Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

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Get a new job that pays $18 an hour in just 10 months! Trocaire College now offers a certified massage therapy program that is the best in getting you a job.

Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

This program is now the fastest way to massage therapy certification in Western New York. Graduates are eligible to take the New York State Board Licensure Examination. A two-year Associate of Applied Science degree is also available after the 10-month program as customizable credentials. Over 90% of students receive financial aid.

Choosing An Employer

Massage therapy is a fast-growing industry, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting job growth of 26 percent over the next decade. The median salary is $41,420 per year.

“It is a good option for those looking for a second job, it is very easy and there are many options where you can land,” says Dr. Rachel Ersing, director of the massage program at Trocaire College. Ersing says that while most people think of gyms and massages, the program focuses on massage in the medical field. People who are interested in health care but do not like blood or emergency situations can find a good way in massage therapy. “It’s really fun because you’re helping people in every session. Emotionally and physically, there’s a difference at the end of the day,” says Stephanie Knapp, a licensed massage therapist.

Trocaire College’s 10-month program offers a secure schedule with no evenings or weekends. Includes clinical hours and externships. You can find more information here. A therapeutic massage therapist is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) who treats health conditions diagnosed by a physician. Massage therapy in the medical setting is on the rise as the practice of combining natural and alternative therapies increases. Many hospitals and medical centers offer these types of treatments, and most health insurance companies will cover them.

Therapeutic massage helps relieve pain and stress, especially for cancer or fibromyalgia patients or hospital patients.

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A therapeutic massage therapist works closely with doctors to treat patients who are affected by pain, illness or injury. Typical day-to-day duties and responsibilities include:

Their work is specifically aimed at relieving pain and treating medical conditions such as neuropathy, cancer, fibromyalgia, sports injuries or high blood pressure.

The work of a therapeutic massage therapist differs from that of a general massage therapist. Therapeutic massage therapists have advanced training and experience that allows them to provide care aimed at healing injuries, improving function, or increasing circulation. They usually work in a hospital or clinic, may receive prescriptions from a doctor about the type of massage therapy they should provide to patients, and may even be reimbursed by the patient’s health insurance.

Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

On the other hand, massage therapists usually work in spas with the main goal of providing relaxation to their clients. They can use the same techniques as a massage therapist and can even reduce pain. However, the primary goal of a holistic massage therapist is not to treat a medical condition, but rather to alleviate problems and promote relaxation in their client.

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Massage therapists usually work in hospitals and medical clinics. A therapeutic massage therapist must be flexible to the health care environment, as there is a big difference between the work environment in a hospital or clinic and the work environment in a spa. For example, you will likely be working at the patient’s bedside, medical equipment, IVs and other barriers. You will most likely be dealing with bright light and may be interrupted from time to time. This can be very different from the typical spa setting with a massage table in a dimly lit room with soft background music.

Another major difference between working in a health facility or health care setting is that scheduling is often less predictable than in a hospital, clinic, or nursing home. You will need to work around the patient’s schedule and handle interruptions from the health care team or family members.

The main advantage of working as a therapeutic massage therapist instead of a spa massage therapist is that you won’t have to worry about marketing your services or arranging clients. Patients will be referred to you by the medical staff, so you can only focus on treating the patient and not worry about business tasks. In addition, salaries are often higher for massage therapists who work in medical settings than those who work in spas.

Massage therapists will spend most of their day treating patients and therefore must have strong communication skills and emotional resilience. They must be familiar with alternative therapies and enjoy working with traditional medicine to relieve pain and promote healing in their patients.

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A person interested in massage therapy must first be licensed as a massage therapist. A massage therapy education program may require 300-1,000 hours of training that prepares individuals to take the Medical Licensing and Licensing Exam (MBLEx). After becoming a certified massage therapist, you can become board certified by completing additional training and passing the National Massage & Bodywork Certification Board (NCBTB) exam.

Employment of massage therapists, including massage therapists, is expected to grow faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One reason is due to advances in medical research related to the use of massage therapy for medical purposes. Second, patient and provider interest in health promotion has resulted in a greater need for massage therapists trained and skilled to work in the health care environment. So what is the best way to understand the salary of a massage therapist? Truth be told, there is no easy answer to this.

“The disparity is huge across the country,” says Joanie Holst, MS, BCTMB, CNMT, CMLDT, CKTP, associate professor at Northwestern University of the Health Sciences.

Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

Additionally, Holst says the numbers themselves don’t fully describe how massage therapists are typically paid. Nor do they show the fundamental importance of contact hours to non-contact hours. We will understand much more soon.

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It’s also important, Holst says, to weigh the monetary rewards against the many other factors that make becoming a massage therapist a good career choice.

For example, he points out that helping people relax or manage pain can be very rewarding. Additionally, massage therapists are becoming an integral part of the health world.

Below, we will take a closer look at those reasons. But first, let’s try to understand the earning potential of a massage therapist by looking at some numbers.

Larry Morgan of Orion HR Group, an HR consulting firm specializing in compensation analysis, reports the following information on the average massage therapist salary for the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area as of May 2020.

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Note that these wages are for W-2 workers and do not reflect the income of massage therapists who own/operate their own businesses:

Remember, this is news for the Minneapolis-St. Paulo metro area. Many factors go into creating a reliable salary estimate. Therefore, giving a single national number is not the most accurate way to understand what a massage therapist earns.

Below, we provide information to assist you in your salary research and explain several factors that go into determining the salary of a massage therapist.

Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

There is no shortage of sources online about massage therapist income. But to get the most out of your research, keep the following important points in mind.

Massage Therapist Cover Letter

According to Morgan of Orion HR Group, the best salary information starts with industry surveys conducted by HR professionals. The results are then collected and checked for accuracy. For any reported data that seems out of place, HR professionals conduct a follow-up conversation.

“In addition to having the right expertise, HR professionals have access to resources that will provide more accurate and unbiased salary information,” says Morgan.

When it comes to online sources for massage therapist salaries, Morgan recommends considering things like the following:

Data source. Is the source based on an inflated number? How is the data collected and “cleaned” of third parties who can distort the results and make them inaccurate?

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The size of the data set. How many organizations are participating and how many people does the data represent? The more participating organizations and professionals are represented, the more likely the data will be considered accurate.

Date of salary data. The market is not static. The date on which the wage survey information was collected is important. The overall labor market is increasing from 3.1% to 3.2% annually. Therefore, the data should be “old” to the current statistics.

Professional associations and industry journals. These are based on data reported by members or subscribers. These data sets can be small, show high wages, and can be biased towards the right numbers.

Do Hospitals Hire Massage Therapists

Specialized salary websites. Popular websites such as GlassDoor, and PayScale rely heavily or exclusively on self-reported salary information. Data sets showing wage rates tend to be very imprecise.

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Government websites. State government websites and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, may show data that is discounted and difficult to examine.

However, they can be useful in providing salary information, especially when considering

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