How To Fix A Speedometer On A Motorcycle

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How To Fix A Speedometer On A Motorcycle – To ensure this part fits your vehicle, please select a vehicle from the “My Garage” list or enter your vehicle details below.

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How To Fix A Speedometer On A Motorcycle

How To Fix A Speedometer On A Motorcycle

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About 10 years ago, I found an old motorcycle headlight that had a speedometer built into it. It was a really nice part and I plan to incorporate it into a motorcycle build I’m working on The headlight/speedo was off an older Bridgestone motorcycle (not sure of year or model), but the odometer was pretty handy, as was the left side of the speedometer. To fix this, I have to disassemble the speedometer Continue reading to see the process This method will work for almost any mechanical speedometer The new speedometer is backlit by the gauge face and doesn’t even show night time results. It is backlit from the speedometer gauge face 12v Universal Digital Motorbike Speedometer Tachometer Oil Level Meter Lcd Gauge Tachometer Motorcycle Accessories Instruments Display Motorcycle Modification Refit Kit (black Shell)

Once you remove the speedo from its decorative cup/housing, place it on the table Using a small screwdriver, gently pry off the lip of the trim ring Work around the gauge, being careful not to overdrive or you could potentially tear the thin metal. When you have dried the lip around – remove the trim ring, glass and inner bezel (if applicable).

Again, place the speedo face down and remove the screws holding the mechanism inside the housing. These screws should be on both sides of the cable studs Turn the speedo back and remove the mechanism from the housing

Turn the speedo mechanism upside down and gently pry the opposite side of the needle using two small screwdrivers. This needle is metal Other needles are plastic (more fragile) and have a metal center The needle is a press fit on a smooth shaft The first time I removed the needle – it took some force Second time – it was much easier

How To Fix A Speedometer On A Motorcycle

It looked like my speedometer – only dirty A screw holding the face plate was missing for who knows how long and the rock around the plate made the left screw hole so big that I had to use a washer to hold it in place. We will get the solution soon

Difference Between Odometer And Speedometer

This is what a mechanism without a face looks like You will notice that the odometer is set to 000000 I reset it I don’t recommend doing this In my state, mileage is waived for vehicles past a certain age Check your local laws before resetting your odometer

I took the old face plate and scanned it into my computer I used the highest resolution to get the best quality Using photo editing software – I cleaned up the image At this point – you can do whatever your heart desires – different colors or fonts

***Note: Do not leave the holes white on the pictures – paint them the same color as the rest of the gauge

A friend of mine suggested making the turkey and rabbit as lawnmowers Of course you can clear it and show the original It all depends on you I decided to go a slightly different route I added some words to make it a little grainier I knew it wouldn’t be perfect and it would help hide it

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Now to fix the enlarged hole I had a guy cut a new face plate on his water jet It didn’t get the middle hole for the needle or the rectangular hole for the odometer in the right place so I had to make it a little bigger.

I printed my new face plate on some good photo paper I cut it out, but only filled the holes so far I used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to attach the paper to the aluminum plate. I let it dry, put some weight on it and put it face down Once completely dry (~15 minutes) I used a sharp razor knife and cut holes in the back using the aluminum plate as a guide. I had to touch up around the screw holes with a sharpie because the picture didn’t match the plate. * This is why you leave holes of the same color in your image

At this point, it’s basically rebuilding The needle was originally white, but I sprayed some orange on it Once dry, I placed it next to the first tick mark and pressed it with my finger Here it is with the inner bezel Now is a good time to hook up the speedo cable, drop the other end into the drill and return the needle to its original position ***drill should be upside down*** You can also use 9V. Battery to power your gauge light to see if the results are satisfactory

How To Fix A Speedometer On A Motorcycle

Clean the glass so that it is spotless, especially the inside You don’t want your fingerprints on your face once you’ve backed this thing up Set the trim ring face up Insert the glass (in the correct direction) and the inner bezel Place the housing face up making sure the bezel is lined up correctly Use a soft-faced mallet and fold the trim lips at the four corners (corners of the circle – right) to temporarily hold them together. Make sure everything lines up, then proceed to crimp the trim ring I used a makeshift punch with a large face and a sharp edge. Work around the gauge and seal it by pinching

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Here it is – all reassembled You will be able to see dirt stains on the inside of the glass I will use compressed air through a light hole in the back of the gauge to try to clean it out I will probably use a small bead of silicone around the trim lip to help keep the components in place a little better.

*Note: I posted this text on a motorcycle forum in 2009. I went to reference it and realized that all the photos are hosted on a site that is no longer compatible with third party hosting, so I decided to repost. It is here so others can benefit from it Mind you, with different knowledge and skills being freely shared these days and the availability of new technologies and tools, I would do things differently now.

Unfortunately, life got busy and I still haven’t finished building that motorcycle Until then, I have this little gem safely packed away until it’s day to shine

How a Restoration of a 1959 Austin Haley Sprite Became a Restoration This car does not have the complicated piece of equipment typical of the Libergots motorcycle speedometer It consists of a speedometer gauge and a speedometer cable that connects between the gauge and the fitting on the front wheel hub. Some motorcycles have electronic speedometers that require calibration and repair by a trained technician. Problems with mechanical speedometers are often faulty gauges or worn cables If the gauge is not damaged, a simple troubleshooting procedure will do

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