Do Guys Care If You Wear A Wig

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Do Guys Care If You Wear A Wig – How did Got2B go from a hair gel for white men to a black hair wearer? We discover the weird tricks that got2b hair products come from for being famous for helping white men achieve style, style has become a religious mystery for black women wearing hair. Neilah Arboin March 10, 2020

I’m obsessed with hair accessories completely. When I’m tired of getting ready for a night out or pretending to clean my room – I’m probably watching a video about wigs on YouTube. Strangely, I did not wear a wig (mainly because of practice, I did not know what I was doing). For a while, I felt like I was cheating on a serious natural hair movement, instead of watching long videos about washing together and the impossibility, I was using endless materials on hair extensions. It’s like a beautiful tune – order your wig, place it on a polystyrene head, sew it to match your skin tone, baby haircut and of course guarantee it with the most popular product – got2b.

Do Guys Care If You Wear A Wig

Do Guys Care If You Wear A Wig

Got2b from the hair brand Schwarzkopf (which translates as “black head” in German) really did not start life like hair glue, it was a hair gel. And if you ask me – a gel that refers to white boys who like a runny nose and cheeks. However, for wigs, Got2B Blasting Frizz Spray or Ultra Glue Styling Gel is added around the strands before sticking with a blow dryer. So how does this product, which I originally thought was meant for white men, become an important factor in maintaining your wig? And do those brands know that their biggest consumers are black women?

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Wigs have really jumped in recent years. When I was young, full necklaces and hairstyles were intended for Jamaican aunts and stage productions. They have now become a daily staple in breeds – both diverse and protective. But for black women, stitching with abandonment is slowly changing to wigs, possibly due to age. Young and can damage hair. And the technology for wigs continues to grow. Today it is not possible to see where the edges start and the forehead starts. Baby hair looks like it grows out of a human head – actually alchemy.

If you search for got2b glue (cold water spray) on YouTube you will see a video on the video of black women securing their wigs with it. But if you go to Schwarzkopf’s website, there are only pictures of white people. A styling tip on their website says: “Rub a small amount of wax between the palms of your hands, do a dry haircut and style. As needed. And twist a small amount into the hair tips for ‘wild sprouting’.

Essence, on the other hand, describes the product as “the air duct is tested and will keep your wig where you want it. To lock your device in place, place the product directly on the circumference of your stock cap.” Spray. Wait a minute or two and then apply to your hair. Press against the hair to make sure your wig is safe.

So when does it fall? For activist, public speaker and former hairdresser Lovette Jello, the Facebook forum is where she discovers magical content.

The Wig Fix

She says I was introduced to Got2B about three years ago as a sticker. “I was a member of the Black Hair Forum and one of the women introduced it and did a live lecture.” Lovett has found that this product is perfect for some of her clients with alopecia and is reasonably priced. The first video I saw of Got2B Spray used as a hair dye was discovered in 2013 by CandyHairCompany users.

I spoke to a brand spokesperson in the UK and they must be looking for. “We noticed through our social media in 2017 that many women are using Ultra Glue Gel (which is only available in the US and is being purchased on Amazon) to style their wigs. And their edge style. So we decided to launch that product in the UK and we guarantee that the product description on the package reflects how the product is used.

But if this product does not make sense to us, is it okay to use it on aphrodisiac hair? As it turns out, got2be’s new Glued Styling Gel is now being tested and tested on Afro hair. But for cold sprays, Schwarzkopf says it has not been tested on Afro hair because it is “harmless” to any hair type.

Do Guys Care If You Wear A Wig

“If you wear your hair in the morning, they have to go out the same day” Lorna Jones – Trichologist

The Dos And Don’ts Of Wig Maintenance

I met with trichologist Lorna Jones to find out what she thinks about glued hair and whether we should use any adhesive. Above all, regardless of hair health products, Lorna recommends that wigs be removed daily as it is important to remove sweat from the scalp rather than stick. This is what Lovett reaffirms. “The problem with a lot of glue is that when you set your wig, you have to leave it on for at least a week because it is too strong,” Lovett says. Lorna notes that any chemicals you put on your body will be absorbed into your body. This means that there is “an opportunity for a chemical reaction.” The last word of her advice is to wash your hair hat every day. “Good hair care is clean and healthy hair,” she said.

So the product can be used on aphrodisiacs and its price point and versatility make it popular, but then where are all the black women in the ads and on their websites? There are only three black women on their UK YouTube channel (seven years old) and no one is featured on the front page of their website. On the UK’s Instagram account, he posted hundreds of pictures in 2020, but with little black hair. As Lovett said, black women “not only consume the product, but we are also the richest racial group that gets free advertising for it.” And here I have added free advertising.

But the brand is gradually improving with the performance of black women. They have worked with influencers like CHANELLY GIRL, they featured Epiphannie Amusu in the Live Color campaign last year, and Mimi Missfit has a hairdressing tutorial on their YouTube channel. But in my opinion, they can do more. There is no mention of black women on their got2b website. And the number of free ads and reviews still exceeds the videos and Instagram posts they have.

Should we expect more representation from them or is it time to start supporting black-owned brands? Either way – got2b, even if it was an accident, is most obvious for black people now.

The History Of Men In Powdered Wigs

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I felt my hair was too thin and I did not like the look, so I cut it. Then it was good – no worries or panic – but I felt some kind of hair loss.

Do Guys Care If You Wear A Wig

First I went to a professional hairdresser. They asked for a sticky pad, but I did not want it because it would need to come back every month (no one has time for it!) I just took it off and put it on myself.

Essential Hair Care Tips And Advice For Human Hair Wigs

Instead, they did my hair. They also painted and edited it; That’s a pretty penny for me. I like it very much even though I do not wear it every day. I started experimenting with styling and shrinking and enjoyed it as I had planned. It’s my favorite fashion accessory.

After about nine months I broke it, which can happen with synthetic hair (especially if you mess with it as much as I like) so I started looking.

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