How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

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How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last – The first thing a rider thinks about when they get a new motorcycle is not the battery life of their motorcycle. At that time, they are too excited about other, more exciting things.

As common as it is, it is important that the motorcycle battery is not only well cared for and maintained, but also that the rider knows when to replace it with a new one.

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

This article aims to help motorcyclists determine exactly that. We will look at the factors that affect the life of a motorcycle battery and also determine the average life of a motorcycle battery.

How To Remove And Install A Motorcycle Battery

The average lifespan of a motorcycle battery is two to four years. However, if you take care of the battery and look after it properly, it will last you continuously for three years. Remove the battery from the motorcycle and charge it inside to ensure its life. For example, if you live in a cold country, store the battery in a heated garage.

Ensuring that your motorcycle battery lasts longer than average will not be an easy task, but it will be cost effective and rewarding in the long run.

With that in mind, here are some tips you can use to maintain your motorcycle battery so that it stays in good shape and runs for a long time.

Motorcycle batteries are mainly of three types. These are wet cell batteries (containing liquid electrolytes), gel batteries (gel electrolyte) and AGM batteries (absorbed glass batteries, also known as dry cell batteries).

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This is the most affordable type of motorcycle battery. They contain an alloy called lead-antimony. Wet cell batteries, although relatively inexpensive, require more frequent replacement.

They contain electrolytes that have gelled and don’t spray too much. These batteries can be partially discharged and not run dry as much. They also don’t discharge very quickly, but are a more expensive option when it comes to motorcycle batteries.

Finally, AGM motorcycle batteries are probably the most expensive type on the market. Absorbent glass batteries use a mat made of silica glass, which makes it very easy to care for.

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

The reason why AGM batteries are so expensive may be because of their higher performance and efficiency compared to other batteries. They also have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to vibration.

What’s Flat Motorcycle Battery & What’re Low Battery Symptoms Or Signs

Even the best motorcycle battery will need to be carefully maintained to last a long time. If there is a problem with your motorcycle battery and you don’t try to fix it, it will definitely kill the life of the battery.

If the motorcycle is not used for a long time, remove the battery from the engine and store it inside. While it’s there, keep it charged with a trickle charger.

Maintenance-free batteries can of course be left inside the motorcycle, but must still be connected to the maintenance charger.

While it is true that you can use a car charger to charge a motorcycle battery (since both batteries are 12 volts), it is safer to only use a smart motorcycle battery charger that is designed to charge motorcycle batteries . In this way, you can avoid frying the motorcycle battery.

Lithium Vs. Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery Comparison

The maximum capacity of the motorcycle battery decreases in cold weather, so you may need to replace it in winter. It would be best to store your motorcycle in a heated garage during the winter months so you don’t have to buy a new one every winter.

It is a known fact that motorcycles that are used more often (say a few times a week, for an hour each time) will have batteries that last longer.

Try to take your vehicle in impromptu movements so as not to shorten its life. If you can’t do that, get a battery tender to store your motorcycle’s battery. You should also ensure that your battery remains well charged even when not in use.

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

If your motorcycle has starting problems, you can easily start it with a 12V vehicle that uses a negative ground (just like a motorcycle). Even a 12 volt car can be a suitable engine for a motorcycle.

What You Need To Know About Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle batteries have earned a reputation for short lifespans. However, most people don’t realize that good maintenance goes a long way in making the battery last longer.

Check the condition of the motorcycle battery often and if necessary, use the tips above to increase the life of the battery.

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My motorcycle addiction started with a 50cc at the age of 5. I rode motocross as a teenager and in my 20s when I was working as a mechanic. This helped me see the light – sports bikes and cruisers became a passion. I am now committed to being the #1 source for all things 2 wheels! Thanks to constantly evolving technology, an optimal battery is a must for all modern motorcycles. And while some old bikes can be revived with a motor, a new battery just makes life easier

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But when it’s time to replace an old motorcycle battery, there can often be questions about all the different types and what all those labels and specifications mean. Getting the right battery can be critical to your bike’s performance, battery life, and getting home from where you’re going.

To help clear up all the technical issues with motorcycle batteries, we ran a Q&A with the experts at Odyssey Battery to explain the top 10 things you need to know about motorcycle batteries.

Question no. 1 Ultimate Motorcycling: Like motorbike tyres, every battery has a series of numbers associated with it – what do these numbers mean?

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

Odyssey Battery: For Odyssey batteries, the series of numbers associated with each battery is called the model number. Pulse Current (PC) and Pulse-Hot-Cranking-Amp (PHCA) determine the model number, which is the first three to five seconds of high-speed exhaust that turns the engine. For example, in the PC1200 Odyssey Extreme Series battery, PC indicates pulsating current and 1200 indicates pulsating hot-spinning amplifier. Zipp Battery Ytz7s Maintenance Free Replacement Battery For Atv, Scooter, Dirt Bike, And Motorcycle: 12 Volts, 6 Amps, Nut And Bolt (t3) Terminal

Question #2. I keep hearing about “old lead acid batteries”, AGM, maintenance free, high performance maintenance free, sealed gel batteries and now there are all kinds of new batteries for electric vehicles. What is the difference between these types and those used for gas motorcycles (non-electric bikes)?

Answer: There are two types of lead acid batteries, often referred to as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries: gel batteries and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.

Unlike the “old lead acid batteries” that we commonly call conventional AGM batteries or flooded wet cell batteries, both of these types are sealed and do not leak, eliminating the need to top up the electrolyte while preventing terminal corrosion positive and the area around it. .

Question no. 3: What is the best motorcycle battery in terms of life in normal use, regardless of initial purchase price?

Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery Buyer’s Guide

A. AGM batteries. ODYSSEY batteries use AGM dry cell technology to trap acid, which allows the battery to be installed on its side. In addition, the densely packed flat plates – Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology – in ODYSSEY batteries prevent the “dead space” between the cylinders in the “six-pack” model, which is typical of gel batteries and other AGM models .

Question #4. Which specifications have a little room to deviate from the original specification without causing any problems – for those cases where a replacement needs to happen but the exact motorcycle battery specification is not available?

A: There are ways to adjust the battery placement or use a carrying case to mount the replacement battery.

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last

A. Cold start amps (CCAs) are directly related to battery performance. The higher the CCA, the better the battery can perform during startup. CCA is the current that the battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0°F.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries: Myths Vs Realities

Answer: Electric bikes tend to use a different battery chemistry than what is most commonly found in cell phones. They are expensive and can be unreliable in automotive applications.

Question #7. I’ve heard that “fast charging” is better for the battery than slow charging – is this true and if so why?

A: Fast charging is best for ODYSSEY batteries as it improves deep discharge performance and ensures the battery goes through the maximum fully charged time. Fast charging does not benefit all battery technologies and can shorten the life of most products.

Question #8. I have heard that a “wet” or lead acid battery can “sulphate” under certain circumstances which damages the battery. What is it and how can it be prevented?

For How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last?

A. Conventional AGM batteries or flooded cell batteries that are not sealed tend to leak acid, which can cause corrosion in and around the positive terminal. Consider a replacement battery that has a sealed, spill-proof design. (See also the answer at

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