How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home

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How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home – Common Trade Supreme Ruler Lance made his regular trip from his dorm in Ohio to ZLA headquarters in Philly in the fall. He’s on a trip, but he doesn’t have tires. Behind him Dunlop had seen better days, so he took a short walk down the hill to Mount Lemmy for some tire care before heading home.

Our first order of business was to eat the donuts that Lance had brought us, washed down with coffee. If you are changing tires before 9am, I recommend doing the same. (If it’s after 9 p.m., drink beer.)

How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home

How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home

For some reason, we don’t always feel comfortable leaving our tire changing jobs to the “experts.” Photo by Lance Oliver

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Lance editorial comment #1: Lemmy likes to dive deep into work, but I want to think about it.

Anyway, why do I always change my tires? There are two good reasons. First, by buying your motorcycle tires at a reasonable price, you can beat the cost of your local store. Plus, you’ll save money on replacing them. Shops charge $20 to $40 per wheel. The things you take to do will pay for themselves after a long time. The second reason is that you save a lot of time. It is worth more than money to me. I can change my tires as soon as I can get an appointment. You can take the wheels off the bike, take it to the shop, and wait for someone to come to work. I work on my schedule when it suits me.

I should also specify that everything here is about replacing tubeless tires. If Lemmy ever rode a Honda XR650L that was neglected enough to wear OEM tires. This will allow him to master the technique of changing tube type tires. Now I’ll turn the mic back over to Lemmy…

Lots of trips around Pennsylvania and found this rear tire. Before the 475-mile trip home, Lance wanted a new one. I use a jack stand to lift the bike. Photo by Lance Oliver

Pirelli 1868500 Angel St Tires 180/55r 17

Our first task was to get the back of the bike up in the air. There are several ways to lift a scooter: bike jacks; Belt pins, wheel arches, I’ve also turned bike frames and tires into logs and put the tires on the side. Be innovative, but be careful. Lance built his bike with a pair of swingarm spools at one point, so he lifted the machine and put it on some simple motor jet stands. While the bike was still firmly on the ground, I loosened the axle nut a bit. It does not require torque.

Lance’s editorial note #2: I keep handguns at home in my garage so I can quickly and easily load my Versace in my back room. Lemmy is the Shovelheads; Because they’re just inconsistently riding all kinds of helicopters and other weird stuff. Because no one has ever installed swingarm spools. He has no backward position. Jack stands work well.

Next, we opened the chain adjuster so we could slide the chain off the sprocket and then slide the axle. Follow the alignment of the axle hardware, especially the wheel spacers. If you fail at this stage; When putting everything back together, a few jigsaw puzzles have to be put together.

How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home

Lance Editorial Comment #3; My suggestion I like to put the spacers right back on the axle and put the nut on slowly. This causes things to be forgotten and pieces to go everywhere. Also, note where the brake caliper mounting bracket fits on the plan.

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Instead of letting the weight of the brake caliper hang on the brake line. Lemmy hangs it up with a bungee cord. Photo by Lance Oliver

Before the axle moves, I like to remove the tire and put a small block of wood on it to hold it in place. Then I used a drift punch to get the axle out of the wheel well. If you are working on the front wheel. The process is the same (don’t forget to loosen the knob at the bottom of the junction); However, to remove the wheel, you may have to remove both brake calipers. Move the calipers out of the way. Do not tie with brake hoses.

If you are so motivated, now is the time to check out these wheel wells. If they feel tight, reposition or replace them. Don’t forget to check the brakes during removal.

Deburr the tire by removing the valve core with a valve core tool. After the air is out, it’s time to break the flies. There are many ways to do this; But we chose to use hand sanitizer. This makes an otherwise difficult task faster.

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This salt breaking tool works great. There are various tools for the job, from clamps to levers. Photo by Lance Oliver

Lance Editorial Note #4: Breaking the salt is in some cases the most difficult part of the job. The device works like a charm for Lemmy. I have a port freight exchange at home that I bought a few years ago. It has its flaws and doesn’t get a lot of respect from device enthusiasts, but it has a bee separator that works well and makes it worth it for me. There are some other good tools that don’t cost a lot of money.

After the nuts are broken on both sides, it’s time to start pulling the tire. This work is more art than science. Everyone seems to find their own way of doing things. I like to work on old rugs so the threads on the wheels don’t break.

How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home

Lance Editorial Note #5: Lemmy looks like an Everglades Gator Whisperer with my wheel and tire on his knee, though it’s a little scary to watch. You have to admit that his methods work. Personally, my knees are miles better than Lemmy’s and I prefer to stand and work. Additionally, attaching the wheel to the stand makes it easier to avoid stressing the brake rotor. If using the lime method, avoid leaning against the side of the rotor.

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You have ways to walk where you change tires. If you don’t have the funds to buy one, I’ve seen some great homemade tire changing systems made with only a few dollars worth of materials: Cut a car tire lengthwise and rim the wheel to protect the rubber; A strand of wire in the center; Attach your bike wheel to the car wheel. My store-bought tire changer is another option. If you’re willing to pay more, I’ve seen them change tires in a flash without breaking the cap using an excellent (and expensive) no-tread changer.

Work will be easier with the right tools. Use tire oil. They do these things for a reason – it works. This helps with demounting and installation and prevents the beads from breaking or breaking from the tire irons.

Use dedicated tire scoops. I said I’ve never lied to you with a kid with the wrong gear, but I did break some tires on the East Side Midway. Rim protectors are great if you want your wheels to look good. If you think the stuff we sell is delicious, let’s dispel that notion: old milk cartons can be easily cut up; Or you can use College Lemmy’s Instant Flange Saver: Heat Pipe Gaskets from Auto Parts Gaskets.

Removing the tire is the most difficult step. Take your time using the spoons. “Take the little drops!” said Lance. He has a good point. He has a greedy habit. I try to remove the whole tire at once, it never works. It breaks spoons, hurts hands, and endangers delicate beads. The work is exciting. It is not difficult. Do several bead sections at a time and don’t forget the tire lube.

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With salt on the wheel; It is easy to see the drop center and understand how this whole process is done. Photo by Lance Oliver

Here are the most important things to remember. This may be the act of lifting the bead off the rim at the “drop-center” on one side of the tire. The drop-center is a shallow channel that runs around the wheel, which makes the whole process possible. If you still can’t get the tire off after using too much force,

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