How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

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How To Make A Car Seat Blanket – Believe it or not, I managed to sew more than just Emma’s dress this Christmas. Kind of a new/working mom miracle, I’d say. I started making this car seat blanket for Emma…

I followed this very simple tutorial, and while the instructions suggested using minky or fleece, I didn’t really find anything fun. Most things for girls are pink or purple, and I wanted something to match Emma’s red car seat. That’s when Anella Hoy’s Little Apple collection caught my eye and when I saw this beautiful red and aqua quilted fabric – forget it. I have been for. This might be my favorite fabric I’ve ever worked with. Check out the little retro school outfit! i am dead

How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

However, using the quilted fabric, I just cut the fabric and sewed on the bias tape. Something simple. Upon opening it, it seems…

Hooded Car Seat Blanket

As soon as I made one for Emma, ​​I knew I had to make one for my little nephew, Zachary. And that’s good for me, because as soon as we got to Virginia for my sister’s vacation, I was all over how big Emma’s car seat blanket was and how I had to make one for Zachary. I hedged and “Oh, if only I had time.” He certainly didn’t think he was getting one. So they were pleasantly surprised when this forest-themed bundle of warmth was waiting under the Christmas tree for Zach…

As much as I love the Little Apple fabric I used for Emma’s blanket, the fleece/flannel combo I used for Jack actually works a little better than the quilted fabric because it’s not as stiff. If you are making this for a small/small baby, I would definitely recommend the fleece/minky/flannel from the tutorial…it will be easier to fold over the baby’s face.

I sadly didn’t get all the pictures of Jack wrapped in a blanket, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, he looks great in it. 🙂 I made a car seat blanket for my baby boy to avoid trying to keep him warm while sitting in the car seat and cover blankets that fall off. Scroll down to see our super easy car seat blanket tutorial below. Here are my little ones strapped in car seat blankets…

I got the idea at Imperfect Homemaking. She has a great tutorial on how to make this amazing car seat blanket…

Blanket On The Backseat Thread

I want to make something like this but I don’t want to sew it all! So I made a very simple version. Let’s begin….

1. Cut the fur to get a perfect square, you may need to cut 2 sides to get a square of about 45″ x 45″. (Some feathers are very wide, wider than normal fabric, so they need to be cut.) Then fold the feathers in half, then fold again. It should look something like this…

4. Lay out the blanket, fold it in half and mark 5 inches down from the top. Draw a line. Sew along that line.

How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

5. Open the blanket and lie down on the car seat. Place a point with a pen where the strap comes out at the shoulder and down. Also mark the bottom of the center where the clip comes out between the legs.

Diy Easy Car Seat Blanket Tutorial

6. Flatten the blanket and draw a line from the shoulder point to the side point. Also draw a horizontal line (about 2 inches long) along the bottom center point.

7. Cut along the lines. (I already sewed a box around each of these openings before cutting but no need to rip or tear the fur).

8. Place the blanket on the car seat, pull the rope through the opening (make sure the blanket does not restrict any of the car seat straps, if so simply remove and cut the opening of the blanket again).

9. Get the baby nice and snug (shouldn’t affect the way the blanket strap is laid), then rock!

Bundle Up, Baby! A Guide To Safely Layering Up In The Car

I hope you like this simple and easy car seat blanket tutorial. I love how soft and cozy it is for little people and I love that it stays in place when we are outside and in this cold season.

*Disclaimer: Consider the safety of homemade baby items before use. I am confident that this blanket does not affect the functional integrity of the infant car seat. As with baby items, use your own judgment on items made for babies!

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How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

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Ditch Blankets: How To Keep Baby Warm In Cars

Hi, I’m Toya! Stay at home mom 5 beautiful kids. I love to craft, sew, blog and make fun things. I’m the creator of the Eat-Pray-Make blog and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m looking for a new way to keep my baby warm while out and about. Baby snowsuits are difficult and expensive if you have twins and need both. Blanket starts every 6.3 seconds. This quilt solves all those problems and looks great to boot!

This project took multiple naps, but I did two. If you only have one baby to bundle up, I’m sure you can get it done while the baby sleeps.

There is no real need for patterns or measurements. I don’t even use the same size for every blankie I make. Just hands free. Then cut it out leaving your folds intact.

Place two layers of flannel (front sides still facing each other) on top of the batting piece and pin in place.

How To Put A Baby Into A Car Seat Properly

Cut around the blankie. Now you will have two layers of flannel, facing forward, and a layer of batting underneath, all pinned together.

Leave one corner of the nubby thingy (this is a very technical tutorial, you see) open so you can turn the blank right side out.

Once you turn the blank right side out so the batting is inside, you can turn the open corner into a simple hood. As shown below, fold the corner in half with the fabric on the underside of the blankie, and sew around where I drew the line.

How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

Once sewn, you can cut over the seam and finish the edge with a tight zig-zag stitch. Instantarts Polynesian Dragonfly Print Car Seat Covers, 2 Piece Saddle Blanket Universal Bucket Seat Cover For Cars & Vans, Easy To Install

Now you just want to sew all the edges of the blankie so the edges have a nice finish.

Place the blankie on the car seat of choice, to create an opening for the car seat strap. Use a pencil to mark the top and bottom holes for the arm straps and the slots on each side for the bottom accessory straps. (Again, very technical.)

Cut along the line, being careful not to cut the seam. Use a rotary cutter if you have one.

Oh, and you want to know how I can be happy enough to photograph both babies together? Simple. Their soothing maple syrup!

Tw In Stitches: Easy Car Seat Blanket Pattern

Let’s talk about security. Some sources say that such blankets and many baby snowsuits are not safe for use in car seats. In my understanding, the concern is that the extra bulk prevents the child from being positioned adequately to protect it in a crash. I am not a safety expert and cannot guarantee the safety of this or any other baby item. All I can say is, as a mom in Canada’s cold climate, I find the cold a significant hazard and it’s my opinion that my kids are bundled up with blankets in these car seats. As with any handmade baby item, use caution and use at your own risk.

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How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

So I’m very grateful that I have some energy to do more, where I used to collapse in front, sleep, go to work and it seems repeat.

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So this project is essentially recreating a gift I received with my son. My best friend’s mom gave me this flannel blanket

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