Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit

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Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit – Follow these steps to freeze your motorcycle and keep it in top condition. These winter motorcycle maintenance tips apply whether you’re storing your motorcycle in a garage, shed, storage, or anywhere else.

Motorcycle winter maintenance is not something to be taken lightly. If you’ve invested in a bike, you want to make sure you do all the proper maintenance work when you can’t cycle as often.

Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit

Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit

Some of these steps will vary depending on how long your motorcycle is stored and how harsh the winter is. You’ll also need to take extra precautions if you want to store your motorcycle outside in the winter.

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If you have no way to store your motorcycle for the off-season at home, we recommend choosing a place to store it that is dry and protected from the elements. Keep reading to learn the basics of how to freeze a motorcycle for winter storage.

First, thoroughly clean and dry all surfaces of the bike. This step may seem obvious, but its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Cleaning an off-road bike may seem like a thankless undertaking, but it’s one that will save you time and headaches in the long run. Bed bugs, dust or dry stains will only become harder to remove as they have spent a long winter.

If your bike is going to be stored for more than a few months, be sure to coat the main internals with a light coat of oil to prevent unwanted moisture build-up.

One way to do this is to remove the spark plugs, then drizzle about a tablespoon of oil into the holes. Turn the engine over and cover the cylinder wall by spinning the tire after the motorcycle is shifting gears. Then be sure to add spark plugs.

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Anything that is normally lubricated on a bike should be done right before storing it. Check chains, cables, and controls to make sure everything is freshly lubricated to withstand the cold, dry winter air.

Stop at a gas station closest to your storage location and fill up with fuel. After filling up with fuel, add a little more. A full tank is essential to maintain moisture on the tank walls.

Once the tank is full, add fuel stabilizer and then ride the motorcycle for a short ride to the storage point. Do not add fuel stabilizer to storage, as then the fuel stabilizer will not have a chance to mix with the fuel system.

Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit

Another option worth mentioning for long-term motorcycle preservation is to completely drain the fuel tank. If you do this, you will need to line the tank with misting oil to prevent rust. We recommend this method if you plan to store your motorcycle for six months or more.

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Stored used oil can quickly corrode engine parts and is not ideal for storing motorcycles for more than a month. After the last ride and gas, change the oil and change the filter.

While doing so, add an appropriate amount of antifreeze to your cooling system, which is an especially important step for winter maintenance of your motorcycle.

You can remove the battery completely or keep it on your bike for short-term storage during winter. If you choose to continue using the battery, be sure to turn on the bike every month or so to charge the battery. The best method is to remove the battery and store it in a completely different location with no temperature fluctuations.

After disconnecting the battery and cleaning the electrodes, connect the battery to a trickle charger throughout the winter.

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The best way to maintain a motorcycle is not to put weight on the tires. This weight reduction can be achieved by using a motorcycle rack, which will prevent uneven tire wear or puncture.

If a rack isn’t an option, try lifting the bike onto the front tire and lighten the weight of the rear tire. Make sure to rotate the front tire every few weeks.

If your only option is to leave the bike on the ground, fill the tire to the maximum PSI. Then cover the floor with carpet or plywood to act as a moisture barrier. Finally, remember to rotate the tires from time to time by rolling.

Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit

Be sure to fill in any openings on the bike to prevent rodents or pests from living inside. This step is necessary if you leave your motorcycle outdoors or in a shed.

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You can buy muffler covers and other supplies for this purpose, but some people have had success using plastic bags. Just remember to remove these items when you start your bike in the spring!

One of the final steps after all that prep work is done is to clean the bike and apply a good coat of wax. The wax will act as a barrier against unwanted moisture, helping to prevent premature rusting. Spray all exposed metal with a coating such as WD-40, which will do the same job as wax to prevent moisture from building up.

We recommend investing in a motorcycle cover designed specifically for your motorcycle model. Even if you store your bike indoors in the winter, this cover will be just the right size to help the bike breathe, but it will also protect the bike from dust, debris, rodents and bumps or scratches unwanted scratches.

Sometimes you can easily use the free motorbike parking space at home. However, many people need to rent a winter storage place for their bike. The cost of freezing a motorbike depends on the service of the storage unit in your area at that time.

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If you need help finding a storage location that’s right for you, learn about our motorcycle storage options near you.

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Make sure to change your motorcycle’s oil and filter before storing it for the winter. The new oil can help prevent corrosion, as well as protect the engine and lubrication system during storage. If you plan to store your bike for more than four to six months, apply a light coat of oil to the cylinder walls and pistons. To do this, remove the candle and add a little oil to the holes. Rotate the motor several times to coat. Then replace the spark plug.

Can You Store A Motorcycle In A Storage Unit

Keeping motorcycle components such as cables, chain drives, controls and axle points lubricated will help prevent damage and corrosion during winter storage, not to mention Extend the life of the bike. Before applying any lubricant to the chain, ride the bike for a five-mile run to warm things up. A warmer chain can speed up lubricant absorption. You should also scrub each part of the motorcycle thoroughly before applying a layer of lubricant to preserve it. Oxmart Anti Water Motorcycle Side Saddle Bags Skull Printed, 2 In 1 Quick Release Universal Synthetic Leather Large Storage Tool Bags, Fit For Honda Sportster Harley Softail Dyna Scooter Panniers

Empty gas tanks can rust when your motorcycle is stored in the winter. Fill the fuel tank to about 90% and add a fuel stabilizer to reduce the risk of damage. Once you’ve added the stabilizer, roll the bike to let the stabilizer flow through the engine. If your bike has a carburetor, be sure to close the valve and empty your float bowl before refilling the tank. Are you storing your bike for more than six months? You may want to drain the gas tank and spray the oil mist inside to prevent damage from rust.

Especially if you store your motorcycle in a cold climate, filling with antifreeze is a must as this will prevent water build-up from damaging your cooling system. You should also change and refill the transmission, brake and clutch oil. The new solution will help protect the internal systems and hoses of the motorcycle, as well as prevent moisture from accumulating. When adding liquid, avoid adding water to the antifreeze during winter because water can freeze and break the flask.

Letting dirt, dead insects or water spots accumulate on your motorcycle before storing it can cause paint and finishes to corrode. Wash your motorcycle with an appropriate detergent and let it dry completely before storing. Add a coat of wax to protect against rust and moisture, then spray WD-40 onto all metal surfaces. Also, be sure to clean any leather parts such as the saddlebags, seats or handlebars with a leather cleaner to prevent damage during storage.

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