Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

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Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan – The best tow cars are stable and reliable – you can count on them to get you and your trailer from A to B safely.

So very excellent towing vehicles will combine many talents. After all, towing takes a lot out of a tow truck. The major requirement is sufficient muscle mass to pull the tourer while remaining stationary.

Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

As a result, it can be difficult to know how to find the best caravan tow truck – there are many on the market. This is where we come in.

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Since Practical Caravan was first launched in 1967, we’ve tested hundreds of towing vehicles, from small crossovers to family hatchbacks, spacious caravans to large SUVs – we’ve seen them and reviewed their towing capabilities That’s what helped our readers choose the best tow. trucks for your trailers.

We also host the Practical Caravan Awards, where our expert jury evaluates the best caravans in various categories, as well as the cars that really impressed us.

To help you choose the right trailer for your caravan, our experts at Practical Caravan have handpicked the best trailers available on the market. The biggest brands of tow vehicles, from Land Rover and BMW to Skoda and Seat, are featured in our reviews as we select the cars that will deliver reliability and stability on your journey.

If you decide to buy a used tow truck, be sure to check out our guide to the best used tow trucks.

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To stay within the law, your car must have a legal towing limit that matches or exceeds the towed weight of your trailer – for example, if your trailer weighs 1500kg, your car must A towing limit of at least 1500 kg would be required.

A car’s legal maximum is based on its ability to pull a trailer up a hill repeatedly, so you shouldn’t assume that a car can legally pull 2500kg, that heavy at 60km/h It is wise to pull Freeway on a windy day.

This is why the two main caravan clubs recommend that you carry no more than 85% of the tow vehicle’s own weight. You can then calculate the maximum trailer weight you can tow to meet the 85% guideline by taking the dead weight of the tow vehicle and multiplying it by 0.85. For legal towing, this figure should not exceed the towing limit of the car.

Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

Our guide to the license you need to pull a caravan will also tell you everything you need to know to make sure you have the right licence.

Towing With An Electric Car

The safety, economy, practicality and value of the tow vehicle will be important things to consider. The most important quality will be consistency. It’s not always easy to judge based on specifications alone, but combining it with a test drive can be useful.

Even if you can’t see yourself pulling a caravan on your test drive, there are some signs you can pay attention to – are you having a well-controlled ride? Does the suspension fix itself immediately?

You can see what you should look for in our guide on how to choose a tow truck.

This is the Škoda tow vehicle that was voted Best Light Tow Vehicle by our judging panel at the Practical Caravan Awards – winning the category Best Trailer Tow Vehicle under 1600kg. It offers a comfortable and spacious interior for driving and a spacious 640 liters trunk.

Had Mine For 6 Months Now. Excellent For Towing My Caravan.

You must be wondering why we chose the 2.0-litre 150bhp diesel, but simply put, this engine makes the caravan a pleasure to pull. That’s thanks to a strong mid-range and fuel economy, which our towing expert David Mouton described as “excellent.”

You might be surprised by how well the 1.0-litre engine with mild hybrid assist in this SEAT model copes with towing. In fact, you’d be happy pulling a proper caravan with it for long distances.

Its gentle acceleration means good fuel economy—we clocked over 27.7mpg when pulling a Light Estate—while the decent interior space is always welcome. However, we really like the stability it provides. The relatively firm suspension may not be for everyone, but it should make for a smooth towing experience.

Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

Though the interior is comfortable, we would have liked to see vents for the rear occupants. The 380-litres of volume is good to boot, but it would have been better if it didn’t have a high loading lip as well.

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Being one of the lightest four-wheelers you can buy, you’ll be somewhat limited with the Vitara. We tested it alongside the Swift Basecamp 4 and found it to be a comfortable car on 1 to 10 hill climbs with the Vitara.

It took a few spins to get going, but the Allgrip 4×4 system “easily transferred the car’s power to the road” without any clutch issues.

We loved how secure the Vitara felt when hitting 60mph on the motorway – prompting David Mouton to say that “the Vitara pulls every bit as well as some bigger, heavier cars”.

If you find yourself driving in muddy terrain, the AllGrip four-wheel drive system will make sure you don’t get lost. This makes the Vitara a worthy choice for caravan drivers who like to travel year-round.

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You can certainly get a more convenient tow truck for everyday life, but if you’re on an all-weather road trip, this stable and comfortable tow truck is definitely worth considering.

We were really impressed with this hybrid when we tested it, and we think it’s sturdy whether pulling a trailer or driving alone.

When we tested it, we found that it was capable of pulling a MiRO 1437kg caravan on electric drive alone, and accelerated to speeds of up to 60mph when the petrol and electric drivetrains were working together.

Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

It’s a quiet towing vehicle when the electric motor is engaged, and even when we switched to the petrol engine when the battery was dead, noise was still at a reasonable level.

The Clever Swedes Top The List Of Tow Cars For The Caravan & Motorhome Club ‘tow Car Of The Year’ 2020.

Stability is one of the hallmarks of the best tow vehicles, and the V60 certainly delivered—our reviewer called it “safe and confidence-inspiring.” Even a 1 to 10 slope was no problem; Pulled it off without any problems.

We found it a bit sharp when reversing in the camper, but it’s something you get used to pretty quickly.

Driven alone, we found the gearbox to be “a little slow to downshift” at times, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t corner well – instead, it’s simply a car that’s more suited to sensible driving style lends itself to

The interiors are comfortable, but we are not big fans of the Sense infotainment system. While it may sound cool, we found it hard to operate and didn’t respond instantly all the time. However, the seats are comfortable, which is ideal if you find yourself on a long drive.

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The car that wins Best Caravan Towing Vehicle under 2000kg at the Practical Caravan Awards is always going to score well.

The Kia Sorento offers a stable ride, and the traction with this seven-seater is pleasant even when driving at high speeds. Here you can choose the model that suits you best – this includes full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and even diesel (although it is only available in the mid-trim 3). For general towing, we recommend the 2.2 CRDI.

We were thrilled to see that the Sorento handled motorway gradients and headwinds at 60 km/h with ease.

Best Car For Towing 1500 Kg Caravan

It would have been nice to see a little more performance when pulling out on intersections, but that was down to the transmission rather than a lack of pulling power. ‘Eco’ – the default mode – felt more hesitant, while switching to ‘Sport’ made the car more willing. On country roads, we found the Kia to be in control, as the taut suspension doesn’t feel like it floats over dips and peaks.

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Driving the Kia on the highway, we were happy to see how easy it is to pull. Despite the strong wind when we tested it, the Kia was more than up to the challenge, barely moving except when we were on a very open stretch of road.

We also like that this is clearly a very practical family car. For example, there are plenty of air vents – which means a pleasant driving experience for all.

The Ateca is a very impressive towing vehicle. In the car you get four-wheel drive, a good curb weight and an impressive diesel engine, which was voted best trailer towing car over 2000 kg.

The 2.0-litre engine provides good acceleration and if you are driving in crosswinds on the motorway you will find that the Ateca is more than up to the challenge. When we tested Hill Start on slopes 1 to 10, we were satisfied

Top Five Best Tow Cars

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