical form. :speech: You know, I’ve never heard anyone use that word, but it makes sense. I got an Intruder with Cobra Slashcuts and wow, that sounds great. Beauty disappears sooner or later.

Rinehart Exhaust 2 1/2

While you wait for a response from the creator of 1500, you can do a search. Waste pipe/drilling is also well discussed.

My personal suggestion: get aftermarket tubes with removable baffles. You can get the sound you want. Push it out, stick it in, stick it in with another attachment, whatever works for you.

I have V&H Cruzers on my VN800B. It sounds better than stock without sounding “blatty”. It makes sense to me.

How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

I drilled holes in my stock tubes on my Vulcan 800. I was disappointed with the results. As a fritzi, I added V&H Cruzers a year later. Even better! I think there are probably some Youtube videos that people have posted after debaffle/drilling out pipes.

Removing Baffles Thread Original 2014 16 Euro 3 Bikes Only

I don’t know your model but if it’s the same I did it on my 900. First I unscrewed the rivets and removed the beauty plate. Then cut the middle tube. 2 separate holes. One is larger than the middle tube and the other is smaller than the outer tube. Once that ring was removed, I just strained the can until it broke. It’s some black paint and looks great.

There are some issues you need to consider before removing or replacing an automotive transmission. First, all exhaust pipes with baffles are designed to provide a low decibel level while driving, back pressure for optimal performance, and soundproofing to “bounce” gas into the pipes as they are lowered and sealed.

Second, you don’t know how to modify it or how it works unless you’ve heard or felt the modification on another car. Bikes that run straight tubes often sacrifice horsepower and torque at the expense of increased efficiency. Often the error or tone is silent.

Check out some different electronic powder models on UTube for different looks, sounds and effects like Cobra, Vance & Hines. And don’t forget a good set of earplugs to cut out noise and wind noise in the helmet, e.g. 3M Peltor Combat Arms earplugs. They help a lot.

How Do I Remove These Baffles

I removed the baffle on the vulcan 800. Louder and better. But after driving it unlocked, I almost wish it was higher. The biggest drawback I found was that it bounced off the pipes under acceleration. It made an amplified sound/vibration that sounded like my helmet. I’m thinking of making a lollipop mod to reduce the popping, not sure if that helps. Hopefully others can provide some insight into the lollipop mod.

I took my 03 1600 to what I thought was a 1.5″ and a 3″ hole and cut the tires and let me tell you. I love it! His voice was high, giving off a deep throaty note now. Getting the welds nice and clean is a pain, but worth it.

I started with four holes (3/8″) on the inner boards and ran that way for a few months. Very happy and no problems.

How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

Last weekend I did a full drain on the top pipe. –See image and description posted by gmrf (above). Lkv Motorcycle Universal Exhaust System Slip On Silencers & Mufflers With Exhaust Pipe 38mm To 51mm Compatible With Grom Atv Dirt Bike Street Bike Scooter

It sounds and works well, IMO. Some might say it’s not loud enough. For me, it’s absolutely right.

I had vance and hines straighshots on my 1600 mean streak with no sound and it was so loud it was bad I put the baffles back and it’s better. The previous owner had screwed the screws to hold them in so it wobbled so I finished them off with cobra boulevards I had lying around the shop.

Well, I can’t imagine confusing anything other than stock tubes. Do they make cheap tubes that aren’t loud to begin with? The size of the baffled pipes is the limit for me. They fit my ears perfectly.

This is an old thread, you may not get a reply and it may revive an old thread. Consider creating a new thread. On the bike it’s a bit rough sometimes, but stand 30m away from the bike and perfect – NO HARLEY noise and quieter than an r1 with acro system!

Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Modification Horn Exhaust Baffle 60 Pressure Back Core 42mm 48mm 35mm Pipe Muffler 45mm Exhaust Mm O0a6|

The only part that draws me in is the dark SC Project s1 – I took the box out and added a link tube; There are 2 cats in this car and I left one in front of the muffler box/coupling pipe so it will be louder (and stronger, though marginal)

+ An SC program is easier after the stress but heavy in the bag – now this is the pukka – I’ve been like this for a few months & It may have been published before but in the form of an update I thought this was a 20 min project

After removing the muffler and before putting in a sports gear, I started the car to notice the loud noise. Unfortunately, the muffler does nothing but add unnecessary weight to the car. Most of life seems to be done by a cat.

How To Remove A Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust

After removing the covers, I installed the sports exhaust and there was no difference in sound to the original, nor did I notice any increase in performance. I don’t

Stock Exhaust Baffle Removal

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