How To Lock A Motorcycle

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How To Lock A Motorcycle – Motorcycles are a great travel option for those who love on-road and off-road adventure travel. It is one of the most cost-effective and environment-friendly ways to relieve heavy traffic in densely populated cities. So your motorcycle is an investment that you need to protect from criminals who want to take that asset away from you.

Recently, bike theft has increased with thousands of bikes being stolen in the US each year. Although there are ways to track vehicle history so buyers can buy stolen bikes, most stolen bikes are never recovered. Thieves quickly disassemble the bike and sell the parts or reassemble them into another frame. In this article, we’ve rounded up the 5 best safety devices to help keep your motorcycle safe.

How To Lock A Motorcycle

How To Lock A Motorcycle

Thieves don’t steal motorcycles; They usually search around to identify specific patterns to go by. Keeping a cover on your bike hides the most important details that criminals might be looking for, making you a less attractive target. There is also a time constraint for the thief. While the cover is a basic accessory to keeping your Scrambler in top condition, it also provides safety benefits.

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A bicycle lock is one of the prevention tools, and the work of thieves is more dangerous and difficult. Although, with the right tools and techniques, any lock can be broken or even moved on a track, using a strong lock with some other security device or mechanism is the best way to secure your bike. . Some recommended anti-theft locking devices include:

Fork (Steering) Lock – This makes the bike impossible to steer, so a thief cannot remove the wheel.

Disc Lock – This is a small type of motorcycle lock that is mounted on the brake rotor to prevent the wheel from spinning.

Smart Digital Lock – This can be a steering or disc lock that integrates with the alarm system. Whenever a thief tries to break the lock, it activates the alarm to scare the thief away. Some smart locks on the market, such as the Lock8, have a Bluetooth function that detects when you’re off your bike and automatically activates the alarm. In addition, the device has a motion detection function that activates the alarm when it detects motion. Some have mobile apps that will alert you when the alarm goes off.

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A motorcycle kill switch disables the connection to the ignition circuit, preventing the bike from starting even if the thief has the keys. Hot wiring will not even start the machine. However, some criminals know how to flip the kill switch and can easily get away with it. Hiding the kill switch is an extra step to prevent theft of your motorcycle.

Some smart thieves have powerful techniques and tools to break the steering or drive lock to make off with your machine. Attaching the lock to a chain or cable improves bike security, making theft more difficult. The best way to use a chain/cable lock is on the rear wheel as the front can be easily removed. Anchoring the chain to an immovable object, such as a lamppost, is also recommended. You can also chain the rear wheel to the bike frame.

Although the above devices can prevent bike theft, it is never a 100% guarantee. A GPS tracking device does little to prevent your ride from being stolen. However, it is a smart investment to help you recover your bladder if it is stolen. Most of the time the GPS tracker is attached to the hidden part of the bike. The device transmits live location and other details about the bike, such as speed and speed, from a web-based or mobile app to a service you can track online.

How To Lock A Motorcycle

Losing a valuable asset like a motorcycle can be a painful experience for anyone. Although the unexpected can happen at any time, investing in advanced bike anti-theft gadgets can save you from this pain. Bicycle safety measures include removing the keys from the ignition even when you are a few meters away from the bike, locking it in a home garage and parking in plain sight whenever possible.

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Get the best motorcycle news, rumors, deals and events every week. We will update you only on the awesome stuff. Not bad, we promise. It’s been said here before, but it bears repeating: if you’re riding a motorcycle, you need to wear the right helmet, to stay safe. There are many useful and important bicycle accessories, but a helmet is perhaps the most essential. And, like a bike, protecting your helmet is a worthwhile investment. But that doesn’t mean cleaning and freshening up regularly. It also means securing your motorcycle with a strong helmet lock.

Bell engine cowl locked with a Kuryakin lock on a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R. Matthew Schwarzek,

If you want to keep your motorcycle safe and can’t keep it inside, a brake disc lock can be stolen by thieves. And you can take similar precautions to keep your motorcycle helmet securely locked to your bike.

Some people may think that a motorcycle helmet lock is unnecessary. After all, the helmet is much more portable than the entire bike. So if you’re going to the grocery store, for example, why not take your helmet with you? Also, the helmet has straps; Doesn’t that make the lock useless?

Lock ‘n Load Wheel Chock™

Regarding the last point, you don’t fasten your motorcycle helmet with a lock strap. Instead, you attach it via a metal D-ring clasp. Even if you have a more “exotic” helmet lock, compatible locks are available. And as for the first point, yes, the best way to prevent helmet theft is to keep thieves away from it. You can’t steal a helmet that isn’t there, after all.

However, grocery shopping with a motorcycle helmet is awkward and tiring. Even bringing it to a restaurant or cafe. It’s true, if you have a bag or wallet on your bike, you can leave the helmet there. But not every storage space can hold a helmet. Nor, importantly, are all locked.

So if you want/need to leave a helmet behind, your best bet is to lock it to your bike.

How To Lock A Motorcycle

The most secure helmet lock in #Ahmedabad. Dare I steal this helmet? #Gujarat @aapnuamdavad @AhmdOtlo — Kumar Manish (@kumarmanish9) December 11, 2014

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Motorcycle helmet locks generally fall into two categories: mounted and removable/portable. But they also differ in how they secure your helmet to the bike.

Explains some use metal wires, while others use screws. Additionally, some locks are designed to attach to specific parts of your bike, such as the handlebars or frame tubes. Others, however, are more comprehensive.

At their most basic, motorcycle helmet locks are simply a cable with a key or combination lock. You can also make your own lock with these parts,

But if you want something sturdier, a carabiner-style helmet lock is a good option, he says. Compatible with D-rings and quick-release buckles, it fits everything from handlebars to footpegs and tucks easily into pockets when not in use. And it costs about $35.

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For something more durable, the Kuryakyn motorcycle helmet lock is a common recommendation. At $45, it’s slightly more expensive than the Helmetlo. And it’s only available in two sizes, so you need to make sure it fits your particular bike. However, since it is a key lock, there is no risk of someone guessing the combination. Additionally, to ensure that a thief does not remove it from your motorcycle, the Kuryakin Helmet Lock attaches using tamper-proof screws.

Choosing between motorcycle helmet locks depends on your personal preferences and your bike. Permanently mounted locks provide “set and forget” convenience, but can get in the way if you’re not careful. But even though it’s a portable lock, while portability is a bonus, it won’t help if you forget to bring it with you. Also, if you’re not careful, you can attach the helmet anywhere that’s easy for a thief to remove.

Once you’ve chosen a motorcycle helmet lock, installation is fairly simple. Not technically portable, once you find a convenient attachment location. But even permanent locks don’t take much time to install. And all you need is a screwdriver.

How To Lock A Motorcycle

Before purchasing a permanently mounted motorcycle helmet lock, identify where you want to install it. Then measure the diameter of those mounting points to make sure it will fit the lock you need. And once you have the lock in hand, double check that those measurements were correct. Also, make sure that the lock does not interfere with you after installation.

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In my case, I bought a Kuryakin lock and a Helmetlock. The first is for my bike, a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R, and the second will be a replacement.

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