A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car

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A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car – Changing the oil is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep your car running smoothly for years to come. But it is easy to forget it in everyday busyness.

Don’t put off changing your Chevrolet oil any more – Martin Chevrolet service professionals make it easy for you to change your oil.

A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car

A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car

If you drive a Chevrolet, it’s best to get your oil changed at an authorized Chevrolet dealer, and if you’re near Crystal Lake, IL, the best local Chevrolet dealer you can find is Martin Chevrolet.

Buick, Gmc Oil Change Service In Sea Girt, Nj

Our trained service team knows Chevy vehicles inside and out. Our staff has years of experience with Chevys and understands their unique needs. We know what type of oil works best for your vehicle and use, and when your next oil change is due.

You may. Or you can wait until 10,000 miles. It all depends on your car, the type of oil and how you use it. In general, you should change your oil every 5,000 miles and it’s best to play it safe.

Oil acts as a lubricant. All moving parts of the engine work smoothly and properly.

Over time, the heat of the engine causes the oil to degrade. When the oil begins to break down, it can provide less lubrication and increase friction. This can cause serious engine damage that can drastically reduce the lifespan of your vehicle.

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost?

Even if it’s not due for an oil change yet, there are ways you can make sure your oil is working properly. If your engine is running louder than usual, you may want to check your oil.

After doing this, you can check the oil. Use dipsticks to determine if there is enough oil. If the color of the oil is cloudy or brown, it is damaged and should be replaced.

Oil is very important to the performance of your car, so make sure you follow its requirements. If you’re due for an oil change, visit our service center today and schedule an appointment. If you have any questions, call us at 855-395-9585. You can also visit our dealership in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car

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My Child Just Took A Swig Of Motor Oil

. A man calling himself DB Cooper hijacks a Boeing 727 and then parachutes out of the plane with a $200,000 ransom. And Joe Frazier defeated the great Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden.

Now, Edwin Washburn is the man who finally got a long-awaited back surgery after retiring from the military. And while Edwin was recovering, he was wondering how he was going to get under his car and change the oil now that his mobility was limited.

While he was at a tire shop, Washburn noticed that there was an outdoor pit where mechanics could work on campers and RVs. Why can’t you do it by car and drastically reduce service time? And thus the first Jiffy Lube quick oil change shop was created.

Now, if it weren’t for another character named Jim Hindman, these stores would be just a few unique stores in Utah.

Man Changing The Oil Stock Image. Image Of Preventative

Jim Hindman was a successful businessman and football coach at Western Maryland College. And during a conversation about tenacity and hard work, one of his players spoke.

Today, there are more than 2,000 Jiffy Lube locations and 800 other Valvoline Oil Change Centers, making the Oil Change Shop a part of our auto maintenance landscape.

Now this is both good and bad. This is good because quick oil change sites have probably appealed to many drivers who will never get their oil changed and don’t have the budget or time to get an oil change at a dealership. This makes oil changes affordable – if you can avoid the constant upsell. But the downside is that the concept of changing your own oil is now on par with mincing meat or making your own clothes, because there’s a generation of drivers today who didn’t own a car when you couldn’t tow. . Change the oil for fifteen minutes during lunch.

A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car

But changing your car’s oil not only saves you money, it’s a simple maintenance task that you can easily master.

Oil Change & Auto Repair

Now here is the first rule. Get yourself a good set of car ramps — those metal ones you see at Walmart — and never use car jacks.

The jack that comes with your car is meant to raise the car high enough to change your tire in an emergency. It was never designed to be lifted for maintenance. The higher the car goes, the more unstable it is and the easier it is to damage – especially if you’re bending over a stubborn oil filter in an already unstable three thousand pound car. Also, if you put the car jack in the wrong place, you can cause serious damage to your car.

You can get a decent set of ramps for forty bucks that will last you a lifetime, so don’t use a car jack for anything other than roadside emergencies.

1. Go to an auto parts store or department store and get your car’s oil and oil filter – a manual should tell you or it should be in your owner’s manual. You will also need: a pan to catch the old oil, a socket, an oil filter wrench – all cheap and easy to find.

I Don’t Need A Man I Know How To Put Oil In My Car..!!

2. Open the hood and remove the oil cap. This allows the oil to drain easily from the crankshaft.

4. Drain the oil. Underneath the car you’ll find a flat metal pan with a square socket – just the right size for the end of a socket wrench. Place the dripper directly under the plug, closer to the engine than the gearbox. It should have a screw or plug at the bottom. It is the oil plug that you need to remove to drain the oil. When the oil is completely dry – and this may take several minutes – replace the plug.

5. Remove the oil filter. The filter is easy to find and the oil filter wrench fits right on. Unscrew and remove it, making sure to remove the filter rubber gasket as well.

A Man Is Changing The Oil In His Car

6. Replace the filter. Dip your fingertip into the new oil and run it along the new filter gasket – this will help create a tight seal. Screw in the new filter.

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9. Check. Start the engine and make sure the oil pressure light goes off and your oil pressure gauge goes off.

Simple And a home oil change should cost about twenty dollars or less for the oil and filter. When oils and filters go on sale—and they always do—buy them and keep them in your garage until your next oil change.

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When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

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