How To Measure Inseam For Motorcycle

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How To Measure Inseam For Motorcycle

How To Measure Inseam For Motorcycle

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How To Measure Inseam For Motorcycle

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Rider height is often a major factor in determining frame size, but it’s not 100% reliable. People have different geometries, from longer torsos to shorter legs and vice versa, and bicycles are no exception. The bicycle industry does not yet have a standardized system for measuring bicycle frames. One brand’s 54cm size may not fit another. This is where the inseam rider comes into play, we talk more about the length of the jeans.

How To Measure Inseam For Motorcycle

Properly measuring your inseam is critical if you want to choose the right bike for your riding. © PetStockBoys / Alamy / Profimedia

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When measured correctly, your inseam length will be your first step in choosing the best frame size for your body type. A brand name can lead, but it’s not enough. The geometry of the frame must match your standing height. You have to do your homework. Measuring is easy. You can do it at home alone or with friends using a few household items. Let’s see how it’s done.

1. Find a closed door or an empty wall space large enough for you to stand with your back against. You can take measurements no matter where you are, but a solid wall or closed door helps ensure you’re standing upright.

2. Take off your shoes, go barefoot or wear socks. Grab your marking tool, a tape measure, or a piece of string. If you have a friend helping you, ask them to hold it for you.

3. With your back against a wall and your feet about the same width as the floor, place a book or level between your legs. Roll down to the groin. It should be in close contact with your person, not just touch, like sitting in the saddle. Make sure the entire book is in direct contact with the wall. A spirit level is my preferred method of accuracy, it has a handy bubble that you can look at to make sure it’s parallel to the ground.

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4. Hold the book or level firmly against the wall (a friend can help) while moving forward to mark its point of contact. Step away from the wall and measure the height from the floor to the mark.

Some people may prefer to measure directly with a book or level, but step aside before making it easier. Repeat the process three times. Now discover your basic math and calculate the average. Voila, you have your inseam length.

Now for the fun part! Measure your inseam and start looking for your future soul mate. If you have a brand name or model number, start here. You can also do advanced searches by numbers by supporting the site for a small fee. Bike sizes will vary depending on the type of riding you want to do and your experience. For example, mountain bikes have different geometry than competition road models. Advanced riders have different needs than beginners. Compare your calculations to any frame’s standing measurements to find your ideal starting point for size. You should find the indicator in the middle of the numbers listed. This number defines the size, the size of the inseam, required for the rider to stand on the bike.

How To Measure Inseam For Motorcycle

Riders must be able to comfortably straddle the bike between their legs when they are not riding, such as when starting off, stopping at a red light, and in the event of a crash. not sure? Check that you can place at least two fingers between you and the frame. If you can, you should be good to go. If not, try the next size.

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Other factors such as your overall height, reach and stack height will also determine the best frame size for you, but taking an inseam measurement is the perfect place to start. Your local bike shop or fitness professional should be able to help you from there.

Numbers are numbers. The best approach is still to test the bike before buying, if possible. Once the geometry is determined, other components on the bike such as seat position and height, stem length and handlebar width match the bike to your anatomy.

If you’re new to cycling, or already signed up for a special event like an enduro race or a big fondo in the coming months, consider buying a specialty bike. Money well spent is an investment in yourself that will make your health experience more enjoyable and protect you from harm.

Depending on where you buy your bike, the cost of a specialist bike can be deducted from the final price, or the store can offer full discounts on the accessories you need such as helmets, cycling clothes, tools and more. Even a car bike rack! Discount totals can add up, including the cost of a fixed session.

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If you’re only buying bikes online, read the fine print about trial and return policies to avoid surprises. If the brand you’re interested in doesn’t have a physical showroom, check out rental locations near you. You may be lucky and find the exact model or brand you are looking for. Motorcycle ergonomics has always been a very tricky area of ​​discussion because our bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

By far the best we can do is say our height and leg length and let them extrapolate from our experience.

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