Coating In Plastic 7 Little Words

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Coating In Plastic 7 Little Words – Besides cooking and varnishing, the most frequent questions I get are related to painting with polymer clay. Everyone wants to know why they are getting bad results. They want to know if the paint should be “sealed”. But the biggest question is, “What color should I paint polymer clay?” This is a very difficult question to answer as a quick comment, so for a long time I just said “it depends.” What does it matter? Well… it’s a long story, and after considering all of this, you might want to reconsider using paint in your polymer clay projects. Here it is.

You’d think painting with polymer clay would be easy, right? Like painting nails or walls. Just apply and you’re done, right? Oh boy. Just in case. Here are some common problems people encounter when trying to do this.

Coating In Plastic 7 Little Words

Coating In Plastic 7 Little Words

Most paints are designed to work on paper or wood. Most of the graphic information on the Internet assumes that you will use paper or wood as a substrate. But painting with polymer clay is a completely different matter.

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Polymer clay is vinyl made from plastic that can react chemically with products used on it. If the paint contains plastic (like most acrylic paints), the plasticizer that makes the polymer clay elastic can also soften the paint, causing it to stick. Different brands of polymer clay and different colors can have completely different interactions. A paint that works well with Sculpey III can be a mixture of Fimo. Always test the color you want to use on a sample of the brand of clay you want to use. It’s empty. (Did I mention it? Yes. Trust me on this one.)

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether it’s oil or water. Any type of color can work well… or not. Look at them.

In addition, sometimes you can remove sticky paint with isopropyl alcohol. If it’s a little tacky, a layer of safe clay varnish can hide the problem and hide the tackiness.

Some colors are opaque and will cover the surface of a garment. Other colors are more transparent and you will see through them, often with clear brush strokes. The hiding power depends on the density of the pigment, but the pigment is the most expensive part of any color formulation. Additionally, most paints are designed to work with absorbent materials such as paper, wood and fabric. When applied with polymer clay, less paint is used and therefore less coverage. Inexpensive craft or hobby paints often require multiple coats for full coverage, and multiple coats make the color look patchy and uneven. There are very few brands of acrylic paint that provide opaque coverage in one coat.

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Many cheap craft paints have low pigment density and therefore offer terrible hiding power. It takes many coats of this color to get good results.

Polymer clay is a vinyl plastic, so the paint cannot penetrate materials such as paper, wood and fabric. He sits on top. This means that polymer clay paints are prone to peeling, chipping and chipping as they age. Some brands of polymer clay provide better adhesion than others. In general, the color is compatible with Souffle, Sculpey Ultralight, Sculpey III and not compatible with Kato Polyclay. It is always better to stick (with any brand) if the surface is first sanded with sandpaper (eg 400 or 600).

Colors usually bond better with polymer clay if they are applied to untreated polymer clay and then set together. Yes, in most cases you can easily bake polymer clay paint. It rarely bubbles or burns, but some colors change color when heated, especially if they are colored.

Coating In Plastic 7 Little Words

Can fragile paint be protected by coating it with clay-free lacquer? (If you’re looking for a good polish, check out this article.) Yes, it can sometimes work. Varnish can strengthen the thin film of paint in your resin creation. But it only works if the varnish is hard. Varnishes are subject to many of the same problems we discuss here with resin paints. And there are no varnishes that stabilize the peeling color of the polymer. The bond is only as strong as the first line!

What’s The Difference Between Polyurethane, Varnish, Shellac And Lacquer?

You can also use UV or epoxy as a protective clear coat. But if you have a thick and itchy color, the resin will just stick to the color and come off easily. Here is more information on using resin in polymer clay.

I made these beads while experimenting with different metallic acrylics. As you can see, the paint is easily scratched. This is very common when we try to paint with polymer clay.

Although colored paint is more durable than colored paint, the paint can fade in the sun. In fact, this is why we have to keep painting our homes!

But keep in mind that it is not common for crafts to be dyed in color (such as unicorn braids). Over time (years), the color may fade as the color spreads through the body of the clay. I have seen this with beads stored in a dark box, so I know it is not due to exposure to light. Unfortunately, product labels don’t list the colors used in the product, so you won’t always know.

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Sculpture is very difficult, but painting requires a completely different skill. The choice of color is just the beginning. You still need to develop the necessary skills to create the kind of finish you want. Many (if not most) beginners find it difficult to create the perfect finish they hope to achieve.

Everything was simple before. There was a certain type of color for something special. House paint for the street. Wall paint for your home. Enamel for painting metal products. Nail polish. Company color. You get the point. But now painting companies have blurred the lines between product categories. Enamel no longer means bright colored paint. Now it can be a bottle of water-based acrylic paint. So getting information on public forums can be dangerous. If someone recommends “good enamel”, what would you buy?

In addition, the words and symbols are different from country to country. Ask an American what “emulsion” is, and he’ll raise his head like a puppy. But a Brit will do the same if you tell him to buy “latex paint”. (Spoiler… there is no latex in latex paint.) Paint, chemical and craft companies tend to distribute their products within a single country or region, so they are far from global. The brand name is the world.

Coating In Plastic 7 Little Words

All of this means that it can be (as my British wife says) “nearly impossible” to find products recommended by people in online groups and forums.

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You can never buy just one color, because there is more than one type of polymer clay for painting. Each type requires a different process, color type, application and strategy. It’s not as easy as putting paint on polymer clay and being done with it.

What is very popular today is a type of sculpture that originally appeared in Japanese animation films and has spread to our films, characters and pictures. The small bloated characters with big eyes and round faces are the most exciting, and they are made of large spaces with bold colors. This method requires a paint with good hiding power that can be applied well. This drawing style is very unforgiving and can be the most difficult. Many beginners think that these creations are painted, but they are not. It’s actually easier to use colored polymer clay when creating this style, as you’ll see here and here. The natural properties of polymer clay make it perfect for sculpting in this style. No need for varnish or sealer, just a strong clay brand (like Premo) and your imagination.

This little crab by Jennifer Sorensen of Wishing Well Workshop is made of colored polymer clay. It will not be very smooth if painted. Note, however, that black eyes are attracted. There’s no reason you can’t combine colored accents with colorless resin! You can buy this little guy here.

Like traditional oil painting, many of the sculptures are painted with multiple layers of transparent paint that overlap to create a rich three-dimensional effect. It also requires a lot of skill, but can be more forgiving than the flat cartoon style. Keep in mind that this type of paint requires many thin layers and can take a long time to create. Although any type of paint can be used, artistic oil paint is a favorite. This type of soil can sometimes be created with a layer of colored clay, so don’t always think that what you see is painted with paint.

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This cute mushroom by Destiny Johnson from Critters Haven uses custom paint colors

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