How To Install Motorcycle Grips

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How To Install Motorcycle Grips – If you want to change the steering on your Harley, you are probably trying to solve one of two problems. Either your current grips are giving you hand problems or you just don’t like the look of what’s currently on your bike. For me, the story was a combination of both. The stock Harley-Davidson grips are terrible in both appearance and function, so I wanted to upgrade. I chose Roland Sands Designs Tracker Grips for this project and I am impressed with both the installation process and the end result.

For most bikes, removing the calipers is a fairly straightforward process. On the suction side you will probably have some housing that you will need to remove and then the handle will slip off. However, an application is possible where there is a tube inside the suction handle that needs to be stored. If so, this can usually be done by splitting the handle with a sharp knife and then removing it from the pipe. But with most aftermarket grips, you’ll find that they come with a replaceable tube.

How To Install Motorcycle Grips

How To Install Motorcycle Grips

For my 2016 Harley-Davidson FLSTC, it was as simple as removing the two torx screws in the housing and then sliding the mount off the handlebars. The first screw is at the top, towards the back of the case. The second screw is under the case and on the front. After unscrewing these screws, the upper part of the housing immediately pops off. Next, you’ll want to carefully and slightly wiggle the bottom of the case to slide it down. There is wiring here that you want to protect, so be gentle. When both sides of the cover are removed, the choke handle slides off.

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Moving to the side of the clutch, chances are the handle just fits into the box at the bottom, but the housing probably doesn’t hold the handle in place. The handle will be secured with glue, which means you’ll have to do some work to remove it. The instructions that came with the Tracker’s grips say to use a long, flathead screwdriver to remove the grip, but I found cutting the grip with a sharp knife and then prying it up was a better option. Whichever you choose, you’re likely to break control, so be prepared to throw it away instead of adding it to the “back to stock” box.

Depending on the selected brackets, the installation process may be slightly different. Specifically, some side suction mounts will have a two-piece setup with a suction tube and a handle that will have to slide over it. Luckily for me, and possibly because of the electronic throttle on the FLSTC, the Tracker throttle grip is one piece. All I had to do was make sure the logo was in the correct position and then slide the holder into place.

Come see for yourself, the tracker lugs are a bit longer than stock H-D tires, so I had to make a slight adjustment with the master cylinder housing. By loosening the two set screws on the master cylinder housing, I was able to move it off-center about ΒΌ inch, allowing the lug to slide into place. Once the bracket is in place, slide the bottom cover back over the edge of the bracket, then replace the top cover. Tighten the housing torx screws to the torque specification and you’re done.

As a side note: when installing the throttle grip, slide it into place, then tighten but twist the throttle slightly and release. If the hook holds, one of two things has happened. Either you overtightened the nut (maintenance manual should include torque specification here) or you actually pushed the handle too far over the handlebars. The latter happened to me. I slid it into place, tightened everything up, then tested the gland to find it was sticking out a bit. This can be solved by moving the grip a little bit so that the gears are still engaged, but the end of the grip is not trailing behind the end of the handlebars.

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For the clutch side, the motorcycle mount installation is slightly different. The bracket is held in place by two screws located on the inside of the key switch. You’ll want to position the handle, then mark the strap with a tap through the two screw holes. I didn’t have a tap handy, so I used a thin hole punch to scratch the tape a bit. Then you will move the handle and use the drill to make a slot in the belt in both marked places. What you are aiming for is a slight recess where the screw will sit. Be sure to do this carefully so as not to pierce the tape completely.

Once the holes have been drilled, slide the handle back into place and secure it with the two included screws using a medium duty cabinet threaded point such as Loctite. For those not installing these particular grips or grips that are not secured with screws, you’ll want to use grip glue. Follow the directions on the label and make sure it cures before riding.

Quick Tip: When sliding the rubber grips into place, soak the grip in alcohol before attempting to place it on the bar. The alcohol will act as a lubricant but will evaporate quickly to allow the adhesive to cure.

How To Install Motorcycle Grips

You may need to move the clutch housing to adjust the position of the handle. As on the throttle side, loosen the bolts and move the clutch cover to a position that allows it to sit next to the grip, or let the inside edge of the grip sit inside the cover if your grips are designed that way.

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Mounting the handles is a quick and easy project. With only a few tools needed, most riders should be able to get the install down in an hour or less. The Tracker grips from Roland Sands Designs have been great for me. They are slightly larger in diameter than the stock grips, but not so much that I have to adjust any levers. The wider grip makes them more comfortable for me and the Renthal rubber ensures my hands never slip. I like the dark look that I chose, but there are several different finishes to suit any application. I’m installing new half-waffle grips on my scooter and I’m having some issues. First, how to remove the old suction handle? It is connected to the suction tube. Second, what glue is best to use?

Dear Mr. Quest, A numbingly simple question that I am constantly bombarded with, but I will answer it anyway. I am very close to some of my compatriots who pilot Suzuki RM-Zs and their throttle grips are attached to the throttle tube with something developed by NASA. There is no good technique for removing gloves. I turned them with a lathe (it’s a little higher) and tried to cut them with a razor blade (it was a bad process). I finally figured out this simple trick; I ordered a new Motion Pro choke! As for glues, I use Gorilla glue. Set up takes minutes, allowing you to rotate the handle to position it properly. Note here: after installing the handle, I always remove the entire choke and thoroughly clean the inside of the suction tube. Any residue can affect throttle pull. Diligence is the key!

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