Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Car Wash En Usa

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In a country like Mexico, where almost half of the 32 million households counted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) own at least one car or truck, starting a car wash that Also offering a car decoration package is not just an adventure. but it is important.

Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Car Wash En Usa

Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Car Wash En Usa

The vehicle index published by the aforementioned company states that between the years 2000 and 2014, this indicator went from 169 to 341 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants, indicating the need to increasingly for tasks such as washing, polishing and waxing.

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There are nearly 24,000 businesses listed, with the Mexican states of Veracruz and Puebla hosting the largest number, Inegi said.

Add the part on the right leg from the half or full plan. This will depend on your expectations, market and capital. You will also need to find a location, create an idea, attract the best employees, implement a management system and manage the management. What is very important is to take care of the size of the work, speed and quality. Start with all your passion! Find information and join the Mexican immigrant community.

Men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 apply for car wash jobs, while those aged 30 to 55 are the most frequent visitors. What are they looking for? Quality and speed and service and although they appreciate the reasonable price, they are willing to invest a little to be able to maintain their car on time.

“Most customers are middle or upper middle class; They are the ones who can pay an average ticket price of 125 pesos in the north of the country, 95 pesos in the central region or 85 pesos in the southern region. They like to keep their car in perfect condition, so they don’t hesitate to wash it three or more times a week. There are even people who wash it every day,” explains Jorge Saldamando, head of business development at Danjo, a distributor of automotive equipment.

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From Monday to Friday, these customers go to the car wash only, and mostly men. There are many families and single women on weekends.

As you can see, in this business, customers cover a wide variety, so it is important that services and companies meet the expectations and needs of each group.

To do this, conduct a market study before opening the building. It counts car traffic, analyzes the types of cars that drive in the area, the profile of drivers and the consumption of customers who go to professional car washes.

Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Car Wash En Usa

According to the National Statistical and Geographical Institute (INEGI), there are more than 38 million cars in the country. The subjects with the largest parks are the state of Mexico with 5.1 million; Mexico City, with 4.7; and Jalisco has 3.1 million vehicles.

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All these cars need cleaning. In some cases, the owners take care of it, but at least 60% get a job at a car wash near their workplace or home.

These companies offer a complete car exterior and interior, engine wash, headlight cleaning, soap removal, polishing and waxing, clothes washing and leather seat treatment. The motor is also washed.

There are three main types of car washes: manual, where the whole process is done “by hand” (in most places using hot water) and spaces that -not as good as the road and the parking lot; semi-automatic, which uses light cleaners, polishers and pressure washing systems; and automated, mechanized that allows for large-scale production.

Want to get into this trend on the right foot? Choose one of these types and create a business plan that will guide you through your first steps.

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Unlike technology-based businesses, where most services are outsourced or created in a digital environment, at a car wash, the service is provided on-site.

In this regard, Ricardo Serrano, owner of Carwash Ezman, located in the heart of Colonia Narvarte, in Mexico City, explains that although websites and social networks are good examples to promote business, Giro de los autolavados is what it is known for. personalized treatment to the client.

In his business, for example, the public accountant accepts his clients and even the car details of those who request a special package that includes car decorations. It also ensures that consumers get the best taste out of their mouths by providing excellent service from carefully selected staff.

Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Car Wash En Usa

“I used to work at Casa de Bolsa and also had a successful clothing business, but washing cars is really my passion. What if it’s boring sometimes, but it’s a diversion very good and powerful that works well all year round. We have customers even during the rainy season, “says Ricardo.

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If you want to bring your work closer to the customer, do the following: open a fan page and add instructions to it. Also, don’t forget to create creative content for your social channels and share the event of the month. Finally, don’t forget to have a beautiful and updated website.

One of the most important aspects of the daily operation of a car wash is undoubtedly the relationship with customers, because it depends on them whether they will develop loyalty to the business and thus guarantees the return of the work.

Jorge Saldamando, who is also the creator of the Autornado Shine franchise, says that the car wash prefers a personal relationship with consumers, who always receive the support of the company’s employees, but they leave their car at a car wash or park it there. island description.

There is also the option of using the phone or WhatsApp as a means of communication, especially to connect with customers who leave their car at the service and want to be notified when it is ready.

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In this sense, it is worth exploring some social options, especially if you want to improve your work and promotion. For example, you can create an e-newsletter and distribute it by mail to your customers. It includes upgrades and tips for paint care, tires and accessories.

You can also start in social networks, which you can use to strengthen the position of your brand and spread the promotion of the company.

Remember that it is very important to promote and strengthen good relationships with customers. Make follow-up/survey calls from time to time to ask them about the job.

Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Car Wash En Usa

In general, the return on investment in car washing can be true after three years of operation from the money for a) service and b) the sale of inputs such as various flavors, body shampoos, body armor, etc. .

Cuánto Cuesta Poner Un Autolavado?

The average price of a ticket is 100 pesos, but it can be 1,500 pesos and more when customers request special services or packages that include engine wash, interior wash, polishing and waxing, trunk cleaning, carpet and laundry, and anti-stain. clothes . There are packages that hover around 4,500 pesos when you consider the package for repairs and painting the dashboard, remodeling the interior, polishing and remodeling, and washing. The time allotted for the task varies from 10 minutes to two hours or more.

“Many customers ask for a shower package, but we have to tell them about all the services we offer. It is good to invest every six months in the necessary cosmetic work to protect the clothes and the work. We seeing the increasing interest of men and women investing in their cars,” adds Ricardo Serrano of Car Wash Ezman.

The number of cars per day depends on the level of automation of the car wash. For example, Ricardo washes more than 100 cars per day, but an efficient company can wash 30 to 70 cars per hour (depending on the type of machine used).

“It is important to manage all inputs. Each employee has daily support. At the end of each day, we can see the performance and see if there are any weaknesses,” he explains.

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The business maintains stable sales throughout the year, but during the rainy months, sales can drop up to 30%, so it is recommended to launch promotions, discounts and loyalty programs.

It is important that you know what physical, financial and human resources you need to develop. The first step is to determine the size of the garden, which depends on the type of business you want to start. For example, yes

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