Do You Need To Balance Motorcycle Tires

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Do You Need To Balance Motorcycle Tires – Wobbly wheels suck – How to balance a motorcycle tire If you don’t already know: Wobbly wheels suck. This article on balancing motorcycle tires will help make sure wobble doesn’t happen to you.

In my last article, How to Replace a Motorcycle Tire, I covered how to remove and replace a motorcycle tire. If you’re changing your own tires, you might also be interested in balancing yourself, and this article will guide you through the process. Just like installing your own tires, balancing is easy to do with minimal tools required. I’ll cover a technique called “static equilibrium” that relies on gravity to find the focus point on the wheel. Most people are more familiar with another balancing technique called “dynamic balancing” which uses a machine to rotate the tire at high speed to determine balance. Unless you plan on opening a tire shop, you probably don’t want to spend money on a balancing machine or take up space just to change your own tires.

Do You Need To Balance Motorcycle Tires

Do You Need To Balance Motorcycle Tires

As you can see in the photo, there’s not much to a static balancer, just a frame and a horizontal axis that the wheels turn on. If you like to do some light fabrication, you can certainly build one yourself and even use your own axles for a perfect fit. For everyone else, you can buy factory made stands online for around $100. These factory made stands are “universal” using a small diameter shaft with two cones that fit into bushings on either side of the wheel. Once the cone is locked onto the axle with the adjusting screw, the wheel is centered on the axle and ready for balancing.

Road Force Balance And Optimization

Since you normally only balance a motorcycle wheel after installing new tires, I’m assuming you’ve already taken the wheel off the bike and gone straight to the balancing process.

Step 1: Make sure the balancer is on a stable surface and the shaft is level. I find the standard 9″ magnetic level makes this process much easier.

Step 2: Remove one of the balancer shaft cones before sliding the shaft over the bushing on the wheel. Then slide the cone back onto the shaft (narrow end first) and tighten the set screw to lock it in place. It is important to make sure that both cones fit inside the bushings, otherwise the wheel will not be centered on the axle, impairing balance.

Step 3: Thoroughly clean the rim with a good quality degreaser. This is important for two reasons: first, you don’t want any drop of oil to affect your balance, and second, if you’re using sticky wheel weights, you want to make sure they stick well. Also, if there is any weight remaining from the previous scale, be sure to remove it.

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Step 4: Gently rotate the tire and let it stop on its own. Gravity causes the tire to stop rotating, leaving the heaviest part at the lowest point. Take a piece of masking tape and mark this point on the edge. Simple Green is an excellent way to remove any dirt, grime or grease from your wheels.

If the heaviest part of the wheel is at the lowest point, it stands to reason that the lightest part of the wheel is at the highest point. So you’re adding weight on top of the wheel directly opposite the heaviest part. Adding a piece of tape makes it easy to remember where the most important spots on the wheel are. If you are using spokeless rims, your best bet for counterweights is the adhesive variety that sticks to the rim. They are inexpensive and easy to use and allow you to distribute the weight along the sides of the rim. If you are using spoked rims, you also have the option of spoke weights that are either driven into the spokes or secured to the spokes with set screws. These tend to be more expensive than the weight of the sticker, but have the advantage of being reusable and less likely to fall off.

Step 5: Add a few ounces to the lightest part of the tire. If you are using adhesive weights, use masking tape to temporarily hold them in place. Adhesive Weight Strips come in strips that can be cut to desired weights. Radius weights come in a variety of weights and can be stacked if desired.

Do You Need To Balance Motorcycle Tires

Step 6: Rotate the tire until the lightest and heaviest parts are equidistant from the work surface and rotate the wheel slightly. The wheel will naturally turn again to a position where the heaviest part is at the lowest point. This is usually the same spot that you initially identified as the heaviest part of the wheel, which means you need to add more weight to the lightest part. Or, if the part you just added weight to is now also at its lowest point, you’ve added too much weight and need to remove some. Use double-sided tape or masking tape to temporarily secure heavy objects during this process.

How To Balance Motorcycle Tires And Wheels

Step 7: Continue to repeat step 6 until the wheel no longer spins on its own. A properly balanced tire should stay put when released because there is no heavier part to pull on the wheel. Once you feel you have the right balance, try turning and loosening the wheel at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions (use a tape measure as a guide).

Step 8: If using spoke weights, you are finished balancing the wheel and can remove it from the balancer. If you are using sticky weights, use a touch to mark the edge of the weight line before removing anything temporarily holding the weight in place. Then simply remove the backing paper from the weights and press them firmly against the edges to keep them in place. A balanced tire must remain stationary when released, no matter what position it is in.

One thing to keep in mind is that it can be very difficult to balance the wheels perfectly because the wheels weigh a fixed amount that might not match the weight you need. Of course, you can file the weights off to get an accurate weight, but I don’t think unless you plan on running at high speeds in race type scenarios that you won’t notice too much of a difference on the road to make it worth your while. Now just reinstall the wheel following the manufacturer’s instructions and take a test drive. For smooth performance and handling, any car wheel needs to be balanced when changing tires. The same principle applies to motorcycles. If you’re looking for ways to make your motorcycle smoother and quieter, look no further than Motorcycle Tire Balancing Beads.

With balance balls, your motorcycle will run smoothly with minimal rubber wear. Read on to learn everything you need to know about motorcycle tire balancing beads.

Car Wheel Balancer Tire Balancing Machine Rim With Static Balance And Motorcycle Balance Mode For 10 24 Inch Rim

Balance balls are almost exactly what they sound like, but ABC balls are uniquely designed to outperform ordinary balance balls. They are tempered glass beads inside the tire and are coated to keep moisture out and prevent clumping. They constantly balance your tires as you drive. The amount of material will be distributed in weight and position according to the balancing requirements of each tire.

Tire balancing is definitely a long-term investment. It can be a key factor in extending the overall lifespan of your tires and offers the following benefits:

For longer distances, your tires need to be well balanced to hold up well. Investing in balance balls will keep your motorcycle from using too much fuel.

Do You Need To Balance Motorcycle Tires

With motorcycle tire balancing beads, your tires are perfectly balanced, preventing wheel drag. If tires are not properly balanced and vibrate too much, they can age prematurely.

Winmax Automotive Tools 18.5 In Motorbike Motorcycle Tire Static Wheel Balancing Adjusting Stand

Balance Accounts will work hard to make sure your tires are always in top condition. Whether your motorcycle is coming to a complete stop or on a long trip, the beads won’t sink into the tire; they wrap around the tire to provide perfect balance.

If you’re looking for a smoother, more enjoyable motorcycle ride, ABC Balancing Beads offer a unique motorcycle tire bead balancing method that uses electrostatic charges to stabilize the beads in all wheel positions.

Our balancing beads are applied through the tire valve stem, making balancing faster and easier than conventional weight balancing methods. By choosing ABC balancing accounts, you are investing in your tires and getting better fuel economy results, lower maintenance costs and much more. As an Amazon Associate, we select from qualified professionals

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