Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins

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Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins – Along with the satisfaction you get from doing your part to increase your annual GDP, buying a new motorcycle directly from a dealer offers many advantages over buying a used motorcycle on Craigslist, eBay, etc.

It also comes with its own considerations and, frankly, costs that can be overcome when buying a used bike. As with many things, it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about which option works best for you.

Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins

Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins

Special thanks to the folks at Martin Moto for letting us film at their dealership on their day off. We have no doubt that Rob’s Best Supporting Actor nomination is racing to his front door, courtesy of the Academy. good

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This guide to buying a new motorcycle, drawn from Spurgeon’s experience working at a motorcycle dealership, highlights a list of seven steps to follow as you embark on this journey for yourself. To learn more, be sure to watch the video where Spurgeon himself walks you through one of our favorite local dealerships.

Most people focus on the price of the motorcycle or the attractive motorcycle equipment, accessories and parts that they want to use right away. However, you don’t want to wait until you’ve signed on the dotted line to buy a motorcycle before researching insurance costs. If you are financing this new motorcycle, you will need to have full coverage. For younger drivers or those with a few offenses on their record, this section can be a bit rushed.

You can’t buy quotes until you know what motorcycle you want to buy. This is where insurance helps you make a decision. It’s perfectly possible to look at two motorcycles that cost about the same, but one will cost 50 percent more to be sure. Finding it out early can help you make a good buying decision and inform you of the true long-term cost of ownership.

In addition to being the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle, passing an MSF course or other type of training can get you a discount from many insurance companies. photo

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Additionally, you should consider options such as accessory coverage or gap insurance to further protect your gear and wallet. The former can be used to insure the equipment you use and parts added to the motorcycle, while the latter is designed to pay the difference between what you owe on the loan and what your insurance would pay in the event of damage to the motorcycle. .

There are pros and cons to financing your new motorcycle. Opinions differ, but debt is not bad if managed responsibly. For younger consumers, taking out a loan to buy your motorcycle (and making timely payments!) can help build a credit history and boost your credit score. Also, financing reduces the risk of you becoming “bike poor” by spending all your money on the motorcycle itself and having minimal funds to equip yourself with the right protective gear, insurance, parts, etc.

Whether through your own bank or a dealer, financing a new motorcycle comes with several benefits (and potential pitfalls). photo

Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins

Just like insurance, financing options are worth shopping around. Your dealer will no doubt offer financing, which can be your best deal, especially if there are incentives like low interest or 0 percent from the manufacturer. But in some cases you may be able to get a better deal from your local bank or credit union. Either way, look beyond the monthly payment and understand what you’re getting yourself into. Three months with no payments sounds great until you realize you’re being charged interest for those three months. A good reality check is to add up the total payments you have to make to see how much you owe

How To Buy A New Motorcycle

Look, there are strong opinions and feelings around debt, so make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

A good motorcycle price does not always equal a good dealer. Before you buy, you must search. Research the reputation, reliability and overall service of dealers near you. In short, these dealerships will be communities in themselves. You’ll want to know the village you’re buying from. He spends time there on weekends. See how customers interact on a daily basis. It shows all the events that the dealer holds locally.

This is 2017. All it takes is a Wi-Fi connection and a Google search to start looking for the best dealerships in your area. photo

Are the employees welcoming? Do the same customers keep coming back? Is there mutual respect? All this you can understand by the type of dealer you buy your motorcycle from. Of course, you don’t have to get parts and service from the same dealer you bought it from, but developing a long-term business relationship usually gets you better deals and treatment.

How To Determine Your Motorcycle’s Trade In Value

Get to know the people around your local dealership. They offer one of the best views of the support you buy and the riding community as a whole. photo

So he narrowed down his list of possible motorcycle purchases and researched financing and insurance options. You are ready to shop. However, it never hurts to go through another step. Walking the dealer floor will open your eyes to options, features and styles you may not have considered before. Plus, it’s fun!

Take some time to browse the dealer’s showroom. It’s a great way to see options you might not have considered before. photo

Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller if you can sit on the bikes. All the research in the world can’t tell you for sure if you’ll be comfortable with the handlebar position, seat height, feet, etc. The seller should be more than happy to have you sit down. Whatever the bike, people are much more likely to buy once they have an emotional connection to a new ride. It’s a win-win.

Motorcycle Theft Has Skyrocketed. Here’s How To Keep Your Bike Safe.

This is the point even when you are a motorcycle nerd. To ask questions. All the questions. Bring a list if it’s helpful. The seller is there to help you, so don’t be shy. You won’t get answers to questions you don’t ask, and in the end, this section will go a long way toward making sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

A good salesman like Rob can provide valuable guidance not only on the motorcycle, but also on the purchasing methods available. photo

Unlike cars, motorcycle test rides are not a common practice at all dealerships, so you may not get the chance, especially if you are a new rider. There are ways around this. Look for dealer demo days as a possible way to get some travel time. Manufacturers also have demonstration fleets for events such as rallies, shows and races, which they list on their websites. Arrive early to register for the bike you are interested in purchasing. Despite this, in the end, many people buy a motorcycle without having the opportunity to ride it first.

Dealer demo days are one of the best ways to get some ride time on the models you’re interested in. photo

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It’s a common mistake for dealers to shell out a lot of money on new motorcycles. In fact, for entry-level bikes with low-displacement engines, the margins are actually quite slim. Because of this, there may not be much room for movement in the price itself. That said, there are ways to stretch your dollar to get more for your money.

If you don’t want the last model of the year, you can usually get pretty impressive deals on the remaining models from the previous year that the dealer has. In this case, the dealer wants to get rid of that motorcycle as much as they want to buy it, and can usually walk out the door with a significant savings.

If you don’t need this year’s model, you can often save a few bucks by buying last year’s surplus. photo

Do Motorcycle Dealers Take Car Trade Ins

You can save some coins with value add-ons like accessories, clothing, warranty plans and prepaid service offers. Feel free to ask about these. You’re about to buy a damn motorbike. Now is the time when retailers are willing to bundle in some expensive extras to sweeten the deal.

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A good deal isn’t just about the sticker price. Dealers often have a higher markup on accessories and parts than new

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