Does Ford Make Motorcycles

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Chevrolet made motorcycles, sports motorcycles with 2 and 3 gears on the handlebars, and speed control boards. I own this unit and use it to screw gravel lol… who knew about 1968. I don’t know the year of the bike…

Does Ford Make Motorcycles

Does Ford Make Motorcycles

General Motors and Ford supplied the war with aircraft parts, weapons, trucks, ammunition, diesel and electric motors, and more.

The Long Lost Indian V8

Ford built the B24 at its Willow, Michigan plant, and Chrysler built a bike called the Tomahawk concept bike.

I remember GM investing heavily in Suzuki. Maybe they feel they don’t need a family bike because they’re making money from the investment.

Not just aircraft parts, Ford also produced the B-24 bomber in Michigan, and General Motors produced the TBM Avenger torpedo bomber in Lynden, New Jersey.

Please register to post and access all features of our popular forums. It’s free and fast. Active posters on our platform have awarded over $68,000 in prizes. More gifts are planned. Talk to any serious motorcycle collector and they’ll tell you that if a bike is original, its value and interest go up. Even if the builder is the original, interest will increase. Such is the case with this 990-pound custom boat built by Bill Becker of Boscobel, Wisconsin.

Eight Of The Most Influential Japanese Motorcycles Ever

Becker is a gentle, soft-spoken man with two hands in what he does and what he loves – repairing and building just about anything you care about. Motorcycles are a huge area of ​​interest – especially Indian motorcycles.

When I first met him, Becker told me that he had always been interested in real Indian quads. He wants one in the worst possible way, but the price always keeps them out of reach. But where there is a will, there is a way, and “I decided to build something nice for myself,” Becker explained.

What it comes with could be better — a better four-cylinder engine, actually. What he built was a custom 1937 Ford 221ci flathead V8. Becker says the old engine was rated at 87 horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 122 foot-pounds of torque at 2,000 rpm, making it plenty low-power—while getting about 25 mpg.

Does Ford Make Motorcycles

The 1937 Ford flathead V8 was rated at about 87 horsepower at 3500 rpm and about 122 foot-pounds of torque at 2000 rpm.

Loading Your Bike On A Trailer

The exhaust system uses standard gauges, with a straight pipe on each side ending in a chromed shark tail. Despite the lack of a muffler, the sound is surprisingly soft, subdued, and incomprehensible.

Amazingly, Becker designed/built without drawings – not even plans! He said he started with machines and scales and built from there. This includes the original two-joint wrist brace made entirely of 1″ OD, 3/4″ ID DOM hose. Yes, it was hand-bent using a hand tube with all the strength he and the other could muster!

To accommodate the intake system, the main frame tubes are split into two tubes on the engine, which are welded to large wide plates at both ends. This assembly contains the engine block, so the engine is the stressed member. After transmission, the frame goes to the backend. The forks, alloy wheels and triple disc brakes are transplants from the Honda Gold Wing.

A modern dual-core radiator cools the V8, and an old WWII firebody serves as a full coolant tank.

What Motorcycles Are Made In America?

The chassis design results in a 78-foot wheelbase, 9-foot overall length, improved mass balance, low center of gravity and a unique 23-inch low saddle height.

For the transmission, Becker retrofitted a hydraulic clutch kit and torque converter from a Chrysler A470 transmission (used in K-model sedans and minivans) to a Honda Gold Wing 1500 final drive.

High gear has a final drive ratio of 2.83:1 and is rated at about 115 mph. Becker said the car revs to just 1,800 rpm at highway cruising speeds.

Does Ford Make Motorcycles

Bill Becker’s supercharged V8 custom car weighs around 990 pounds and has a 78-inch wheelbase, making it better suited for driving on open roads with long turns.

Mustang Motorcycle Returns To Glory

Even the gas tank required ingenious thinking. The fuel tank on the Yamaha XS1100 was 6 inches longer, and Becker cut a large hole under the tank for a couple of Ford food items.

