How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

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How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

My garage floor is very smooth. When I try to use my wheel ramps for a quick and easy way to raise a car, they always slide, sometimes just one, but other times both. They will sometimes even continue to slide as the wheel pushes them forward. What is an easy/safe way to prevent them from slipping?

How To Stop Car Ramps From Sliding

Take a piece of tape and attach it to the edge of the ramp. Drive it 12 inches/30 cm and then fold it and put it back to the ramp. Place it on the back of the ramp.

When you roll down the ramp, the tape gets stuck under your deck and the ramp can’t slide away.

This is probably the cheapest, easiest, and least destructive method (as long as you don’t mind your towel having little holes in it.)

Edit: if the towel still slides when the front wheel leaves the ground you need more height, you can use a cargo strap (if you have one) instead of a towel – hang it on the ramp, then place the strap and drive all the way so it’s tucked under the rear wheel

Super Low Car Ramps (pair)

I installed various threaded interference inserts on my garage/workshop floor. I put it in places where it could be used to tie down a motorcycle or to have a bolt sticking out of the pavement to prevent something like this from sliding.

They have proven to be one of the most useful items in my little shop. I can just move a unit around and if it needs a slightly better mounting solution, I already have it.

One way is to use the non-slip padding they make for kitchen shelves. Place a square on it and place a slightly smaller 3/4in plywood square on top of it. Then the ramp on top of the plywood. The rubber sheet prevents slipping, and the feet of the ramp just dig into the wood to prevent it from moving.

How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

I put a long enough 2X4 behind the two ramps and then two to three cinder blocks behind the tree to keep it from moving. You can replace the cinder blocks with something heavy (but don’t let your mother-in-law stand because she won’t shut up about it). 😉

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Adjustable Hot Wheels Car Ramp

You can ask a friend to hold the tripod using a piece of wood as well.

If none of these are an option for you, as long as there is a stable wall or object in front of the bleachers, you can create a “dead man”. Take strong pieces of wood and run them from the wall/object to the stands to prevent them from moving.

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By clicking “Accept all cookies” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. This fun ramp takes your Hot Wheels racing tracks to a whole new level – literally! The boys love making Hot Wheels tracks on the hard floor, but it’s hard to keep the ramp from sliding on the floor. Here’s a simple solution to play over and over again!

Mini Lift Aluminum Low Profile Car Service Ramps

The design of this Hot Wheels ramp is simple. We used PVC pipe to make a frame, and then the ramp was just a well sanded 1 x 8 board with a small piece of wood glued to the back to keep the board from sliding.

We don’t want to permanently attach the ramps to the board because we want the freedom to create them in different ways. The tracks are attached to the wood with loops of masking tape. It doesn’t work well when trying to move the ramp to another room, but it definitely works for gaming. If you want more strength, try using poster putty or superglue.

The boys used some wooden blocks to create a goal line. How fun! We found that you really need a track that spans the ramp and the floor to make the cars go straight. Our cars continued a few meters from the end of the track.

How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

Here are the measurements for the PVC pipe stand. You will need 6 tees, 4 elbow joints, and a 10 foot piece of 3/4 inch pipe.

Ways To Prevent A Car From Rolling Back On A Hill

You can balance the ramp board on any of the horizontal PVC pipe poles. The boys preferred the steeper ramp, so most left it. It’s still fun to have options!

Another day we used the Hot Wheels ramp to create a jump for the cars. Cars fly off the end of the driveway and into the white bucket. Very fun!

Use a pizza box to make a Ramp Race for Hot Wheels Cars (two cars racing back to back). I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this problem, but with smooth concrete it’s sometimes hard to keep my ramps from sliding. In the past I have solved this in various ways, but I had to come up with a “fail safe” method for truly portable ramps. This worked for me:

Never mind shock wood; the principle is exactly what I want to illustrate… I cut a couple of slots in these plastic “ramps” (two slots for each strap), and threaded the straps into the slots. (I cut up an old ratchet strap that was lying around; I’m sure the strap itself can be found at Lowe’s, etc., for less than $10.) Then I secured the straps with break it. and tie it with a zipper. For use, I put the straps against the wheel; the weight of the wheel rolling on it will hold everything in place and not allow the ramp to run.

Petsafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Ramp

I’m sure others have encountered the sliding ramp scenario. I like this idea because it works all the time, it goes everywhere with the ramp, and it takes about 20 minutes to make.

I’m sure guys with bigger ramps can come up with convenient ways to secure the straps in place. I was thinking of some sort of eyebolt Rube Goldberg, but I’m worried that it will break on large ramps with steeper slopes. Folding the belt back under itself helps to lock the belt when the car rolls over it.

The slide ramps were my problem too, I glued the rubber under the 1×10 board I put in front of the ramp, this extra height fixed the problem. Your method is also beautiful. Remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat……………….

How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

Good idea. I throw out two old towels and then place my rhino ramp on them, making sure the towel sticks to the front of the ramps.

What Are The Problems You Can Have With The Hydraulic Ramp By Super Lawn Trucks?

Good idea. I took a rubber door mat and put it under each one and that worked well too

I had the same problem with my two custom wood ramps and set of plastic Rhino ramps (before I got $200 for a set of RaceRamps)…easily solved by buying a $10 indoor/outdoor rubber doormat, cutting it to size and use contact cement to glue it to the bottom of the ramps (rubber side down of course).

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While jacks have their advantages, the safety and stability risks make car ramps a better option. Especially for work that will put you under your car for long periods of time.

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best car ramps for your workshop and garage, especially if you’re dealing with a lowered car!

In addition to being a stronger option than jacks, car ramps are safer and give you more room to work under your car. And while we all want a car lift at home in our garage, space and cost requirements don’t make this a possibility for everyone.

How To Keep My Car Ramps From Sliding On Concrete

Unlike jacks that require some experience and a floor jack to raise a car, ramps are much easier to set up and use. You just have to adapt

Cheap Heavy Duty Plastic Car Ramps Lifts For Oil Changing Car Maintenance

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