Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires

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Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires – Most of the time, the best motorcycle riding stories are carefully planned and thought out—other times, we fall into them. In this case, it is the latter.

I noticed that the Honda Shadow Aero 750 was well used a few times around, and it had a pair of Dunlop tires that were badly punctured. Seeing the safe situation, I asked him and found out that he was a neighbor’s friend.

Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires

Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires

Finally, I met the owner and explained the situation. He acknowledges the problem, but explains that finances are preventing alternatives. My mind immediately started going, and told me that he would be the perfect test rider for something that is rarely tested – budget tires.

Shinko 005 Advance Tires

I gave him a set of Shanko 777 cruiser tires with instructions to see if he could feel the difference, and the wallet-friendly rubber meets his standards as a daily commuter.

If you are not familiar with the name Shinko, the company has been around for 70 years and is based in Osaka, Japan. The tires are manufactured in South Korea, using motorcycle tire technology and purchased from Yokohama. In addition to boat tires, Shinko also makes tires for all types of motorcycles, including scooters.

Reporting back, Shinko said his favorite aspect of the 777 tire is the length. He says the Honda Shadow Aero rides smoother than before—no shock that the old tires are rock hard—and gives the bike a fresh feel.

While not noticing any difference in acceleration, braking is stronger and safer. Again, flexible rubber is the key to effective braking, and the Shinko 777 tires provide impressive feedback.

Lockitt Mobile Security & Accessories: Shinko Sr777 Hd Cruiser Rear Tire 130/90 16 Reflector

In addition, the freeway performance has improved, as Shinko 777s do not operate on rain gutters. As he rides for work instead of pleasure, he doesn’t explore any channels or tours. However, he said he felt much better cornering on the 777s than the old tires. Suffice it to say, our Honda Shadow Aero 750 owner is very happy with the Shinko 777 tires.

Of course, Shinko 777 tires are basic. They’re H-shaped for speed only (130 mph, which the Aero won’t see), and the aramid belt tires are a four-ply design. The load indicator is the weight of two riders inside the aero. HD is also available. The version of the 777 that can handle large-inch travel wheels, and whitewall 777s.

Shinko 777 tires have two main appeals – cost and durability. Although the MSRP for the 120/90 x 17 front is $122 and the 160/80 x 15 rear is $139, shopping around can drop those prices by about a third—so is a pair of 777s for the Honda Shadow Aero. Under $175. Initial tests of the rubber showed very little wear, so we expect these tires to last a long time in this application.

Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires

The moral of the story is that if you want to ride a motorcycle, safe tires are a must. If you have low tire requirements, with moderate resources, inexpensive tires like Shinko 777s are fully capable of upgrading your ride and improving your safety.

Shinko 705 Adventure Tires

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If you’d like to be considered for a future owner review segment on an episode of Moto & Friends, please email us at @ developer and tell us a little about your bike. We would love to hear from you! A great, high quality, low cost alternative to Avon and other old style motorcycle tires. The MT90-16 ―16 tire is great on the approach.

A great, high quality, low cost alternative to Avon and other old style motorcycle tires. MT90-16″ tires look great on vintage and modern bikes alike!

Shinko 130/70 18 White Wall 777 Heavy Duty Front Motorcycle Tire Bias

Founded in 1946, the Shinko Group began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes in Osaka, Japan, which today has grown into a major producer of rubber products. In 1998, the Shinko Group purchased motorcycle tire technology and designs from the Yokohama Rubber Company, and began manufacturing these products under the Shinko Tire brand. Based in South Korea and manufacturing in Japan, the company has seamlessly combined Japanese engineering and design principles with South Korean manufacturing and quality control standards. Today Shinko Tires produces about 200,000 motorcycle tires per month. Shinko Tire manufacturing and R&D in the USA means a continuous line of happy tires to meet the needs of today’s riders.

Here at Lowbrow Customs we believe in supporting American manufacturing. We have created several annual scholarships, one with Lincoln Electric Welding School and another with Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) for students in financial need who are receiving vocational training. From TIG welding to machines, this is the backbone of manufacturing in America. Want to learn more?

*I agree to receive frequent automated marketing communications (eg purchase reminders) at the phone number provided. Permission to buy is not a condition. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. Reply to HELP for help and Stop to cancel. See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Shinko is known as a tire brand like the likes of Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli or Dunlop. Part of that is because the company is relatively new to the game. The Shinko Group was founded in Japan in 1946, producing bicycle tires and tubes in the country after World War II. Shinko didn’t really take over, however, until 1998, when it took over the tire technology and designs from Yokohama.

Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires

The company continues to build on the Yokohama technology base, conducting R&D in Japan. Shinko tires are manufactured in South Korea, with the company producing around 200,000 tires per month.

Shinko 421 Off Road Scooter Tires

Although it is somewhat weak in the tire market, Shinko has been able to establish a niche by offering cheaper prices compared to the big brands, while still offering strong performance.

Shinko’s selection of sports bike tires is not very large. When it comes to high performance competition, Shanko actually specializes more in racing rubber than tires that need to handle corners.

If you are looking for Shinko sportbike tires, you may want to consider the 010 Apex. The speakers have a medium mix with a pressure area designed for high-speed operation. The front tires are Aramid belted while the rear tires feature Zero Degree Joint-less Steel Belt (JLSB) technology for a strong body and extra stability.

For track use, you may prefer the Stealth 003 radials which use a softer compound, but for regular road use, the Apex tires will offer better traction.

Dunlop D404 Vs Shinko 777

The SR777 is probably Shinko’s most popular boat tire, and is offered in several sizes for light-weight and mid-size models. The SR777 includes Aramid belts for stability and extra load capacity, and Shinko offers a Heavy Duty Cargo version with a reinforced hull for larger boats and bags.

In addition to the black wall version, Shinko also offers the SR777 with white walls for a more classic look. The SR777s also come with the display wall feature pictured above. In daylight, the reflectors appear black, but at night, the sidewall reflects light for better visibility in the dark.

The Shanko 705 is a 70% off-road, 30% off-road dual-sport tire with a rubber compound to handle a wide range of terrain and weather conditions. A durable, tear-free tread can handle light trail riding, while offering a long ride on paved roads.

Are Shinko Good Motorcycle Tires

Most of the 705 tires are bias ply with the exception of the rear tire size 150/70R18 which uses a zero-size JLSB radial construction for added strength and durability.

Shinko Tires® Sr777 Heavy Duty With White Wall Tires

The 016 Verge 2X is a dual compound sport touring tire (and the only dual road tire in the company’s lineup), offering a balance of good traction and long mileage.

Like the predecessor, the 011 Verge tire, the 016 is a JLSB zero-degree radial, which promises extra strength and power. The 016 also offers additional pressure siping compared to the 011s, promising better handling in wet conditions. According to Shinko, the pressure profile is designed for rapid changes and lean angle.

For riders looking for a more vintage look, Shinko offers the Classic 240. With a 90% aspect ratio and a classic profile and sawtooth pattern, the Classic 240 will help complete the look of an old-school style or cafe racer.

Under the retro styling is the new tire technology, as well

Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater Tire Review

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