How To Inflate Air Suspension On Lincoln Town Car

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How To Inflate Air Suspension On Lincoln Town Car – 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Premium Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit with FA2RB Rear Shocks is the perfect solution to your air suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your air suspension to use passive dampers and coil springs for less than replacing the original air spring.

Convert your air suspension to passive spring suspension. End your air suspension problems forever… 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Rear Air Spring to Passive Coil Spring Rear Shock Conversion is the perfect solution to your air suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your REAL air suspension to use our exclusive premium steel coil springs and passive dampers for much less than the cost of repairing the system with OE parts at the dealer. Functions of the conversion system

How To Inflate Air Suspension On Lincoln Town Car

How To Inflate Air Suspension On Lincoln Town Car

A 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car is built with the following rear suspension components: 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Air Springs (x2) – A plastic and rubber air spring (also called an airbag) that uses compressed air to support the weight of the rear of the vehicle. Rubber air springs (which take the place of the traditional metal coil spring) are the main cause of all air suspension leaks. Since all air springs fail at about the same rate, if one leaks, the others won’t fall behind. For a proper repair, they must all be replaced at the same time. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Shock Absorbers (x2) – metal tubes are filled with gas-charged hydraulic fluid that reduces vibration and controls bouncing caused by traveling on rough roads. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Height Sensors (x2) – A link located near each vehicle wheel that mechanically or electronically measures the height of the vehicle and communicates this information to the control module so that adjustments can be made. The ride height sensor is a moving part and like all moving parts, they will wear out eventually. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Air Lines – pipes that carry pressurized air from a compressor to the air springs to adjust the vehicle’s ride height. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Solenoids (x2) – These plastic and metal components work together with the suspension control module to adjust the air pressure for each air spring. Solenoids begin to leak as they wear, causing the vehicle to stall or stall. This will cause the ride height sensor to send a signal to activate the compressor in an attempt to inflate the air suspension and level the vehicle. This overload will eventually lead to complete failure of the compressor. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Compressor Assembly – Air creates and sends pressure to the air springs. When the air suspension starts to leak, the compressor (also known as the pump) starts working harder to try to keep the system inflated. By the time the air suspension has completely leaked, the compressor will have failed or is on its way to complete failure. Buying and installing replacement air springs only to find that the compressor still needs to be replaced can be very frustrating and expensive. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Dryer – prevents moisture from building up inside air suspension parts. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Suspension Control Module – a computer responsible for the operation of the air suspension system and maintaining the correct height of the vehicle. 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Rubber O-Rings – Although they are the least expensive parts of the air suspension, they are responsible for maintaining the seal where all the air lines connect. Be sure to replace the O-rings when repairing the air suspension system.

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A sudden loss of three to five inches of ride height in the rear of the vehicle is the most obvious sign of air suspension failure on your 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car. Another sign of an issue is an illuminated suspension warning light or dashboard message. If the air compressor has stopped working or runs too often (it will be noticeably noisy), then repair or replacement is in order.

“+ Rear Air Springs ($630/spring) + Compressor ($790) + Dryer ($230) + Rear Seats ($100) = Over $2300 (and that’s not even including replacing electronic components known to fail m. eg the height sensors).

‘+ Rear air springs ($90/spring) + Rear seats ($30) + Compressor w/dryer ($210) = Over $420 (but that doesn’t include replacing electronic components known to fail like the height sensors ).

Working on Lincoln Town Cars since 1999 and we are very familiar with its air suspension system. It takes an entire network of electronics to keep this system running smoothly. When one part fails, the others are right behind it. The suspension conversion kit is a direct replacement for the car’s damaged air springs and eliminates the need for any high tech components. This kit includes two aftermarket shocks and two American coil springs to convert city car rear airbags. Quality American made coil springs bring you closer to the original factory ride than anything else on the market. Car conversion will save time and money. It can be installed in about an hour per wheel and comes with step-by-step instructions, including how to turn off the suspension warning light. Let’s take a closer look at the price difference between the air suspension repair option and our conversion kit. On this page, we will compare three prices: One to repair your air suspension system with OEM parts and dealer labor; The one for installing aftermarket air suspension parts on your car; and that is to install a conversion kit and get rid of the air suspension headache forever.

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Everything fit perfectly once the old bags were out, it only took about 15 minutes apart, it took longer to clean than springs and shocks, the ride height is great and journeys like a soul, no longer a boat.

They came in great. Just set the video. The Idiot Light Off Palette is asking for any help. The springs are great

The parts were sent to us in three days. Everything fits perfectly. Your representative was very professional and courteous.

How To Inflate Air Suspension On Lincoln Town Car

Great replacement for air springs. They ride just as well if not better than stock suspension. I would recommend

Solved: 1990 Lincoln Town Car Air Ride Issues

Thank you for this conversion kit. I have a friend/customer (I work out of my home garage on the side) who had the classic air problem on his car. The neighborhood kids told him he looked great, but he didn’t think so. I knew there had to be equipment to remove the problem system. I found your site and was impressed with the price and selection of kits. Made in the USA was also an advantage. It’s nice to have a quality product made here, not “as cheap as possible” in a foreign country. Ordering was easy and the kit arrived quickly. Building the car was a task. It took the most time to remove the old bags and shocks. The kit was easy to assemble. Now the car looks smooth again and drives great (the kids don’t look so cool now). Thanks again Dave (PS) The instructions to disable the warning light said the module was in stock. This car (96′ Towncar). Behind the glove box is similar to other cars.

I was very pleased with the price of the parts ordered. I was also very happy with the fast delivery. I needed the parts very quickly. In the future, I plan to check with your company first before purchasing. Thank you, Deborah Blankenship

I installed the rear coils on my ’99 town car in just over two hours using simple tools. Of course, I used quality jack stands and blocked the front tires. The ride height has been restored and the ride itself is factory new. I fell in love with my Lincoln all over again!

I found the replacement kit and installed it. I am very satisfied with your service and product. Thank you.

Lincoln Continental Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit With

Thank you very much for keeping your promises. I ordered your Lincoln Town Car air suspension replacement kit with shocks and the whole job took about an hour. It would come faster but it was a little difficult to let go of the old disturbances. The trip has been great and I am at ease now. Thank you!

The air bags were leaking very badly and I opted for the spring/damper conversion kit due to the age of the vehicle. I received my order very quickly and watched the video on you tube. My mechanic took about 1:15 minutes on the right side and less than 1/2 hour on the left side. Height is back to normal and the car drives like new. other people

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