How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

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How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge – With the continuous development of technology, the perfect battery is essential for all modern motorcycles. But while some older motorcycles can be propelled with a Kickstarter, the new battery makes riding life easier.

But when it comes time to replace an old motorcycle battery, there are often some questions about all the different types and what all these designations and specifications mean. Finding the right battery can be critical to bike performance and battery life and getting you home to your destination.

How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

To help clear up all the technical issues with motorcycle batteries, we ran a Q&A with the experts at Odyssey Battery to explain the top 10 things you need to know about motorcycle batteries.

Anatomy Of A Motorcycle

Final Motorcycle Q#1: Like motorcycle tires, there are numbers associated with each battery – what do these numbers mean?

Odyssey Batteries: For Odyssey batteries, the series of numbers associated with each battery is called the model number. Pulse Current (PC) and Pulse-Hot-Cranking-Amp (PHCA) identifies the model number, which occurs in the first three to five seconds of a high-speed discharge to turn the motor on. For example, on the Odyssey Extreme Series PC1200 Battery, PC indicates Pulse Current and 1200 indicates Pulse-Hot-Cranking-Amp.

Question 2. I keep hearing about “old-fashioned lead-acid batteries”, AGM, maintenance-free, high-performance maintenance-free, sealed batteries, and now there are all kinds of new batteries for electric vehicles. What is the difference between these types and those used for motorcycles and gas engines (non-electric bicycles)?

A: There are two types of lead-acid batteries, often called valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries: gel cell batteries and absorbent glass (AGM) batteries.

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Unlike “old-fashioned lead-acid batteries,” which we usually call traditional AGM or flooded wet-cell batteries, both types are sealed and do not scatter, eliminating the need to fill the electrolyte, while also avoiding corrosion of the positive terminal and their readout. surrounding area.

Q3: In terms of service life in normal use, what is the best motorcycle battery to get – apart from the initial purchase price?

A. AGM batteries. The ODYSSEY battery uses AGM dry cell technology to contain the acid, allowing the battery to be installed even on its side. In addition, the flat, high-charge plates – Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology – in ODYSSEY batteries avoid the “dead space” between the cylinders in the “six-pack” design typical of gel cell batteries and other AGM designs.

How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

Question No. 4. Which specification has a small place for differences in the original specification without causing any problems – for those times when a replacement needs to be done, but the specific motorcycle battery isn’t available?

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C. There are ways to either modify the battery mounting location or use a replacement battery retention kit.

A. Cold Crank Amps (CCA) are directly related to battery performance. The higher the CCA, the better the battery will perform initially. CCA is the current that the battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0°F.

Electric bikes tend to use different battery chemicals than those typically found in cell phones. These are expensive and can be unreliable in automotive applications.

Q #7. I’ve heard that “fast charging” is better for a battery than slow charging – is that true, and if so, why?

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A. Rapid charging is better for ODYSSEY batteries because it improves deep discharge performance and ensures that the battery spends the maximum amount of time fully charged. Rapid charging does not benefit all battery technologies and can shorten the life of most products.

Q #8. I’ve heard that a “wet” or lead-acid battery can “sulfate” under certain circumstances, damaging the battery. What is this and how do we prevent it?

A. Conventional wet cell or flooded non-ion batteries tend to spread acid, which can cause corrosion to the positive terminal and the area around it. Consider a replacement battery with a sealed, non-distracting design. (See also the answer to the next question.)

How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

Q #9. What are the essential things that need to be done to maintain battery life all year round and for winter storage of motorcycles?

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Charging: Conventional AGM or flooded wet cell batteries can suffer permanent damage and not recover full capacity if only partially charged when placed in storage, even if charged prior to reinstallation (except for AGM-VRLA battery, such as the ODYSSEY battery, has Excellent deep discharge recovery allows it to withstand these storage abuses better than other batteries).

Chronic overcharging will also lead to excessive sulfur deposits that will not break down with normal recharging, leaving the battery vulnerable to failure. Only proper charging will decompose the internal sulfates and prevent them from accumulating in the battery. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the proper voltage for a full charge.

Storage: In addition to charging the battery, the battery should be stored at an appropriate temperature, especially when the outside climate is very cold. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for storage temperature and recommendations.

Q#10. What are the main safety steps to be taken when handling, installing, disassembling and maintaining the battery?

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A: Always wear safety glasses and gloves when handling, installing, removing and maintaining batteries. Do not put the old battery on your body. Any battery acid leakage and/or corrosion could damage your clothes, or worse, your skin.

Ultimate MotorCycling thanks the folks at Odyssey Battery for their help answering these questions. For more information about Odyssey, visit

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How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

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If you would like a future owner review segment on an episode of Motos & Friends, please email us at product@and tell us a little about your bike. We’d love to hear from you! As with any vehicle, every minute you spend riding your motorcycle means the battery is getting older. The battery will constantly charge itself and lose its charge if the chemistry is not correct. If you keep it, the battery will last until it can’t charge effectively.

The time it takes to charge a motorcycle battery is approximately 4 to 24 hours. Each battery and charger can affect the time it takes to charge the battery. If you’ve just purchased a new battery, there should be instructions on how long to charge it.

Once I bought a motorcycle and noticed that the battery acid level was low. Need some distilled water to add to the fill line with charge. I left it on the trickle can and used it the next day.

Keeping your battery charge at a healthy level can potentially prevent all kinds of potential malfunctions in your motorcycle’s engine. In this post, we will go into more detail on how long it takes to charge a motorcycle battery. When the day comes when you hear your bike won’t start, you’ll be grateful for reading this post.

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Basically, all motorcycles use one of the three types of batteries mentioned above, and now more and more are using lithium-ion batteries as well. These batteries are of the lead acid or wet type, the absorbent glass mat (AGM) type, and the gel filled type.

Wet batteries will need to be filled occasionally with distilled water, while others are sealed batteries and there is no need to fill them. All motorcycle batteries should be charged if you don’t use your vehicle often. Some can go longer periods without recharging this way

You may also find that some batteries say they are maintenance free. This means no liquids need to be added, but all batteries require care. It must be charged to the proper level without falling too low or damage to the cells will begin. This is why it is very important to own a smart charger.

How Long Does It Take A Motorcycle Battery To Charge

While a normal lead-acid motorcycle battery has a lifespan of about 3 years, you should also know that proper maintenance is essential if you want it to last longer. Both gel batteries and AMG batteries can last 6 years or more with proper care and lithium-ion batteries will also last 6 years or more. This applies to high-quality batteries.

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When your motorcycle is not in use, you can take good care of your battery by using a smart charger to maintain the correct voltage for your battery type.

Smart battery

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