A Car Moving South Speeds Up From 10

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A Car Moving South Speeds Up From 10

A Car Moving South Speeds Up From 10

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A Car Moving South Speeds Up From 10

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How Trains Work

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Although it dates back to the 1800s, seat belts were used by only 10% of Americans as recently as 1980. However, public education and awareness have improved over the years, and a recent poll by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that. the national seat belt usage is 90.7% in 2019.

Of the more than 37,000 people who died in 2017 car accidents, almost half were not wearing seat belts as recommended. That year, about 2,549 drivers could have found their way home to their loved ones if they had been wearing seat belts.

The NHTSA conducted a study of car accidents between 1960 and 2012, looking at how accidents were affected by safety technology. Technology includes safety features such as airbags, electronic stability control, power steering and anti-lock brakes. The study found that seat belts saved more lives than all other safety devices combined, with seat belts alone credited with saving a total of 329,715 lives.

A Car Moving South Speeds Up From 10

America’s love of the road hasn’t gone away in any way, especially with the push to enforce the use of seat belts as our cars get faster, better, and smarter. Despite all the technology that the Digital Age has brought, seat belts continue to be an important step in saving lives behind the wheel.

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There is a reason why your parents are angry with you for wearing your seat belt. A seat belt not only protects you but can also save your life in an accident. NHTSA estimates that seat belt use has saved nearly 375,000 lives since 1975.

Since nearly half of all road users in 2019 were not wearing seat belts, it makes sense that seat belts are important for the safety of everyone on the road.

Despite the increase in people wearing seat belts over the past 20 years, Richmond, Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) has offered an interesting insight into how the coronavirus is affecting seat belt use and deaths. . related to the seat belt.

Due to the coronavirus, the State of Emergency was announced on March 12, 2020, but despite the small number of vehicles on the road, the CTB still reports an increase in accidents involving seat belt. The Secretary of Transportation, Shannon Valentine, said, “It is alarming to see that the number of deaths involving speeding and reckless travelers has increased by 78% this season compared to 2019.”

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The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) also reported an increase in speed-related deaths, with 41% of 2019 deaths attributable to speeding and 70% of deaths attributable to inattention. protected.

Seat belts are not as common as you might think. As a model for modern aircraft, seat belts were invented in the 19th century by the wealthy engineer Sir George Cayley in Yorkshire, England. It was originally used to strap pilots to skiers but was later converted to passenger cars in 1885 by American inventor Edward J. Claghorn.

The first patent was issued that year, and it moved to racing in 1922 when seat belts debuted at the Indy 500. The triple seat belt came in 1959. Wisconsin became the first state to do so. demonstrate the use of seat belts c. Official legislation in 1961, and seven years later, seat belts became a national requirement for all new vehicles.

A Car Moving South Speeds Up From 10

The impact of seat belts on driver safety is unquestionable. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that seat belts alone are responsible for nearly 375,000 lives saved since records began in 1975.

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NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Facts Research Note has studied seat belt use for 15 years. It makes some interesting observations about the effects of seat belt use.

An important risk is the time of day. The report found that more people use their seat belts during the day, which records fewer deaths during the day for car passengers. Commuters and other motorists driving on weekdays accounted for nearly 91% in 2019, with an increase in the use of seat belts for drivers during rush hour. However, the highest increase in seat belt use comes from drivers traveling on weekdays at odd hours.

We all have a tendency to reach for our seat belts when we hit a patch of rain or an icy road, but NHTSA recognizes that seat belt use improves even when the weather is clear. In 2019, drivers increased the use of seat belts from 89.3% in 2018 to 90.9% in 2019.

The entire country has shown an increase in seat belt use, but some areas are doing better than others.

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NHTSA found that seat belt use in the West had the most significant jump, increasing from 92.7% to 94.5% in 2019.

Of course, seat belt usage all depends on where you live. cloud

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