Do I Need A Car In Naxos

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Do I Need A Car In Naxos

Do I Need A Car In Naxos

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Best Things To Do In Naxos, Greece

The phrase “La Dolce Vita” could be coined to describe Sorrento. This glorious city, perched high on the cliffs of Campania, overlooks the sparkling Bay of Naples. The Lattari mountain range provides a stunning backdrop and the crest of the Sorrentine peninsula. The air is laced with lemon, mixed with a hint of sea salt, carried on a warm breeze. According to…

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Brenda: Looking for a Greek island that has it all? Here’s why Naxos is a strong contender for Best. Greek. The island. sometimes.

When it comes to choosing the perfect Greek island for your next vacation, the options are vast. Beyond the most famous destinations such as Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, there are almost 2000 islands of various sizes and access to the Greek islands.

Do I Need A Car In Naxos

After more than a dozen visits to the Greek islands over the years, I can certainly understand the dilemma. They are all wonderful!

The Ultimate Guide To Naxos, Greece • The Blonde Abroad

Crete has it all. Amazing beaches, charming seaside fishing villages, delicious food and interesting historical sites (like Knossos).

The largest of the Greek islands, in fact. This makes it a challenge to see all the best Crete has to offer without spending hours in a car. And you definitely need at least 5 days to try.

Although Naxos is known for its abundant beaches and beautiful scenery, the island is also home to a number of interesting ancient sites to explore. Not to mention the great food – most of it locally grown here on the island.

Ready for an adventure? Naxos has many options including scuba diving, windsurfing, cycling to different towns or just finding a hidden beach to enjoy it all to yourself. Of course, if you prefer a less adventurous holiday, there is no better Greek island to relax in a gorgeous spa with a cocktail in hand.

Island Of Naxos Road Trip: Fun One Day Guide To The Mountain Villages

But before I dive into all the wonders of Naxos, let’s talk about what it’s like to visit Greece right now.

After our last trip, I wrote a comprehensive post about traveling through Greece right now during the Covid-19 pandemic: The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Islands

These are all the little things you need to know. From pre-arrival tests and whether you should wear a mask to where to get a Covid test if you need one to return home. It is essential for anyone planning a trip to Greece.

Do I Need A Car In Naxos

But enough about the joys of world travel during a pandemic, let’s get back to the good stuff!

Amazing Things To Do In Naxos Island!

If you exclude Santorini, in general, the Greek islands are not an expensive destination. And neither is Naxos. There are endless options for affordable hotels and restaurants around the island. If you’re on a budget, Naxos is a great option for an affordable getaway.

It’s also a great place to splurge on a gorgeous villa for a lower fee than many others.

You’ll have no problem finding nightlife in Naxos Town (if you’re looking for it). But if you prefer to avoid the party scene, Naxos is a good choice. With an abundance of beach resorts scattered across the island, it’s easy to escape to your own private corner of the island with no nightclubs within earshot.

Compared to other Greek islands, I don’t think Naxos is very touristy. Naxos Town definitely caters to tourists. There you will find all the tourist companies and souvenir shops.

Car Rentals In Giardini Naxos

But Naxos is much less touristy than nearby islands like Santorini and Mykonos. In fact, to be fair, it’s definitely a bit more touristy than the less visited islands like Milos or Symi.

The island’s mild winter climate means it can be visited all year round, but for sunnier and warmer weather, plan your trip to Naxos between early May and late October (most hotels don’t open, but at least in those months). As with the rest of the Greek islands, July and August are the busiest (and most expensive) months to visit.

This is why I prefer May/June and September/October for the best combination of good weather, moderate prices and fewer crowds.

Do I Need A Car In Naxos

It is an impossible choice. They are so close to each other and so similar in size that many people struggle to decide between the two. We visited Paros and Naxos on our last trip and loved them both!

Citroen 2cv, French Car At The Harbour Of Naxos Town, Naxos, Cyclades, Aegean, Greece Stock Photo

Paros has a bit more nightlife and I find it a bit more romantic than Naxos. So if you’re looking for nightlife or romance, I’d definitely head to Paros. Naxos is known for its beautiful long uncrowded beaches and is a bit more family friendly. So if you are traveling with the whole family, I would recommend Naxos.

But hey, they’re only a 40-minute ferry ride away, so why not do what we did and visit both? Three or four days on each island makes for a great stay in the Greek Islands!

If you are island hopping, you can see the best beaches and sights of Naxos in just 2-3 days. But fair warning, if you only come to Naxos for a few days, you may not want to leave.

If you can spare the time, spend at least a week in Naxos. This will give you plenty of time to try out all those amazing beaches (more on that later!).

Where To Stay In Naxos: 6 Best Areas & Hotels

Olympic Airlines operates up to 5 flights a day from Athens (ATH) to Naxos (JNX) during peak summer. Olympic is 100% owned by Aegean Airlines and you can book your flights on any website (times and prices are the same).

Flight time is a quick and painless 40 minutes and flights are often under €100 one way when booked well in advance.

The trip takes just 3 hours and 15 meters on the Golden Star Ferries SuperExpress high-speed ferry from Rafina. Or it takes up to 6 hours on larger car ferries like the Blue Star. There are a few other options in between.

Do I Need A Car In Naxos

If this is your first trip to Greece, be sure to stop by for at least a few days to see the sights. If time is short, here’s a foolproof one-day itinerary: 24 Hours in Athens

Naxos Rent A Car A Naxos Rent A Car

Paros is well connected to the rest of the Cyclades by ferry. So if you’re island hopping, you’ll find frequent connections from Santorini, Paxos, Milos, Ios and Mykonos.

Now that we’ve covered all the logistics of getting to Naxos, let’s talk about why it’s the perfect island for your Greek island vacation!

While it’s true that Crete is probably the best Greek island overall, Naxos has the same amazing assets in a smaller, easily explored island package.

Let’s break it down in more detail. Starting with the one thing most people look for when choosing a Greek island:

Naxos Chora Guide: The Best Attractions, Food & Hotels

While almost every Greek island has beautiful beaches, Naxos is blessed with pure beauty. And most of them are sandy, not like many Greek beaches. The island’s location in the Aegean Sea also makes it an ideal place to enjoy water sports, such as scuba diving or sailing.

Most of the best beaches in Naxos are located south of Naxos town on the west coast of the island. Here are some of the best beaches on the island to spend a lazy afternoon:

Plaka Plaka – There is plenty of space to find a quiet spot to call your own on this 4 km long beach. Parts of the beach are well organized with sunbeds and hotels and other parts are without facilities. This is the most popular beach on the island with good reason. My favorite nearby hotels are Naxos Beach Holiday Villas (more on that below!)

Do I Need A Car In Naxos

Agios Prokopios Beach – located

Where To Stay In Naxos: Best Areas And Villas

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