A Race Car Starting From Rest Accelerates Uniformly At 4.9

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A Race Car Starting From Rest Accelerates Uniformly At 4.9 – Experts solve questions step by step, help you solve puzzles, and score high in the exam.

So the question is given the car starts from rest and accelerates smoothly to 180 km per hour in 10 seconds the distance traveled in the time interval is given four options options one is 200 option to 300 option 3 500 option is 250 m according to Second equation of motion The second equation of motion we know that the distance axis is equal to UT plus the square of half t where u is our initial velocity V is the time and age acceleration Soy we have given a car from rest to drive is

A Race Car Starting From Rest Accelerates Uniformly At 4.9

A Race Car Starting From Rest Accelerates Uniformly At 4.9

The chest represents the year that our car has an initial speed of zero. We can set the initial speed u of the car to zero and accelerate smoothly to a speed of 180 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds. We have given that the final speed of the car is 180 kilometers per hour. Kilometers take 3 years Our terminal velocity V is equal to 180 kilometers per hour We can convert h kilometers per hour to meters per second by multiplying and dividing by 518 2180, bye 18 18 18 18 10 to get our velocity is 55250 meters per second The final speed time of the second sweet and sour is 10 seconds and the time T is 10

Problem Set In Kinematics

S I need to find the distance traveled here we need to find to find the distance because the acceleration a is also needed here but your acceleration doesn’t give the formula for acceleration equal to a equal to negative 2 in 3 we use our terminal velocity u t and T is time knowing we will enter all values ​​to get acceleration is acceleration a equal to terminal velocity V god is 50 50 – our initial velocity u is zero at time is 10 seconds sunao get acceleration is equal to 10 10 10 5 case is equal to 5 meters per second because now we have the acceleration sunao will put all the values ​​in our first equation our distance equation

Distance equals our first equation is distance S equals UT plus half squared sunao we want to know distance equals u is 0 value is 10 plus half the acceleration we get is 55 years 10 squared sunao will simplify this to get equal to 10 in 200 add half 102 to the square of 10 you get S equals 21 to 25 we started with 10 and 0850 equals 5 out of 50 so in the end we get equal to 55 and 25

250 meters and distance required power answer is equal to 250 sunao if option check now will check option number to get our correct answer thanks

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