Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls

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Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls – Motorcyclists will have to use an EZ-Pass transponder when crossing the Kennedy, Lincoln or East End bridges when tolls begin, possibly later this year, highway officials announced Friday.

Transponders recommended for cars — for in-vehicle use — may not work on motorcycles because the devices aren’t designed for outdoor use and can’t withstand the elements, Mindy Peterson said. Ohio River Bridges Project representative.

Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls

Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls

But the E-ZPass transponder comes in a durable and outdoor-friendly holder. If the vehicle is registered to the same account, the transponder and holder can be easily removed from the motorcycles and transferred to the passenger car.

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“Motorcyclists are encouraged to use the RiverLink E-ZPass transponder and purchase the transponder unit that best fits their motorcycle and needs,” Peterson said, adding that “there are several options available from third-party vendors by searching online.”

Motorcycles have to pay the $2 that most cars pay. Each transponder can be purchased through RiverLink for a one-time fee of $15. Starting fees range from $2 for cars to $12 for large trucks, the lowest rates for drivers with transponders.

The transponders must last at least seven years and work in all 16 E-ZPass states, most of which are in the Northeast. Drivers must set up a prepaid account to receive a transponder.

They can open an account online at by calling 855-RIV-LINK or in person at one of RiverLink’s Customer Service Centers. Customer Service Centers are located at 400 E. Main St. in Louisville. and 103 Quartermaster Court in Jeffersonville, Ind.

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The centers are open from 7 am to 7 pm. Monday Friday. They are also open from 8 am to 2 pm. Saturday in the first year of employment.

When payment starts, there will be no toll booths, coin machines, queues and stops. RiverLink is an all-electronic toll system to help fund the $2.3 billion Ohio River Bridges Project, which also includes the reconstruction of Spaghetti Junction.

Tolls for the Kennedy, Lincoln and East End bridges will begin once river crossings are added to the system, likely in January. There are no tolls on the Sherman Minton Bridge and the Clark Memorial Bridge. A long-distance motorcycle ride can be a blast, regardless of the end goal. But it requires careful planning and the right equipment and supplies. While motorcycle safety gear is essential, it’s not the only gear you may need to bring. Whether you’re driving or just cruising the highways, at some point you’ll come across a toll booth. Or, more likely, an electronic payment system these days. Cars go through them easily, but what about bikes?

Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls

Whether it’s called E-ZPass, FasTrak, or something else, electronic toll collection works the same. And this method is based on the transponder installed in the car.

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The average electronic toll transponder contains a battery connected to a radio frequency transmitter/receiver. In the area of ​​the payment point there are special devices that send an activation signal received by approaching the transponders. After receiving this signal, the transponder returns a response that identifies itself.

Explain. If the database matches the received signal with an active account, it offers to open and transfer the vehicle to the toll booth. At the same time, the toll is charged from the account of the owner of the transponder. To ensure that the owner of the toll transponder is passing, the number plate reading cameras act as an additional form of identification.

Smart Tag electronic toll transponder attached to the windshield of the car Kathryn Frey / The Washington Post via Getty Images

Electronic toll transponders are usually reliable as long as the batteries are in good condition. However, metal and metal oxides can interfere or block their radio signals; some cars have the latter on their windshields,

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Says. Most importantly, they need to be in the car for the whole system to work. Some electronic toll systems may only use license plate information to reduce tolls. But as I recently discovered, license plate cameras aren’t always reliable.

In short, electronic tolling means carrying a transponder, usually by mounting it on your windshield. This is also the problem of motorcyclists. Bikes don’t have rear-view mirrors, and some don’t even have a windshield. So how do you get past the paid zone? Other than avoiding it?

The simplest answer may be to hold the transponder upright as you approach. However, this is potentially dangerous because you are taking your hands off the controls. Plus, it’s illegal, at least for FasTrak users.

Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls

“Keep it in your pocket” may seem like a good solution. In most cases it works fine,

Do Motorcycles Have To Pay Tolls?

Reports. However, some electronic toll systems require the transponder to be in a certain state and will not be “read” by the pocket.

If you don’t want to put a transponder on your motorcycle’s windshield, you want to maintain visibility, or you don’t want to attract thieves, there are two reliable options. One is to place the transponder on top of a tank-mounted bag. And the second is to remove the transponder holder that attaches to the steering wheel.

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Motorcycle toll transponder holders are similar to those designed to hold phones and GPS devices like Beeline. But currently, most accessory companies do not make special units for transponders,

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However, there are still some mounts that are compatible with the transponder. For example, RAM mounts’ universal finger grip mount is available with mounting options compatible with a choice of handlebar, fork stem and brake/clutch reservoir. Prices range from $70 to $76.

A cheaper option is the $18 Nite Ize handle. Technically, it’s a smartphone mount for bicycles, but several reviewers claim to have used it on their motorcycles. Additionally, Blackbear’s Motorcycle Gear offers it, or a close copy, as a “paid motorcycle holder”.

In short, it may require an additional accessory, but there is no reason to go through electronic payment on a motorcycle. An Australian inventor has developed the Tollrider Magnetic system as an electronic toll payment solution for motorcycles. Developed by Michael Egan, the concept means the motorcyclist doesn’t have to stop to pay the toll thanks to free-flow technology. Egan entered into a joint venture with John Sample Automotive (JSA) to develop this patented idea, and after 12 months of testing, the concept was accepted by the Australian automotive industry, as was the RTA, which called for a solution.

Do Motorcycles Pay Tolls

An Australian inventor has developed the Tollrider Magnetic system as a solution for attaching electronic toll tags to motorcycles. Developed by Michael Egan, the concept means the motorcyclist doesn’t have to stop to pay the toll thanks to free-flow technology. Egan entered into a joint venture with John Sample Automotive (JSA) to develop this patented idea, and after 12 months of testing, the concept has now been adopted by the Australian automotive industry, with the RTA calling on the challenge. motorcyclists using electronic tags.

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The Tollrider Magnetic system features a patented magnetic lock that secures the Tollrider to the motorcycle. Tollrider is a specially designed bag that is easy to attach and remove. With this device, electronic payment tags can be inserted and securely attached to the motorcycle. On motorcycles with metal fuel tanks, the Tollrider simply snaps into place. Comes with handlebar clamp units for motorcycles without metal tanks. This clamp has a metal base plate that allows you to mount the Tollrider on your handlebars. There are also three spacers that allow for different diameter bars.

The final design and styling of the Tollrider was entrusted to JSA product specialist Mark Cooper, who led the team that produced the final product using the latest lightweight weatherproof materials. The Tollrider is available in three sizes to fit all electronic toll tags available on the Australian market.

Revolutionizing On-Site Performance: Global Highway Machine Management Roundtable with Leica Geosystems, Topcon, and Trimble Like many Illinois motorists, I received an email from the Illinois Tollway Authority in December 2017 about a change in iPass regulations. In its wisdom, the state has decided that every vehicle using the iPass system must have a working iPass or the vehicle will be charged full instead of the half price reserved for iPass users.

As an Illinois motorcyclist, and like most other Illinois commuters I know, I learned to register my motorcycle’s license plate with my iPass account and allow the paid video feature to take a photo of my license plate and then charge my account. . This system has worked well for many years.

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So, being the good citizen that I am, I went to their online link and purchased a new standalone iPass to use on my motorcycle. It arrived in January 2018. I added it to my online iPass account for the motorcycle number. It sat idle until May 2018 when I started driving and using it for a fee.

I previously purchased a handle for my iPass from a website called Wrap ID Pass. I have iPass installed

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