Are All Bmw Cars Rear Wheel Drive

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Are All Bmw Cars Rear Wheel Drive – Rumors have been, for about a year or so, about the next BMW M5 and possibly the M3 going the all-wheel drive route. The theory is that rear-wheel drive cars can only go so fast before they become too powerful for just two wheels to handle. With the next-generation BMW M5 likely to reach 600bhp, this is a real problem. But according to Carsten Pries, head of product management at the BMW M Division, BMW’s M cars will remain rear-wheel drive for as long as possible.

“These are cars that attract new people to the M brand and this is very important,” said Pries during an interview with Motoring, talking about BMW M cars that remain rear-wheel drive and also with at least six cylinders. With emissions restrictions increasing, there are also rumors that the next BMW M3 could possibly have a turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid engine. But Pries wants to stick with at least six cylinders for as long as possible. Asked if that would change soon, Pries said “I hope not, because sex is part of our DNA. Not just power, but that signature sound that we have.”

Are All Bmw Cars Rear Wheel Drive

Are All Bmw Cars Rear Wheel Drive

I hope Pries can keep things as they are for as long as he can, because we really like that BMW’s M Division is the only German performance division to stick to its guns and keep the I6 engines and rear-wheel drive (with the exception of the X5 and X6 M SUVs). Now that Mercedes-AMG is almost all four-wheel drive, it gives BMW’s M division an edge with enthusiasts who prefer to drive only the rear wheels.

Bmw M Cars To Keep Rear Wheel Drive As Long As Possible

However, with the increasing emission regulations, hybrid technology may be necessary for the M division and if BMW M is going to go the hybrid route, it will probably come with all-wheel drive. Most performance hybrids use all-wheel drive, as the abundant torque from the electric motors can only handle two wheels. If BMW M is going to go down that road in the future, Pries also wants to create cars that fit the mold of the M division. offer decent M, “. The era of rear-wheel drive cars seemed to be kind of on the way out extinction, but, as we will see, the electric age has inspired something of a renaissance. More on this soon. Before that, we consider the fixation with a mechanical layout that has been for most of a century. You don’t know better and nostalgia may be contributing factors, but for keen drivers it’s more a matter of balance and feedback. Front wheel for steering and rear wheel for propulsion is still the most satisfying way to drive a car. around a corner for those who want to apply, the wonderful interaction between the steering wheel, the pedals and the seat of the pants, always the purest way to enjoy a car. Here are the ones on the market now that do it better.

Remember when the thought of a BMW putting its power to the road through anything other than the rear wheels would have been anathema? Given that front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive cars likely outnumber rear-wheel drive in the BMW lineup, maybe not. Even the new M3 and M4 will be available with four-wheel drive, if you want such a thing. Since the previous version inspired sticky palms when driven on anything other than smooth and dry asphalt, this is probably in response to customer demand. But also ironic, given that the “real” rear-wheel drive versions of the new M3 and M4 remove all fear and only provide the fun of putting 510PS (376kW) on the road through the rear axle. Of course there is a lot of override here if you want. But it’s actually more satisfying to appreciate the more subtle benefits of a crisp, responsive throttle, a smart active differential and a front end with enough bite to let you play with the balance without even a whiff of tire smoke. Beautiful.

Interestingly, the savior of rear-wheel drive as a standard mechanical layout may actually be the transition to electric power. The flexibility of packaging batteries, powertrains and control systems actually makes putting motors in the back more attractive to many manufacturers, which means more and more EVs are using a rear-drive configuration. Most often, this is for packaging reasons. But in a 476PS (350kW) Porsche it gets a bit more fun. All-wheel drive Taycans with additional engines in the front can accelerate harder. But the balance of the “basic” rear wheel drive is probably more satisfying and the subtlety with which you can influence the direction of travel of the Taycan on the accelerator is proof that the values ​​of the Porsche brand will survive the transition to the electric age.

Where the RX-7’s trademark was its screaming turn and the Skyline dazzled with its clever all-wheel drive, the Toyota Supra was still the unrebuilt muscle car on the Japanese performance scene. So, when Toyota got in touch with BMW to create a new version, it seemed like an appropriate meeting. Squat, muscular and with a driving position that apparently puts your ass on the axle of the carrier, in the Supra your relationship with its mechanical configuration is – literally – intimate. And while it remains a relatively civilized experience in terms of balance, you’re never left in doubt as to where the turbocharged six-cylinder engine’s power will come from. An old rear wheel drive performance car, wrapped in a sci-fi body. There is nothing wrong with it.

Changes To The 2022 Bmw Models

Time and time again, balance comes up as the reason keen drivers prefer rear-wheel drive cars, and few demonstrate it better than the Aston Martin Vantage. Like the Mercedes-AMG GT with which it shares an engine, the Vantage uses a traditional drivetrain layout that puts the heavy components – namely the engine and gearbox – at opposite ends of the car and the occupants between them This arrangement is decades old, but it still works a treat, even with massive amounts of power going to the rear wheels. This means the Vantage may have a sharp front end that pushes towards the tip, but the driver can instinctively feel how more throttle input means less lock-up, curling blending into a perfect blend of inputs. Rear-wheel drive done right, in other words.

A mid-mounted engine driving the rear wheels has been the dominant layout for racing cars of all stripes for decades, but when the power of road-going supercars hits the 700PS (516kW) marker, you can understand why more owners they appreciate the added stability of all. – wheel drive. But Ferrari’s mastery of chassis technology proves that even average drivers can certainly enjoy this amount of power at the rear wheels, the electronic flattery of Side Slip Angle Control, the active E-Diff differential, the control of FTrack stability and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer which means everyone can feel it. like a throttle hero, even in a car as ferociously fast and powerful as the F8 Tributo. How smart are all these systems that keep you on the road? Turn off the Manettino switch to everything and try your luck to find out…

You knew she was coming. Mazda’s reinvention of the classic rear-wheel-drive roadster from more than 30 years ago remains as appealing as ever, proving you don’t need hundreds of horsepower through tortured rear tires to understand the appeal of this layout. Like the best rear-wheel-drive cars, the little MX-5 doesn’t need to break traction to make you understand why this is still the best layout for a keen driver, how the modest power propels you in, around and out of the car corners that require only the most sensitive steering inputs that make you realize how heavy most modern cars have become.

Are All Bmw Cars Rear Wheel Drive

Another car that wins the argument for lighter weight, modest power and underpowered rubber, the Alpine A110 may have been criticized by some for its lack of a limited-slip differential, but when you drive it you’ll understand because rear wheel drive cars don’t. t. it should be all about tire smoke and heroic skid angles. Fingertip steering, the modern A110 may be mid-engined rather than rear-engined like the classic Berlinette it celebrates, but it still has the pendulous effect of swinging from the rear as it enters the angle, followed by a nice relaxation of the steering wheel as you turn on the power at the exit. It’s subtle enough that your passenger probably won’t even feel it happening, but the way the messages pass through your fingers and hips is pure sensory delight. Bmw Z4 2 Seater

The other end of the scale from alpine, certainly. Lots of power, lots of noise, a stubby little manual on top of a gearbox that sends it all through a mechanical locking differential on the rear axle and

And the enthusiasm to squat and throw all kinds of exciting shapes is what makes the Mustang so much fun. Just choose your moment, given the number of YouTube fails to show unfortunate Mustang owners trying to “look at it!” heroes leaving the car meets. Don’t be that guy. Instead, it’s just to appreciate that the big Ford is just as happy to show off its balance of rear drag at more discrete angles and speeds, and the

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