Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

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Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand – In preparation for an oil change on my neighbor’s 2004 Yamaha V-Star 650 cruiser, I gathered my tools, laid out cardboard to catch leaks and drips, prepared my recycling cans, and prepared new oil and filter. He rode the bike long enough to warm it up, then took it to me so the oil was nice and warm and would flow easily when drained.

* 3-4 liters of engine oil with a viscosity of 20w50 (my neighbor chose Castrol special synthetic motorcycle oil). If you choose regular car oil over motorcycle oil, the circular label on the back should not say “energy saver”. If so, your clutch may be slipping from the extra smooth additives found in car and truck oils.

Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

(Learn how to get free oil and filter drains and oil and filter recycling in San Mateo County, San Francisco, Alameda County, Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin County, and Sacramento.)

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Yamaha has produced the V-Star 650 motorcycle since 1998 with only cosmetic changes. The procedure for changing the oil and filter of all these bikes is almost the same for all of them.

To get the oil pan under this low slung cruiser, we placed the support on top of the brick, giving us a little extra room to slide the pan under the engine.

Pushing the pan under the bike, I reached down the left side to find the oil drain plug. The oil drain plug is located on the left side of the bike, under the frame rail, on the lower left side of the oil pan. I shook my 17mm socket into the bolt and loosened it.

The oil drain plug is located on the left side of the bike, under the frame rail, to the left of the oil pan.

Bubbles On Top Of The Oil, Is This Normal?

The oil spilled, a small amount fell into the pan and messed up the cardboard a bit, luckily. Oil-tainted fluid is toxic, so it’s better off in a cardboard box than in your driveway.

As the engine oil continued to leak, I switched to the filter. The V-Star 650 has a 2-piece decorative cover in the oil filter housing, and both parts must be removed separately to access the filter. Using my allen wrench, I pulled the 3 screws from the outer cover and removed it. Allen screws (aka hex head) can come off and cause more problems than anyone needs, so I used high quality allen keys or sockets and was careful to make sure the screws came out smoothly. I used my hand.

I carefully secured the 3 allen screws to the outer cover and then proceeded to remove the inner cover allen screws.

Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

The bolts that hold the inner cover of the oil filter are of different lengths and each one needs to go back into place. It’s a good idea to put them in a tidy place where they won’t disturb you; A good way to do this is also to thread them through the holes in the cardboard to match the direction of the inner flap.

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One of the Allen screws holding the inner cover of the oil filter is difficult to reach. the rear brake pedal does not allow access to his head. Try different types of allen wrenches and sockets, and most importantly, put the tool on the bolt and apply the rear brake with your other hand. However, be careful not to remove the allen screw – this is easy due to awkward access. You must also be careful when removing the inner cover so as not to damage its gaskets. If it is damaged, it must be replaced, otherwise it will shrink.

Finally, I sorted out all the bolts of different lengths, removed the oil filter cover and pulled the oil, used the oil filter.

After removing the filter, I checked the empty oil filter housing for debris, mud, or other issues by wiping it with a cloth.

I put the oil filter in the oil filter drain assembly. They can also be simply poured into a pan or frying pan with oil or on a rack. Whichever method you use, the filter should be allowed to dry at least overnight before placing it in a ziplock bag and recycling it with your oil.

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I checked all the o-rings and made sure I installed the new filter in the correct orientation.

I carefully held the inner cover of the oil filter and installed bolts of various lengths around its perimeter in the correct order. I gently but surely tightened each bolt (the manual specs 10Nm or 7 ft-lbs, so not much), not wanting to rip or tear anyone, I pressed the back and went into the bolt head last. brake pedal as before. I also pressed the screws diagonally or star-shaped so that the aluminum cover does not bend due to uneven pressure.

After installing the new filter I removed the used oil pan and replaced the cap and set it aside for recycling.

Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

Making sure the new grinder was on the oil drain bolt, I put it back in and screwed it in tight, but not tight. You want to grind the grinder without damaging the aluminum threads or the casing. If you use a torque wrench, the manual calls for 43 Nm (31 ft-lb) of torque on the drain bolt.

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The V-Star 650’s oil capacity is 2.97 quarts; bike owner had 4 quarts on hand, smart move either way.

I put in 2 quarts of oil, then thought I should check the oil sight glass to monitor the rising oil level. The viewing window on the left side of the bike is low. it’s easier for a helper to keep the bike upright when you’re sitting or crouching and looking through the vision mirror. It is in the middle of the photo below.

I filled the oil and checked the sight glass over and over with my assistant standing the bike until the sight glass was completely full. I let the oil sit for a few minutes, then started the bike and let it run for 3 minutes to cycle the new oil through the engine and filter. After letting the bike sit for another 3-5 minutes, the level dropped a bit, so I raised the level and ran the bike for another 3 minutes, then let it cool for another 3 minutes.

After a few runs and cooldown cycles, the oil level was perfect, almost to the top of the sight glass.

No Engine Oil In The Window After Dropping The Bike?

I’m glad I have cardboard to avoid the greasy mess in my driveway. The bike had fresh oil and filter, I put my tools back in place, cleaned and sealed the used oil in jugs and the used filter in my drain pan for later recycling. I am lucky enough to have an auto parts store that recycles oil within a mile of my house where I recycle the oil and filter.

Learn how to easily recycle used oil and filters in San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda County, Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin County and Sacramento. If you are not in these areas, find your convenient oil and filter recycling location HERE.

Note: Some of these photos were taken by bike owner Sue Bennett. Thanks Sue, two hands are better than one. If you’re a biker, you don’t want to go to a dealer or mechanic for things you can easily do yourself. One of them is to check and change your bike’s engine oil.

Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

This TL; With the DR option out of the way, let’s discuss Harley engines and how to change engine oil on a Harley bike.

Oil And Filter Change: Yamaha V Star 650 Cruiser

According to the Harley Davidson motorcycle owner’s manual, for most models you should check the oil level in the strut/jiff stand; Softails and Sportsters are the exception.

Most Harleys recommend checking the oil on the struts because of the Harley dipstick. A typical Harley gauge looks like the one pictured. It has two separate marks according to the position of the Jiffy as well as the upright position of the machine.

On other bikes, the gauge only has “add oil” and “full” marks. In such cases, you should know that you should check the oil level on a stand or vertically. If you are not sure which position to select, it is a good practice to check your owner’s manual for the correct information before checking the oil.

When checking the oil level, you can place your bike on a stand or upright, depending on the type of bike you have.

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On a Harley Davidson bike, the oil tank is located on the right side of the bike under the seat.

Harley takes 4.75 qt to 5.2 qt (4.5 L to 4.9 L) of oil depending on engine size and model.

A 3-hole oil change means changing the oil in three engine components at the same time. The three components are:

Do You Check Motorcycle Oil On Kickstand

Check the transmission oil level

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