How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

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How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle – It’s already been said here, but it’s worth repeating: if you ride a motorcycle, you must wear an appropriate, safety-rated helmet. There are many useful and important cycling accessories out there, but a helmet is perhaps the most important. And just like the bike itself, your helmet is an investment worth protecting. But that doesn’t just mean regularly cleaning and refreshing it. It also means keeping it safe and secure with a solid set of motorcycle helmets.

A closed Bell motorcycle helmet of a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R with a Kuryakyn set | Matthew Swarczek,

How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

If you want to keep your motorcycle safe and can’t store it indoors, something like a brake disc lock can get stolen. And you can take similar precautions to keep your motorcycle helmet safe by locking it to your bike.

Does Your Motorcycle Have A Helmet Lock?

Some may think that a closed motorcycle helmet is not necessary. After all, a helmet is much more portable than an entire bicycle. So if you’re going to, say, the grocery store, why not just bring your helmet? Also, the helmets have straps — doesn’t that make a set useless?

Regarding the last point, you do not attach your motorcycle helmet to the chain using the strap. Instead, you hook it into the set metal D-ring. Even if you have a more “exotic” set of helmets, there are compatible locks available. And as for the old point, well, the best way to avoid helmet theft is to prevent thieves from accessing it. After all, you can’t steal a helmet that isn’t there.

But grocery shopping while riding with a motorcycle helmet becomes awkward and boring. Take it to a restaurant or cafe too. That’s right, if you have bags or cases on your bike, you can leave your helmet in them. But not all storage spaces can accommodate a helmet. Nor are they all closed.

So if you want/need to leave your helmet behind, your best option is to lock it to your motorcycle.

Shengtu Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock Quick Lock Telescopic Cable Anti Theft Password Lock For Motorbike Black

Safest helmet lock #Ahmedabad. I dare someone to steal this helmet? #Gujarat @aapnuamdavad @AhmdOtlo — Kumar Manish (@kumarmanish9) December 11, 2014

Generally speaking, motorcycle helmet locks fall into two categories: mounted and removable/portable. But they also differ in the way you attach your helmet to your bike,

Explain Some use metal cables, while others use bolts. Additionally, some locks are designed to attach to specific parts of your motorcycle, such as the handlebars or frame tubes. Others, however, are more universally adapted.

How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

At its most basic, motorcycle helmet locks are little more than a cable with a key or combination lock. You can even make your own locks with these parts,

Keep Your Lid Safe On Your Bike With A Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Say But if you want something a little stronger, the helmet lock carabiner is a solid choice. It’s compatible with both D-rings and quick-releases, fits everywhere from your handlebars to your footpeg mount, and slips easily into pockets when not in use. And it only costs about $35.

For something more permanent, the Kuryakyn Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock is a common recommendation. At $45, it’s slightly more expensive than the Helmetlok. And it only comes in two sizes, so you need to make sure it fits your bike. But since it’s a set of keys, there’s no risk of someone guessing the combination. Additionally, to ensure that a thief won’t just unscrew it from your motorcycle, the Kuryakyn Helmet Lock attaches via screws that won’t.

Choosing between motorcycle helmet locks depends on your personal preference and your bike. Permanently mounted locks offer the convenience of ‘set it and forget it’, but they can get in the way if you’re not careful. But while a portable set, well, portability is a bonus, it doesn’t help if you forget to bring it with you. Also, if you’re not careful, you can attach it in an easy place for a thief to get away with your helmet.

Once you have chosen a set of motorcycle helmets, installation is quite simple. It technically isn’t there for the portable once you’ve calculated a suitable mounting location. But even permanent locks don’t take long to install. And all you really need is a screwdriver.

Universal Helmet Lock For 25mm Engine Crankcase Crash Bar Motorbike Motorcycle

Before purchasing a complete motorcycle helmet kit, identify where you might want to install it. Then measure the diameter of these mounting points to ensure the lock you want will fit. And once you have the set in hand, double check that those measurements were correct. At the same time, make sure that the lock does not get in your way once it is installed.

