How To Cancel Scrubby’s Car Wash

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How To Cancel Scrubby’s Car Wash – Scrubby’s is equipped with an advanced, touchless LaserWash® in an automatic car wash. Open 24 hours, click for details.

Discover our three environmentally friendly self-cleaning car washes. Always clean, good light and friendly, please click to find out more.

How To Cancel Scrubby’s Car Wash

How To Cancel Scrubby's Car Wash

Choose interior, exterior packages or full details. Cleansing and deodorizing the interior is a special skill. Please click for more information and to book an appointment.

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Scrubby’s is now offering a free regular vacuum cleaner to our car wash customers! Fragrant shampoos and conditioners are also available on the spot at minimal cost.

The world loves winners. Proud of yourself, both externally and your property, with cleanliness and details.

Dirt, dust, and debris have no place in your car. What about all the bacteria on the inside that you can’t see? Clean and feels good.

Cleaning windshields, windows, headlights and headlights not only keeps you safe on the road, but also courtesy of the safety of others.

Scrubby’s Car Wash, A Family Owned Business Is Headed To Murells Inlet

Professional car washes include modern appliances that use less water than those at home. The water is also recycled.

Acid rain is dangerous to the finish of your car and should be washed out. A professional sealant will further protect against the elements of the environment, especially the powerful UV rays of the sun that make your finish.

The look is great, but it’s not everything. Use your weekly scheduled car wash as a reminder to check your oil and other vital fluids, check tire pressure, and check that your headlights are working properly.

How To Cancel Scrubby's Car Wash

Scrubby’s Car Wash operates in conjunction with the Apple House Sunoco, located at the top of East Main Street in Torrington, CT (intersection of US-202 and CT-183).

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Tel: (860) 618-3029 Address: 1013 Torringford St. Torrington, CT 06790 Scrubby’s Car Wash Open 24 hours a day Apple House Sunoco Hours: Saturday-Sunday: 6:00 am-10:00pm Monday-Friday: 5:00 am-10:00pm

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