A custom 90-degree adapter allows a 2-1/16″ S&S Super G carburetor to fit under the tank, facing forward. There is also an air filter and an alternator under the fuel tank, which are mounted directly in front of the engine.

This concept showcases a traditional 90° intake elbow and an S&S carburetor, which provides the V8 with a stretched 6 inches below the fuel tank.

Despite its length and width, the fuel tank only holds 3.5 gallons, which gives the V8 a range of only about 87.5 miles before it starts to burn.

Curtiss Motorcycle Unveils Three Radical Electric Bike Designs, Ceo Says He Wants To Challenge Harley Davidson’s Livewire

The ignition system is also basic. The distributor sits in front of the engine behind the radiator and fan, while the ignition timing comes from a small belt-driven Chevrolet HEI unit under the exhaust on the left. If there is a problem with the HEI belt, the dispenser on the front has a spot that can be used.

For motorcycle owners, extreme performance is usually the first thing that comes to mind in a V8 powered motorcycle; and in Bill Becker’s V8 tradition, it’s raw!

In this week’s first issue, editor-in-chief Nic de Sena takes a look at the Ducati DesertX ADV bike. Powered by the same liquid-cooled V-twin engine as many other models in the Ducati lineup, the DesertX is an entry-level entry into the middleweight ADV machine. The big question, of course, is can DesertX stand out and stand out from its growing competition?

Does Ford Make Motorcycles

Part two is the start of our new “Owner Reviews” series. These are realistic views of the machines that every rider owns. For the first one, I talked to my friend Dale Wagler. Dale is a former Marine and a tough dirt bike rider. Dale recently got his hands on the new BMW 1250 GS Adventure and he gave us his thoughts on the quality of the bike as well as some of the negatives.

A History Of Harley Davidson Service Motorcycles

If you’d like to be considered for the next Owner Reviews section on the Motors & Friends forums please email producer@ with a brief description of your bike. We want to hear from you! If automakers made motorcycles, this is what they would look like. These bikes take the original car models and twist them into two wheels.

Porsche has also worked on motorcycles in the past. In 2002, it partnered with Harley-Davidson to develop a 1,131cc V-twin engine for the V-Rod motorcycle.

The bike opts for Porsche’s traditional boxer engine system. However, we can’t imagine BMW being very happy with a German company that has such a long history with layouts.

The design is a bit retro, with curves reminiscent of models like the 356 and early 911s. The Fuchs wheels on these classic cars are fun too.

The Art Of Motorcycle Design

Along with models like the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the Land Rover Defender is one of the off-road icons. The name makes one of Britain’s most popular SUVs the perfect off-roader.

The twin headlights and cutout shape are the main features of the Defender present on this bike. Dark green is also a definite color for these SUVs.

Long suspension and tall engine mounts will make for tough decisions on this unique bike. Plus, the leather upholstery on the seats hides some of the latest styling befitting a modern Land Rover.

Does Ford Make Motorcycles

Given Rolls-Royce’s luxurious heritage, the grand touring bike will be the brand’s motorcycle of choice. With its nearly rectangular headlights and large chrome grille, the model immediately evokes the look of a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Tarform Makes The Right Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle

The result is reminiscent of BMW’s Mottorad K 1600 B, but makes all the creative elements more apparent.

Renault certainly has a history in the two-wheeler market, including having its own brand on motorcycles. However, none of them seem to mean that.

Helicopters are all about good looks and speed in a straight line. While other Ford Mustang models have no problem handling curves, this one is known for its muscularity.

The design largely retains the current Mustang’s front end, including the angular grille surround and trapezoidal headlights. The rest of the bike eschews the ride’s helicopter look in favor of style over comfort.

Becker V8 Custom Motorcycle Inside Story [1937 Ford Flathead]

McLaren has now established itself as a major player in the supercar segment, so perhaps it’s time to move into the sport bike segment. This design takes elements from the 720S, especially the headlights and air intakes, but reduces those badges to fit the motorcycle. The company’s signature papaya orange is

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