In my case I bought both a Kuryakyn set and a Helmetlok. The former is for my motorcycle, a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R, while the latter will be a spare single for the press bike. Looking around on my Street Triple the only suitable attachment points were either the handlebars or the tubes that ran under and parallel to the seat. But since I also have a Beeline Moto mount on my handlebars, and they’re already pretty tight in place, I went with the second option.

Once I chose the location, I attached my motorcycle helmet to the Kuryakyn lock to figure out how I wanted to orient it. This is important to do before tightening the screws, as the no-tamper design makes them difficult to remove. Then, after installing the series, I checked again that it didn’t get in my way. All in all it took me less than 30 minutes.

How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

Considering that an ECE-certified helmet typically costs at least $200, installing a $45 kit is a no-brainer. It’s a little more than that. A set of retractable motorcycle helmets recently stole my “KISS” award (keep it simple, stupid) for a while, offering enough cable length to secure my ATGATT riding jacket as well. Less than a bar of soap, my growing product savvy is easily overlooked for all the right reasons.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

“The Lewis N. Clark Lock motorcycle helmet offers excellent lightweight safety, with a 30″ steel cable and three easy-to-adjust combination dials.”

Years ago, my first helmet cost me just one hundred Swedish kroner. While I’m not bleeding disposable dollars these days for whatever Schuberth aspires to rake in, I do enjoy the quiet, comfortable protection offered by top-shelf brands like Shoei and Arai. With higher price tags than entry-level noggin cradles, I prefer to say that investments don’t work in anyone else’s hands.

In my riding gear in the bike at once. I think it’s best to check multiple boxes with one purchase where possible. Many go the “locked helmet in motorcycle seat” route (D-ring mechanism). Now I can secure my riding gear with a set of motorcycle helmets that, well… weren’t designed for motorcycle helmets.

I know. I know. It’s a cheesy company name and what’s more, the motorcycle helmets are actually billed as a luggage/travel kit (it’s TSA approved if that matters).

Triumph Trident 660 Helmet Hook (lock)

Who cares though? It works better for motorcycle safety gear than most function-specific products out there. I say this because it’s small enough for lunch breaks, gas stops and sightseeing activities and compact enough in your pocket if you want it there. Small and reliable always wins when it comes to motorcycles.

Imagine riding along and thinking “there’s nothing I want more right now than to eat an expired candy bar at a gas station while staring in horror at some small towns desperate attempt to boost tourism with just a massive ball of wire”. Well, when you get to this under-the-shelf extravaganza beneath Yellowstone, you might want to ditch your gear. Extend the wire, thread it through your helmet, jacket sleeve and bike frame before digging through all the inspirational sets…whatever.

It is made of metal and plastic. The metal is steel. The plastic is … plastic. I’m blue. You can be a different color.

How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

This motorcycle helmet lock has a 30-inch cable and uses a three-knob combination key that is very easy to change. Its Amazon page states that it “secures luggage, bikes, guns, work equipment, wallets, briefcases, doors, gates and many other . secure items”. There’s also mention of grouping items together, so I guess if you like shooting at your co-workers’ belongings while driving around the copier like a stallion, then this is 100% the one lock for you.

Kuryakyn License Plate Bracket With Helmet Lock

Personally, I just need something small and durable to keep my helmet and riding jacket securely on the bike while I grab my snack.

Our long time favorite before the LNC was Lockstrap’s 901 closed helmet. That thing is an animal. It is basically a heat-treated steel carabiner, looped at the end of three millimeter steel cable, wound between two strong nylon straps.

But it’s too much and a bit awkward to stow in it. In terms of weight and efficiency, LNC’s little gift shop does everything we need in basic prevention while Lockstraps rivals Fort Knox.

If you’re going to leave your gear overnight or in an unfriendly environment while traveling, Lockstraps 901 might be a better choice. There’s no reason to think the LNC motorcycle helmet won’t last, but with the right pair of industrial wire cutters…

Pc Plastic Motorcycle Helmet Buckle Speed Clip Chin Strap Quick Release Pull Buckle Black + Red Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Ignore the last one (or buy both). The LNCs

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