How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

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How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold – The average motorcycle gets 40-80 MPG, which means that most of them are very fuel efficient. The most fuel efficient motorcycles are the 50-125cc light bikes as they can achieve 90-150 MPG. In contrast, 600-1300cc sports bikes can offer incredible performance and top speed, but these benefits also come with poor fuel efficiency. In general, you can expect to get 30-50 MPG on these types of motorcycles.

But as you can see, apart from engine displacement, the amount of fuel a motorcycle consumes depends on many other factors such as its engine type, weight and design.

How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

We’ve done the research and compiled the basics on the subject, as well as motorcycle MPG numbers into one chart!

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Motorcycle oil depends on several factors, but the most important are:

As you can see, many of these features can vary from one ride to another. Therefore, it is impossible to give an exact oil number for each bike.

However, if we compare the MPG figures of the various models head to head, it is clear that their fuel consumption is highly dependent on their displacement and performance.

The general rule is that the performance of a motorcycle is inversely proportional to its fuel consumption. This means that when a motorcycle has more power, it is less fuel efficient.

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Apart from the displacement, the cooling system and the engine type are also important. Most light and dirt bikes are still powered by 2-stroke engines, which are less fuel efficient than their 4-stroke brethren.

For example, 4-stroke 125cc street bikes typically get 80-120 MPG, while you can expect about 30-50 MPG on a 125cc, 2-stroke dirt bike.

But since dirt bikes are mostly for rides or trails instead of long distances, their fuel consumption is measured in GPH (gallons per hour) instead of MPG.

How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

For this reason, in this article we will focus on the fuel consumption of road motorcycles. Without further ado, let’s compare motorcycle MPG ratings by engine class!

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To help you out, we’ve gathered the most popular engine groups into one motorcycle MPG chart. Keep in mind that this chart only applies to road bikes, as fuel efficiency on dirt bikes is measured in GPH.

Since there are so many different bikes out there, you can find some with good or bad MPG numbers in each category.

So, if you are looking for solid fuel numbers for motorcycles by engine category, this chart will be a good starting point for you.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the MPG figures for the most popular motorcycle brands!

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As a general rule, 125cc motorcycles get 90-130 MPG, depending on the make and model. Because of their small displacement, motorcycles with single cylinder engines are more fuel efficient than their more powerful siblings. On the other hand, they are less powerful because this class only gives 10-15 HP.

250cc motorcycles typically get 50-100 MPG, which means these models are more fuel efficient than the 125cc class. According to Cycleworld, you can expect an average of around 70 MPG with a 250cc sport bike and 63 MPG on average with a dual sport bike in the same class.

Since you will find many different types in this category, the fuel for 300-500cc motorcycles varies a lot. However, based on our research, many of these bikes get MPG from 50 to 80. One of the most fuel efficient 300cc motorcycles is the Honda Rebel 300, as it achieves an impressive 70-80 MPG. Its big brother with a 500cc engine can get 60 MPG.

How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

A general rule of thumb is that a 600cc motorcycle will get 30-50 MPG depending on its engine power. 600cc fuel efficient motorcycles are sports bikes with four cylinder engines. The speed of these bikes can reach 80-130 HP, which makes them less fuel efficient. Unfortunately, you can’t expect better MPG figures from 600cc motorcycles or dual-sport motorcycles.

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If you are looking for a great bike that is also fuel efficient, you should look into the 650-950cc category. Most of these bikes are powered by two-cylinder engines, which means less power and better fuel economy. For example, most 750cc motorcycles have a fuel economy of 60-80 MPG. On the other hand, 4-cylinder, 750cc sport bikes have the same MPG figures as the 600cc class, which means around 30-50 MPG.

On the other end of the spectrum you get the super fuel efficient Honda NC750X, which can get 80 MPG! Other MPG figures in this class include:

As in the 600cc category, most 1000cc motorcycles are powered by 4-cylinder mid-engines, which can produce an incredible 120-200 HP. This performance means incredible speed and low fuel consumption. While most 1000cc motorcycles have a fuel economy of 30-50 MPG, riding one of these heavier bikes probably won’t get more than 30-35 MPG.

It should also be said that 1000cc bikes can be more fuel efficient than 600cc bikes on highways, due to the lower engine volume. For reference, we have listed the 1000cc motorcycle MPG figures:

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Do not forget about pedal boats, because these machines are very popular in the USA. These bikes are usually powered by 500-1500cc engines, which produce 80-100 HP. The oil economy? Generally, 500-1000cc motorcycles get around 50-70 MPG, while you can expect to get 30-50 MPG on 1000+cc cruisers.

As a rule of thumb, a smaller motorcycle engine gets better gas mileage. This is why the most fuel efficient motorcycles are small, light bikes with 50-125cc engines. Most of these little machines can achieve a very good 100-150 MPG. On the other hand, they are less powerful because their engines do not produce 15 HP.

If you are thinking of buying something more powerful, but you are looking for a fuel efficient bike, you should look for light and medium models with 250-500cc, single or twin engines.

How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

The engines of these motorcycles produce a reasonable 25-60 HP, which is enough for an average rider. Despite this, they are light on fuel as these bikes get 50-80 MPG. This is why they are considered great touring bikes!

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The most fuel efficient motorcycles on the market are Boss-Hoss cruisers as their fuel efficiency is as low as 20-30 MPG. These superbikes are powered by incredible 6000-7500cc, 400-600 HP engines, that’s why they’re so thirsty! But thanks to their 8.5 liter fuel tank, you don’t have to stop often to refuel.

Yes, it is safe to say that motorcycles consume more fuel compared to other vehicles. This is because they are much lighter than cars, trucks and other vehicles and they have smaller engines that give them more power. The lower engine power and weight results in better fuel consumption. Another major advantage of motorcycles is their narrow body, which significantly reduces air resistance, resulting in better fuel consumption.

In the United States, the fuel efficiency of motorcycles is measured in miles per gallon (MPG). As the name suggests, to get a motorcycle’s MPG, you divide the miles driven by the gallons of gas you used to fill the gas tank. If you want to calculate the fuel consumption of your motorcycle, follow these eight simple steps:

So, if you want to calculate your motorcycle’s fuel consumption, all you need is the number of kilometers driven and the number of liters of fuel you need to fill your bike’s tank. The most important way to calculate the MPG of a motorcycle is:

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For example, if you drove 160 miles and it took 4 gallons to refill the gas tank, that means your motorcycle’s gas mileage is 160 (miles) ÷ 4 (liters) = 40 MPG (miles per gallon).

Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles get 35-90 MPG, depending on the model. Fuel consumption figures for each Ninja model are as follows:

The famous Suzuki GSX-R600 has a fuel economy of 30-40 MPG. This powerful bike has a 4.5 liter fuel tank, which means you can ride around 120-140 miles before refueling.

How Much Gas Does A Motorcycle Hold

Based on our research, the average motorcycle gets 40-80 MPG. Most fuel efficient bikes on the market have 50-125cc engines and can achieve a maximum of 100-150 MPG. In contrast, the least fuel efficient models are usually 4-cylinder, 600-1300cc sport bikes, with most only getting 30-50 MPG. X Pro 125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Gas Dirt Bikes Youth Kids Dirt Bikes 125cc Gas Dirt Pit Bike ,blue

And we can’t forget to mention the big cruisers made by Boss-Hoss because these bikes only get 20-30 MPG thanks to their larger 6000-7500cc engines!

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