How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost

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Regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride, you will eventually need new tires. But with all the popular types of tires out there, it can be difficult to find the best one. Our team of experts have spent hours researching the best motorcycle tires on the market, looking at customer reviews and tire specifications to single out the best.

How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost

How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost

It’s not worth the risk of riding on worn tires, which is why we recommend investing in one of the best motorcycle tires for 2022 listed below.

Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle Tire

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso III takes its reputation from the World Superbike Championship (WSBK) for quick penetration, quick turns and good handling. This motorcycle tire offers maximum mid-corner power thanks to the dual tread design with a wide tread line. High performance silk makes your tire perform better in different weather conditions.

The tread pattern featured on this sport bike tire promotes even wear and consistent performance throughout the life of the tire. The tire also has a large adhesive patch for better grip. Please note that the D-spec version of the tire is Original Equipment (OE) for other Ducati models.

Many reviewers note how good the sport tires feel when driven. One reviewer says he’s been running Michelin Pilot Power tires for years, but the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III inspires more confidence at high speed on entry.

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso III is the perfect tire for adventurous riders. If you want a tire that warms up quickly, sticks to the road even in rain or shine, and gives you feedback for good handling, this could be the tire for you.

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The Shinko 777 is specially designed for large bikes, available in a wide range of tires. Due to the size of this tire, there may be a size that fits your V-Twin or cruiser model. This motorcycle tire is designed for better grip and traction over the life of the tire.

The design of these tires includes sipes and tread to evacuate water and offers excellent wet driving performance in wet weather. This heavy-duty aramid belted tire has a wide load capacity and offers riders a stable feel thanks to its reinforced tread.

Reviewers rave about the handling and performance of the Shinko 777. Many also talk about the value of a tire compared to its price. One reviewer says these tires can handle all weather conditions (except snow, which he doesn’t recommend riding in) and get three times the mileage of any tire he’s ever used.

How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost

For riders looking for a reliable road tire that can handle the road in both wet and dry conditions, the Shinko 777 is a good option to consider. Especially for the budget-conscious rider, the Shinko 777 offers premium tires at a reasonable price.

Motoz Tractionator Adventure Tires: Traction & Longevity

The Dunlop Trailmax Mission is Dunlop’s aggressive “50/50” (adv) tire. This tire is called a 50/50 adventure tire, because it is designed to be used 50 percent of the time on-road and 50 percent of the time off-road; this is why adventure tires are also called dual sport tires. . The treads on these tires feature Dunlop’s Staggered Step design.

The staggered step design features spaced steps to ensure wet road stability and wet road visibility. These circular bands extend into the sidewall of the tire to increase puncture resistance and grip. A redesigned rubber track improves off-road performance and better gas mileage.

Only a handful of online customers left reviews for the Dunlop Trailmax Mission, but no reviewer rated the tire more than one star at the time of publication. Reviewers are pleased with the tire’s handling and off-road performance. Someone says their rear tire is so stiff it doesn’t need air. Bad reviews are rare.

This tire is an unmatched choice for commuters. While motorcycle or motocross bike owners will appreciate the off-road capabilities of this tire, it’s designed for those who commute to work on a trail-shredding bike on the weekends. Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire 140/90 15 (70h) Black Wall

Michelin’s road-proven flagship for grand touring motorcycles, the Michelin Commander III features significant upgrades over its predecessor, the Commander II. Silica Rain technology incorporates silica into the tire tread, which ultimately prevents uneven tread. In terms of technology, this tire has amplified density technology, which gives riders better control and exceptional cornering ability.

Only the standard Michelin shell maximizes control, while the Commander III’s aramid crown maximizes stiffness while reducing mass. For stability, aramid layers resist the centrifugal expansion of the tire. Wide grooves on the inside of the tire’s tread help to shed water so you can feel confident in these tires when driving in the rain.

Many reviewers note that the Michelin Commander III remains stable on the road regardless of the weather. Few customers talk about more visual improvements than Commander II. Reviewers with negative feedback complain that they received tires that were manufactured several years before they ordered the tires.

How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost

The Michelin Commander III is a great choice for motorcyclists who want to ride all season, without sacrificing the longevity of their tires. Fans of Michelin’s previous Commander range of touring tires will not be disappointed with this tire.

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The Continental ContiTour features Mileage Plus technology, which increases your bike’s mileage without sacrificing the performance you expect from a Continental tire. A reinforced double-belt tread provides the durability you want from a touring tire while delivering exceptional performance.

Casings made of nylon and aramid enhance the durability of this motorcycle tire. This tire ensures that riders can continue their journey even in the rain thanks to the 6.0 to 9.0 millimeter grooves inside the tire tread to evacuate water. Please note that this motorcycle tire is eligible for Continental’s free three-year on-road warranty.

In short, there aren’t many customer reviews of ContiTour online. The feedback our team received was mostly positive. One such comment is from someone who says he has put about 9,000.0 miles on his bike with the tires on and they are the best tires he has ever used.

The Continental ContiTour is a reliable choice for riders looking for a good touring tire. However, motorcyclists looking for a tough, reliable and durable tire can do no better than the ContiTour.

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While the features or characteristics you want in a motorcycle tire may vary depending on your riding style, there are certain things that are standard in the best motorcycle tires.

If you end up buying a motorcycle tire that doesn’t fit your bike, it doesn’t matter the quality of the tire because it might not be the right motorcycle tire for you. In order to avoid the possibility of incorrect tires for customers, we have highlighted how to read and understand motorcycle tire sizes.

When looking at the sidewall of a motorcycle tire, you should also look for the Department of Transportation (DOT) abbreviation. Next to the abbreviation “DOT” are several numbers, but only the last four numbers are important. The first two of the last four numbers represent the week the tire was manufactured, while the last two numbers indicate the year the tire was manufactured.

How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost

It’s also important to have a good understanding of motorcycle tire maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your purchase and have long-lasting tires for your bike.

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To select five motorcycle tires for this review, our team searched Tire Rack, DiscountTire, Amazon, RevZilla, and Advance Auto Parts for the best products, looking at things like customer ratings, prices, best deals, and ‘eligibility for Prime shipping.

Each year, we review more than 1,000 automotive products. Our team of product experts carefully research premium products and test products on real vehicles whenever possible before making our recommendations.

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Among the motorcycle community, there is no definitive consensus on how long motorcycle tires last. Ultimately, where you ride your bike and how you ride it will determine the lifespan of your bike tires.

Motorcycle Tires: How Old Is Too Old?

As a general rule, you should replace your motorcycle tires every five years or so. But the length of motorcycle tires depends on several factors, such as the height and speed you ride, the weather, riding style, roads and

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