How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet

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How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet – Here is just a sketch of the helmet you will paint on the male model’s head. The purpose of the helmet is to protect our skull from impacts or injuries that could damage the brain or even crack the skull. Notice how the front of the helmet covers the forehead on this head model. more

Here are drawings of three different types of helmets that you may be familiar with. First came motorcycle helmets, then astronaut helmets, then World War I military helmets. When you look at these three, you’ll know that the one in the upper right corner is the easiest to draw. more

How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet

Now using the same guide shapes you drew in step three, you will carefully draw the nut shell shaped helmet like the one you see here. Literally, it should look like half a walnut shell.

Vector Set Of Motorcycle Helmet Stock Vector Image By © #107423684

All you need to do here is draw a small lip on the edge of the helmet as you can see here. Once you are done, you can continue to slide the straps.

For the final step, all you have to do is pull the chin strap, as you can see here, everything clicks into place. When you’re done, start erasing the shape you drew in step three, and that’s it.

This is what the helmet looks like when finished. Now you can color it in and use it for your next character of your own creation. Thanks everyone for participating in this tutorial on how to draw a helmet.

Description: Today I’m going to forget everything and do something other than handing in a course. But I found a couple of tutorials that I haven’t uploaded yet, so I’m back here today to check out some more fun. Let’s first show you “how to draw a helmet” step by step. Although there is only one helmet in the thumbnail, you will actually see three types of helmets in one of the stages, they are; military helmet, motorcycle helmet and astronaut helmet or helmet. Don’t ask me why I made the astronaut headgear, I just thought some of you space fans would love it. Anyway, I think the most difficult of the three helmets to draw is the motorcycle, which I think is because of the sharp edges and corners. The easiest to draw is obviously a military helmet and I think you can see why. It’s basically a round shell with straps that fit snugly around the chin if the soldier decides to use it. This course is ideal for artists who want to improve their drawing skills, such as creating headdresses for characters and other figures. I know it’s not the most exciting class in the world, but you have to remember that everyone deserves their demands, even if they seem a little boring. Even if you think drawing helmets is fake, you should still give it a try because you never know, you might find some use in learning a skill that will allow you to draw helmets when you need to. That’s it for the description of this tutorial, I’ll be back later with more painting fun, so stay tuned for what’s next!

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